Badminton Smash: How your wrist should be set

Badminton Smash: How your wrist should be set

I would like to talk about the wrist for smash there are 2 ways number 1 wrist cocked that way number 2 wrist cocked that way some players do that some players do that I personally prefer to do that way and I have a reason for it ok, reason number 1 because it is cocked when shuttle comes it will be simple and sharper than that way, because that way will take longer have a look, if I do that it will be sharper also very precise how much power you can do for example look there shuttle comes clear smash so its same action but if I do that it takes longer and you will be more floppy like this it will be push so try to cock upwards another reason when shuttle comes fast to me if I cock it flat cock and then I hit it but if I do like that it will be taking much more time so shuttle comes to you, your racket face up cock there rather than like this that way lots of mistakes especially for unexperienced club players have this way they will be much more floppy unnecessarily big swing, because of this watch this again like this but if you cock it, it will be simple and sharp cock clear cock smash cock cock drop so look it is easier rather than like this so this one is I am not ready I am hitting shuttle cock like that there fore I should be ready for hitting position rather than like this I have to change it on the way no if I do that I am already ready ok so try cock the wrist that way not that way

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  1. I like this method- putting the racket head upward.

  2. So you are already prepared and the timing your your impact will be better. It has many good points but you have to try and feel. It will work for you. Lee

  3. yes Coach Lee, it helps a lot! I tried it. Even though I am a beginner, this preparation help me to strike in sharper angle, yes timing is much easier, and I have a less tired shoulder!

  4. I am very pleased to know it worls for you and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  5. Hello Coach Lee,

    I have tried out this technique and I noticed how my smashes got faster. However, I wonder if there is a way to generate even more power by using more forearm pronation and upper arm rotation. Also, isn't it better to have a slightly(!) higher contact point for a smash than shown in your video?

    Much respect, keep up the good work

  6. Yes if you use right way of forearm pronation and upper arm rotation then you can add more power. But be careful that if you lose your right impact point(in front) vision then you will lose power and accuricy. It will look like you have a tank but can not aim where you want attack. Yes as long as it is in front then higher is better. May players try to make impact too high so they lose power, control and accuricy. What you are saying make perfact sense as long as you do it right way. Thank you.

  7. You are welcome. Lee

  8. Coach Lee, How much of a wrist, elbow and shoulder is used during smash. I use shoulder the most then elbow and i hardly use wrist. Would appreciate your inputs

  9. Wrist will be used about 60% feet, shoulder, left arm fore arm will be used all together 40%. Lee

  10. Coach Lee, may i know the tension of your string in pounds? Is it true that to get a more powerful smash the tension must be lower, for example 22-24pounds?

  11. In theory it is but not as much low as that much. Too tight tention lose power but gain more control. But this is very much in theory. You should not worry about it too much. Reason able tention would be fine. Lee

  12. which racket r u using lee

  13. It is Yehlex LJB-YX. It is my named racket. I tested it and put my name on it. Lee

  14. thanks for ur reply i have one more question when i try to hit a smash i hit the shuttle it goes down but there is no speed why its like that

  15. There may be a number of reasons. Did not grip hard enough, the hitting action is not expolosive enough, your step may not fluent, impact point may not in front of your body, your grip may not accuriate and so on. Lee

  16. thanks for ur reply Mr Lee

  17. Now my smash is a bit more better and faster

  18. You are very welcome. Lee

  19. Hi coach Lee, when one smashes should he/she pronate the arm? I have been told many times that its about the wrist in smashing, but when I watch players like Lin Dan smash, they usually will rotate their entire arm instead of using much wrist.

  20. It is percentage of both. The way I am suggesting is to use more wrist and less rotation. It is each players style whether use more rotation or more wrist. In my coaching for club players, there are a lot of players who cant smash because of they try to rotate too much. Ones you understand both ways then you can choose one of combine both. Lee

  21. Thank you very much

  22. You are very welcome. Lee

  23. I think that should not happen. It only could happen because of your injured your self before. Give your self for sometime to recover from the pain and start again. The wrist pain will stay for a long time if you continue to use it. I know it is fustrating but need to recover first. In normal term you may get wrist pain because of too much use of it rather then skill or weight of your racket. Lee

  24. Looking at this video, I guess I am playing more with my shoulder power than wrist 🙁 Can the technique be corrected for recreational players like me in the middle-age?

  25. Yes it will be. Age and level of the person is not the factor. The desire and want to improve is the key factor. Lee

  26. hii lee… my elbow is paining when i go for smash or forehand play…
    i gave it rest for more den a month still i can feel some pain.. and i cant sit idle i want to go out and play… what should i do..????????

  27. It is difficult one. If you play in doubles then do more drop and gentle smash and stay more at the net. Use less but still you can develop other areas. So you can recover slowly. Lee

  28. I have a friend who plays badminton,and i was wondering why is his backhand so strong like a really fast smash???PLS reply Coach Lee.

  29. Coach Lee, I have a question for wrist position. Recently I sprained my wrist for about a week now and I was wondering if my position was wrong, or if my technique was poor. Basically whenever I clear or smash, I move my wrist in a movement pointed straight downwards. My coaches tell me I'm using my wrist wrong, but I don't seem to get what I'm doing wrong. It would help me a ton if you could offer some advice. Thanks Coach Lee.

  30. Coach Lee I am having shoulder pain while hitting smashes what should I do please help me

  31. Thank you coach now I know the proper way to do it. When I was doing the wrong way of pointing the wrist down my smashing, clear shotting, and dropping was a hard way to do it, also sometimes when I do a clear shot sometimes I miss sometimes I hit it too early sometimes too late. So thank you very much for this video

  32. I the smash so my badminton angal touch the cock so woth can I do sir

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