Badminton Smash (Question 5)

Badminton Smash (Question 5)

Question 5 True or False? A longer swing and turning body actions will increase the power of your smash. Question 5 in my view the answer is false, the reason when shuttle is coming from that side to this way and I am hitting back to the other side it can be hit best way if my power goes opposite so shuttle flying this way, my racket goes opposite way that is the hardest way to hit the shuttle cock powerfully, accurately so my body to create the best possible smash is should be that way and that way ya opposite to the shuttle movement and then hit it same direction as shuttle comes ok watch this, could you feed me please here about here so back and smash back and forward ok that’s the best way that way and that way but some players has got different ideas which is turning body to create more power, which is this watch this here I turn and then turning again so because I turn shuttle becomes side of their body and they have to turn it again ok feel it I will show you without shuttle cock now with shuttle cock so there is circle movement watch this like this instead of like this not like that it should be like this like boxer, he is boxing that is harder than like this it looks like it is harder but it is not because its circle too much time Actually there is not much time to turn because opponent will force fast there, if I turn shuttle already gone it has to be that way bang bang so I can see shuttle I can see court, I can see where shuttle should go but if I turn it I can’t see it

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  1. can you make a video about how to jump smash? i having problem to hit the ball while im in the air

  2. @ProSlayer93 Hello There. Ok I will put it on my list. Lee

  3. i love you coach lee!

  4. @UnworthyPot I love you too. Lee

  5. good information coach.but some pro player like lcw or lin dan,usually i watch them turn they body before smash..can coach explain this??

  6. They turn their body but the shuttlecock is in front of their body but many club players turn their body and made their shuttlecock side of their body. Lee

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