Badminton Smash Lesson

Badminton Smash Lesson

Today, we are going to have a look at the ‘smash’. Smash is actually one of the hardest shot to play in badminton. But it can also be one of the most effective and can be the difference between winning and losing What’s very important to start with is that you have very very good solid ready position So, as you move back you bring your racket up and you get ready to set for the smash using both arms the reason we use both arms is this arm (his left arm) we can use for positioning to point out the shuttle and for balance I see far too many people trying to play smashes and not using this side of the body (left side) so both arms up and that is your ready position before you start as we come up our hips will open and our weight will transfer on to our back leg. Now, as we go to hit our hips rotate and our elbow comes forward this will create forearm rotation as we hit, we snap the wrist follow through and recover. so once again ready position lower the back leg rotate the hips bring the elbow through rotate the forearm snap the wrist and follow through and get ready. up and smash. up and smash. and that is how we do the forehand smash we are going to have a look at the smash that is the forehand smash.

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  1. Really helpful…

  2. can you do english subtitles for this very good short korean badminton series?
    watch?v=QVL6JcQVseQ . I think smash is being uploaded in a couple of weeks. The lessons are from Jung Jae‑sung. One of the best players of this game of all time.

  3. how do I hit it super hard..may you tell me

  4. I'm guilty of the first tips mentioned here. Which was using more of left hand as part of body balancing. Good to be reminded this again.

    But, this video would only be better, if there's actual demonstration, with slow motion, and good angle of the tips mentioned.

  5. The Best Effective Tutorial
    Thanks Coach

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