Badminton Smash Skill (1) How to Grip the Raquet

Badminton Smash Skill (1) How to Grip the Raquet

Ok, first point is grip, this is neutral grip this is not backhand not forhanded this is ready player has to have this grip when they are waiting opponent shots because I don’t know where shuttle is coming now, for smash I believe this grip has to be changed to about 10 degree forehand side so, like that and then I have to come ok, that way I have better effect, more powerful effect because, ready grip, I don’t change grip I go set like that my racket face is faces that way my palm is facing that side 6 to 7 or even 7 to 8 players out of 10 players are having this grip ok watch this, normal grip they are ready set, my palm is facing over there, now I am set shuttle come, my wrist will be going that way it has to be because, my wrist already bent that way I cannot bend that way, so, the racket will go behind my head and rounded and I will come forwarded watch this, set, like this, like that so its kind of circle and push but, if you change 10 degree set, your racket will be going straight back and then forward so, instead of doing that way if you change 10 degrees you will be doing that way so, you are more hitting shuttle like this if you change 10 degree if you dont change it shuttle is coming here you hit like this ok, watch this. shuttle cock please now I am not changing, so I will set racket face there my palm face there, shuttle come, watch my racket so, if I smash with this grip 6-7 or 7-8 out of 10 smashes will go that side because you are slicing I can’t not slice it ok, watch this and there is a slice watch this, set back so its a circle now, if I don’t want to slice it and I don’t want to hit smash that side, then with this grip I have to take the smash side of my body so, thats why so many players turn their body to suit their grip and they are taking shuttle cock here side way, they are watching there because of this problem ok, so here look, normal grip don’t change it then set, ok, if I try to hit shuttle in front I will be smashing that way I don’t want that with this grip then I have to turn my body and smash like this so, players do that to suit their grip they are watching over there, when they are hitting over there so, like this so, smash 10 degree has to be changed not like pan handle grip, no this is wrong 2. I say 10 degree, just little bit that way it will allow your set like that the racket will go back and forward which is much more powerful and straight here in this way I can hit shuttle in front I can view it I can take shuttle in front of my body if I change 10 degree, so I have vision I have clear impact I have powerful smash, ok watch my finger set shuttle been hit watch my finger and then I will smash like that way again, watch this I am changing grip now, I am not changing grip shuttle will go there I dont want to hit there, I dont want to change I want to hit straight only way to do it this is not good why this player has to watch over there when he hits that way he lost vision, he lost the position this is most important element in any badminton skills the grip, the wrong grip changes every thing ok, there are so many players who change their vision their body posture, to suit their grip instead of change grip and nothing has to be changed.

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  1. That is a good question. I believe it should not be different because of singles or doubles. Whether you play singles or doubles you will be doing all the shots, smash, net kill, clear, drop, smash defense and so on. Which racket should be used is depending on your power, weight and style. In my vpersonal view player would be better not to use too light racket, even balanced or bit heavy racket is better. I will make clip for more detail reasons why. Lee

  2. Thanks again for the info. How about the tensions.. Can you recommend me the best tensions?? Btw I'm using a BG6

  3. It is difficult to say as there are many different kind of striong mashine. But the one I use, i use about 25-6. Lee

  4. tnx coach for the very informative and helpful tip. Kindly try to remove the echo for your video recordings so we could learn better. kind regards.

  5. Yes I am planning to use a mic. Lee

  6. thank you sir very helpful video

  7. Thank you I am very pleased to know. Lee

  8. Try to smash forward rather then try to hit it too steep. Try to hit it in front of your body not above your head. Try do not winding up rather make your action compact and simple. Lee

  9. You are welcome. Lee

  10. Where can i see all of your video?
    When i click your nickname only latest videos are appeared

  11. I am sorry to hear that. It is first time I have this problem report. I hope it is fine by now but please let me know if you have same problem. Lee

  12. 1. set your racket and your arm near to your face not behind your head. 2. take shuttlecock in front of your body
    3. use your wrist not your shoulder
    4. Try to smash gently first to fell it right then try hard smash
    5. Please view all the smash related clips and practice.

    Good luck. Lee

  13. Thank You sooo much Dear Choch , I benefit a lot from the great way of ur teaching

  14. I am so pleased to know that you like my clips in that way.
    Thank you for letting me know. Lee

  15. Sir i tried it but whenever i try 2 smash my grip got loose because my thumb slides off dont knw why ?? how to correct it please advise me

  16. If you look at your grip carefully, you will be able to find out. Your grip must be fully griped before the shot and during the shot your finger must not moving. I think the way grip the handle is may not right. Check the clips on grips and compare with your grips. Lee

  17. Thank you so much ! I understand now ! Thank you !

  18. I am pleased to know. Lee

  19. dear coach lee..
    i have just started following ur training routine but im confused how to train as in which training on what day.. can u pl tell me an idela trainig schedule to improve my game as a whole

  20. Very informative, i'm actually doing the error noted in this tutorial and now correcting myself to adjust the hold not the body positioning. Thank you very much Lee

  21. You are very welcome and I am pleased to you like it. I hope it works for you. Lee

  22. I'm able to smash the flat one's right but the stuttle which were lifted higher i'm not able to smash them consistantly. plz help me

  23. In that case you should get more behind shuttlecocks. Shuttklecock must be in front of your body so you can hit down andf with steepness. Lee

  24. Hey there coach Lee!, Im a big fan of yours. im just a 12 year old I played badminton since 2nd grade. Your a big inspiration to keep me playing, even if it means quitting my tennis classes. BTW pls make more videos! -Patrick

  25. Hello Partrick
    Thank you for posting your comment and I am very pleased to know that you love your badminton so much. I would like you to have big dream to be a great player in the future not only in skills but also in manners and respecting others. Sure I am planning to record more. Thank you for asking. Lee

  26. Sounds good sir… smash is even better… hope my smash sound this way for plus fear factor to my opponent like fu haifeng is doing… thanks for this post….

  27. Hey! i'm a decent badminton player & train with my university fellows.i play both doubles & singles.I don't have exceptional wrist but good at smashing yet not so good with techniques(trying to learn).I've to buy Best badminton racket within the budget of 150-200$. Looking for Yonex/Li Ning or Maybe victor although i haven't had chance to try victor,had good experience with yonex nanoray 600 & li ning n55.If somebody is aware of any helpful information pls suggest best for me.
    Thanks in advance.

  28. You are very welcome and thank you for your comment. Lee

  29. Thank you for this wonderful tips Sir. It helps me a lot…

  30. Thank you for your comment and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  31. it seems if i am aiming a jump with this grip to convert it to jump smash Coach Lee, it is not going to that spot i am trying to hit… it went other way and the sound is not good… i am not happy with the result…

  32. I am sorry to hear that depending where the impact point is the grip has to be different. Please change your grip and do it again many times to find out which grip is the best grip for your hitting action. Lee

  33. Sir lee,
    When to change back to 'ready handed' after smash?

  34. You will hit the shuttlecock at step 4 and your grip should be back to ready grip at step 5. Lee

  35. You are welcome. Lee

  36. sir after smashing we should come to other hand griped position right sir.

  37. Can you please explain more what you mean? Lee

  38. thank you very much sir ,, because of ur free tricks and free coaching ive been come so far in our province .. thank you very musch sir

  39. I am very pleased to know. Thank you very much for posting your comment. Lee

  40. thank you so much sir, I was wondering what was my problem with smash, I will surely try this from tomorrow.. your post are amazing sir…

  41. Thank you for your kind comment and I hope it works for you. Lee

  42. Sometime I lost my smash power,,,its like ,,someday I played very well and I can do smash verry well,,,bt someday I played very well bt I cant do gud smash…y its happend? Jad

  43. Incredible teachings! Best teacher I've ever seen.

  44. Thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  45. That is very normal. If you practice much more that will happen much less. Much more quality practice will be the answer to you. Lee


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  47. You should contact me by using coachingbadminton web site email.
    so you can discuss more in detail.

  48. You are very welcome. Lee

  49. Hi Lee.
    I have an international competition in 1 month (southamerican nationals), I have to train hard everyday.
    5 days ago i had a pain in the bone that is down the thumb of the left foot (1st Methatarso) and i had to stop, i couldn't even do even a split step (step one) and of course i could not jump. The radiografy says that i had a traumatism because of overuse. Some experienced players tell me that maybe my shoes are too old and don't absorb impact and that i trained too much on hard surfaces. 
    Have you seen in your carreer that kind of pain, have you see that players use orthopedic insole in the badminton shoes to absorb impact etc..
    What is the solution you see. Please help me i have to train and i am very frustrated.

  50. Hi Lee,

    I am a French beginner and I am very happy to watch your lessons, I whish to improve my skills with your advices. Thank you for this ! 

  51. Thank you very much Coach for this video. I am a former tennis player, and I used to  gripping my racket like a hammer for servive and smash. I did'nt understand why my shuttlecock was uncontrollable and slow (and I used my shoulder too much like tennis players when they serve or smash).

  52. Hi Mr Lee, i just bought a new badminton racket. So i just have to put a "overgrip" on it??

  53. Dear Sir, Thank You from the core of my heart coz all of Your videos worked for me. May You be always happy.

  54. You are a great teacher :O

  55. sir Lee, I always have a complain of paining arms. I do not know why. Is is due to hitting with wrong grip ? or  is it due to excessive smash played by me. I always play a attacking game. Please suggest what may be the possibility of arms pain.Please help.

  56. thank you so much for this video! I hope this will help me win my tournament later! #^_^#

  57. i hope i can get some lee racket's  🙂

  58. Hi Lee!!
    I'm very serious about improving my game to play competitive badminton international, my question is how can i know how much can i train without getting injured. For example how many time a week (and times a day) can i practice footwork wich has impact on bones, and at wich intensitity. It's better to practice by time or by repetitions in a daily basis to find the balance between recovery wich is necesary to become better and training. How much recovery do i need to maximize. The thing happen to me is i have very good aerobic and anaerobic resistance (i can be 60 minutes without stopping doing footwork at 90% my top speed), but i know that if i train for 60 min without stopping is obvious that i am going to have overuse injury. In other words its very difficult to me to know when i have to stop because i very rare feel very fatigue muscles. Help me to deal with that please. 

  59. sir 1 question . how to hold racquet I mean how to place my thumb and fingers for most powerful smash …I watched in one of ur videos u said thumb should be in between index and middle finger but that didn't work I felt my shmash would go even more weak please help me out  :).. thnx in advance…

  60. 感恩您,原来我一直犯了这错误,所以一直以来smash ball 都没力,甚至切球!

    感恩您的指导! 会慢慢改进!!!! 感激不尽!

  61. wats his full name.. he mst be some world champion of all times or somthing

  62. question  can this smash skill applied to left handed? 

  63. Thanks!!! Now i can Defeat everyone in P.E Class!!!
    i will suscribe 🙂

  64. I love your enthusiasm in coaching, very energetic. Gonna try them

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  66. Dear Lee,
    sometimes we feel the shock in the forearm during the impact to the shuttle. Can you please explain the reasons and the ways to avoid it?
    Thanks in advance.

  67. Thank you so much for these skills!!

  68. Which cheap feather birds do you recommend?

  69. sorry coach lee,can you tell me how to train a muscle memory..sometime if i play intense and fast game i forgot to change the grip from basic grip to power smash grip went i want to smash..thanks for your help coach

  70. I just tried this out at practice, felt it helped a lot with my smash speed (and straight smash accuracy, although I will have to practice it some more)! Thanks 🙂

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  72. Thank you so much Coach Lee!

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    but very help full

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  84. good advice
    but too much sound Echo

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  86. Hi Sir,

    You might know that I am one of your huge fans from India, as usual I agree all your points and so helpful it is. Thanks for it first of all.
    My problem is I personally feel that whenever I hit (especially forehand) smashes my thumb finger (not too much space between the thumb and index finger) comes above the all others fingers which helps generate more power and convenience. Even if I deliberately struck my thumb finger somewhere between the middle and index fingers it doesn't gives me more power and I end up with doing mistakes with those smashes.
    I think I could merely help you understand my point…. If it is unclear please let me know sir… Thanks once again

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  88. I like badminton very much so can u coach me seeing videos

  89. I like badminton very much so can u coach me seeing videos

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