Badminton Smash: How your elbow should be set for a smash (Part 2)

Badminton Smash: How your elbow should be set for a smash (Part 2)

Second point of how the elbow should be used now the second point when elbow is back between the forearm, the second part of the arm should, must get close to each other like this why? because its close to each other its banded because its banded together it can be stretched, it can be opened so watch this tight here because its tight I can open it I can generate more power from there to like this like boxer 2 arms close each other so power can come out from here to there like this, like that but because if their, boxers arm is wider like that there is no power can be made and slow it should be tighter same in my experience 5-6 out of 10 players, club players some juniors, they don’t make this tight they already open it now because elbow is already opened they cannot generate any more power because it is already opened watch this tight I can stretch I open it I have to do like this because they open it they hit it there if I make tighter, I can stretch my arm in front of my body which is right so many players hit above their head because they already open it and hit like that watch this please focus on my elbow ok this is right way ok have a look tight because it is tight I can stretch there, there now wrong way because it is already opened I can’t go in front I have to hit like this so much difference if racket is inside my body elbow tight you have all the power, look there now, you can’t do this way hit if you have this one compare right tight tight open so, do not ready like this make your posture inside, small compact because it is compact you can use it in explosive way like this tight and then tight and then bang stretch already stretched nothing to stretch here tight not like this

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  1. You improved my techniques by each of your video, thanks A LOT
    Such a great coacher

  2. Great coach!! My words do beginners feel like pros after a few weeks of proper application of technique?

  3. @sunnybloodofchrist Thank you for the compliments!

  4. @comethere2010 You're Welcome! Thanks for watching my videos!

  5. oh man, i miss training with this guy -.- such a good coach, improved my game loads in a month

  6. best coach ever…keep up the good work sir..badminton is a wonderful proper skills and techniques are mastered…then..its a u sir god bless u

  7. What a fantastic coach! So well explained and demonstrated. Going to watch all of the other videos right now!

  8. @josdaboss
    Thank you so much for your comment.

  9. @vpbnt
    I am so pleased to know that you have seen the reasons and benefits of this skill.
    To me it is common sense but there are too many players doing opposit way.
    Thank you. Lee

  10. @XL1234 Thank you so much. Lee

  11. @wuntunnoodlesoup I am very pleased to know and we are planning to upload more clips and I hope you watch them and enjoy them. Lee

  12. I have told all my friends about your videos.They are some of the best badminton ones around.Thank you for your generosity to the badminton community

  13. @ronbiggs Thank you very much for your kind comment. Lee

  14. what do they mean when they say your center of gravity should be low ? how can we maintain it and whats that ? they say it has to do with the footwork but im not understanding it

  15. @SIFYWAY Hi. I would like to help you by answering your question. Is your question is related on this clip or a clip you sow somewhere. When you are moving around court, your posture should be low then you move fater, be able to change direction quicker then having standing posture. It is hard to get low all the time but you have much better badminton this way. If this is not what you would like to know, please question again with more detail. Lee

  16. i am taking lessons from a senior player who hasnt had any international or national appearances but is playing at my club for over 20 years. so when ever we play with him on holidays he teaches us whatever he can but i am not getting it all understood so this is what he always told me to have low centre of gravity and backhand smash returns and all those technicalities but after viewing your videos i am getting results and trying to practise rather than play games at all times thanks

  17. @SIFYWAY Play match to improve your level of game is important but same time you have to identify the things to improve then practse them to make it better. Without practise and training your improvement will be limited. Please who ever try to teach you including my self you must question if that really makes sense. What ever happens there must be reasons, what ever you are doing you must have very clear reason. Lee

  18. Thanks for the tutorial video. I definitely need to compact my actions more and better footwork as well so I can prepare earlier.

  19. @jack4109 Thank you for letting me know that you are trying the points I have made in the clip. If you can see the reason for doing a particular way it is easier to make it happen. But please remember it will take time and you will face wall but you will be ok if you have greater believe on what you are trying to achieve and stroger wil to make it happen then the thickness of the wall and number of times you failed. No pain no gain. It is all in your mind. Lee

  20. @codlover623 Thank you for your views on this clip. Lee

  21. @ha1ly529 Thank you and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  22. @codlover623 Only if you have a greater range of motion in your arm. For your average player they don't possess that flexibility and range to use your way. Lee is far more experienced than any coach out there so I doubt the credibility of yours.

  23. Hey I have played badminton for about seven years now and this whole elbow straight back concept is new to me. I'm going to be trying it out on Thursday and I will report back with my findings. The question I have one question though it may be that I'm not noticing it but are you hitting the bird at the highest point possible or under that?

  24. I hope it works for you and yes please I would like to know how you got on with it.
    If you try to hit at the highest point then it will be above your head which I disagree with. You eyes will have to directed to vertically up, your hitting power have to go upward not forward, you will lose balance so recovery will be late. The impact point should be in front of you body for many reasons. Please try you will find so much benefit to do that way. There are a few clips for this. Lee

  25. Yes that is more what I meant. The shuttle being slightly in front of you. It's just in this video it doesn't look like you are hitting it very high. Are you fully extending your arm?

  26. Yes I am but in front direction rather then above my head. Lee

  27. I hope it works for you and let me know how you got on. Lee

  28. thank you lee. how to jump while smashing the time?

  29. There are two ways to do it. Jump by your racket leg and switch in the air or jump by your two legs (when you have much more time) Lee

  30. Great Video!
    Coach Lee i was wondering if you could record a match where you play against someone it would be an honor too see your skills in a real match.

  31. Thank you for asking. I am getting old now but I will certainly try to get fit and paly a game of doubles. Please give me some time to get fit first then I will record one and upload it. Lee

  32. Sir Lee, your videos are very helpful in all aspects of the game.Thankyou very much for all your videos.

  33. Thank you very much for your kind comment and am very pleased know. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  34. Should it be same for high clear also (elbow)? Including the change of grip (10-degree for smash you told in another video)? As I found I often slicing when trying high clear and could not send the feather long and high enough, I have changed it slightly so that the racket face is more open towards the feather. It had improved my shot. Could you pl give your opinion on that?

  35. Yes you are right. If you change racket face in that way you should hit clear much more powerfully and cleanly. But be careful that not to turn too much as that is also not good. well done. Lee

  36. Please let me know how you get on with the skill. Lee

  37. sir i dont know how to travel to the back court fast to take the shot pls help me

  38. sir can you tell the techniques to move to the back court fast to take the smash

  39. I like it when he said … "bend your elbow so you can generate more… POwer! " but yeah thanks it did help my smash technique!

  40. agree if u dont tight down your elbow before the smash u'll most definately injure ur arm joint

  41. I am pleased to know you have same view. Lee

  42. Hi I am running through your playlists and just wondering why there are many repeated videos? Are you emphasizing to rewatch these or are they just plain duplicates?

  43. Good point. Some videos are uploaded by different person and the second person did not know the video is already uploaded. After some while there are already view hit so I decided leave it as it is. Sorry about that but as i am looking after all the videos now only one video will be uploaded and it has been since early this year. Lee

  44. hi coach lee.. thanks for all the uploaded video. do you have video of your doubles match in 1980? and if its ok to ask when is your birthday?

  45. You are very welcome. I dont thing it was me. I had to finish my playing time early after my knee injury by an accident. I am sorry that I would like to keep my birthday in private. Kind regards. Lee

  46. coach Lee, how come after many tournaments i join,, my heart still beats faster everytime? is it that im afraid of opponents? what should i think or do to calm down and relax so that i can play my usual game?

  47. It is not bad thing. I remember that I was like that too. You have to face the feeling and neverness. Try not to run away or ignor it. As you become more confident and gain more experience you will be fine. Many top players are same. Even they have played so many years at top level still they have similar feeling. Play with it , it is normal. Find way with it. Lee

  48. thank you so much coach Lee for all the advice.

  49. You are most welcome. Lee

  50. wow..i wish i could smash like you ^^ thanks for the help coach!

  51. You are very welcome. You can do that too. Lee

  52. Badminton, How to smash harder? = use a tennis racket.

  53. Yes I do agree as I have trained with too when I was younger. Lee

  54. some good stuff there

  55. how can i make a smash more harder ?

  56. Please view all the smash related clips and let me know if you have any questions. Lee

  57. There are many ways of different kind hitting skills. The important thing is which produce more power, accuricy and deceptions. Each one may feel also differently so you have to try and select one suit you best. Lee

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  59. This guy is brilliant !

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