Badminton Smash Skill (2) The Best possible Way to Set Your Wrist to Add More Power

Badminton Smash Skill (2) The Best possible Way to Set Your Wrist to Add More Power

Next point is how the wrist should be set now, it can be many ways ok I have my own belief now, the wrist should be caught not too much, not too much like that but, should be caught little bit this is better than caught that way the reason why ? when you caught its much sharper, its already prepared and is much more deceptive ok, watch this please ok, wrist been caught yes, smash comes, what I have to do is bang bang ready, here here like that, yes so set set so here, not only smash, watch this when I do that, clear, drop smash its already set, I have all the options in shot space of time, but compare if I caught bat like this it has to go that way so times its ok if you train a lot like that and you have time high, then it might be ok but look what happens if you don’t have time and shuttle comes close, quicker here you don’t have time to do this but, if you caught immediately it does not matter caught caught you have all the options, very short time you are fully prepared, than like this remember when you set caught wrist but be careful do not caught too much steep and you cannot go any more backwards this is wrong too let goes only forward little bit caught about this so you can move back and forward no set

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  1. hi lee, why dont you buy a microphone that attaches to your neck?This way you dont have to shout and the gym echo doesn't get in the way.but nice vids!!!Thanks

  2. I am going use a microphone from my next recording. These clips are already recorded after all the already clips have upload, I am going use microphone. Yes I totally agree with you that using it will help the views to understand me so much better. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  3. I don't mind you not using a mic, it's clear enough for me 🙂 thx for the advice, will try at next practice!

  4. Please let me know how you got on. Lee

  5. Hi Lee ,it all looks so easy when you do it. I think I take too big a swing of the racket when I smash, your action is very short and sharp but yet still generates power. Great videos. Very helpful.

  6. Thank you for your comment. Many times big swing lose timing and power. It is better to make compact action to get more power and deception. Lee

  7. I love your style of teaching Coach! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks for sharing coach. I'll definitely apply this technique towards my play. Cheers

  9. That is good and let me know how you got on. Lee

  10. do you mean which racket is good for each of them? Lee

  11. I bought a racket
    Lining n55. I ueard it was for smashes.
    Any tips on what the racket's potentials are in detail by any chance?

  12. I am sorry that I am not able to give you my opinion on that as I have not used it before but I very much hope the racket is going to working for you. Lee

  13. thanks coach lee.. very good tutorial.. i'm having trouble in racket handling.. can you show you? the grip? the position?

  14. Thank you very much. Lee

  15. Thank you for your comment. there are a number of grip clips. Would you please view them and let me know your questions so I can answer more for you. Lee

  16. I am so pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  17. I am soooo.. pleased to know. Lee

  18. Yet another great lesson, thanks for posting it! By any chance do you think you can make a video on proper technique for backhand smashing o.O?

  19. Thank you for letting me know and I am very pleased that you like it. I will put the backhand smash on my list. Thank you for asking. Lee

  20. I am very pleased to know that you like my clips. Thank you for taking time to post your comment. Lee

  21. I'm a beginner and your videos give me excellent guidance.. thank you master lee.. 🙂

  22. You are very welcome and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  23. Ow my god! I never realized that I had to change the grip while smashing! I have been doing it wrong for so many many years!! No wonder my smashes used to spoil the feathers of the shuttle and also my thumb pain after smashes!! Thanks a lot coach. 🙂

  24. You are very welcome. I hope your smash is clearer and more powerful with it. Lee

  25. i have got lot of interest watching your clips coach lee.
    thank you

  26. Thank you for that and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  27. Coach, does the racket tension affect a smash?

  28. Yes it can. But more with skills. Lee

  29. Coach Lee is the high tension is better for smash? Is same wrist action also must be use during jump smash? Thanks.

  30. Yes same wrist action should be used. Yes high tention could be good but it has to be right. It is important to know what do you mean by high tention. How high? Too high tention may damage the racket. Lee

  31. Thanks Coach Lee. I normally using 26 lbs tension with my old racket due to racket max allowable tension but I'm planning to make it 28 lbs with my new racket as it can handle 30 lbs max. Can I make it first with 28 lbs or better put a max of 30 lbs. Please advice.

  32. I think 28 would be tight enough. Try 28 to feel if you need more. Sometime too tight tention does not give the feel. Lee

  33. Thank you very much Coach Lee. I will follow your advise .

  34. You are welcome. Lee

  35. I am very pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  36. Sir i need an advise …..

    I want to buy a new racket and i'm a bit confused among these things that is a head heavy racket too heavy to be handled ? head light too weak ? what are even balanced rackets ? I'm a defensive type player , i play good drop and tricky shots and smash only when needed and want a both powerful and light racket ….. I have 3 choices can you tell which is the best for me – Yonex Voltic 3 , Nanoray 20 , Arcsaber 002 … plz tell any one of them onle . thank you

  37. Using your grip i find it weird in posture and the movement is too stiff… Secondly its quite difficult to extend ur arm fully to reach the highest contact point… Can you show me how u do jump smash using that grip? Because i find it really stiff body movement if i use it…. When i use my original grip it might slice sometimes 1 in 10 attempt but the boddy movement is smooth.. Could you verify my issue?

  38. More over its quite different than what most proffesional athletes do (they dont cock the wrist and change 10 degree of racket handle)… R you 100 percent sure about this way?

  39. Thank you for your comment. Every one do differently you shopuld try it and find the one suit you best. Lee

  40. Thank You Sir forgiving me an Idea and for teaching.

  41. You are most welcome. Lee

  42. Coach lee… Im doing regular practice nowadays and i wonder, could you please tell me about the racket? because yours is sound so powerfull there…=D

  43. Coach Lee is it okay if I use a Yonex Muscle Power 7 ? And I really want to know what racket is better . The string tension is so powerful there 🙂

  44. Coach Lee, when You smash, how does Your hand with the racket does not go below the navel after the shot?

  45. Coach Lee, thank you for these useful tips.  Really useful.

  46. Coach Lee should we catch the racket softly or tightly while smashing

  47. thank you sensei Lee Jae Bok.

  48. Coach Lee which grip is recommended for smash ?? Short or Long ??

  49. Master lee, my hand pronates while making smashes. Is it right ?

  50. Your way of explaining is just mind blowing. Very practical and informative.

  51. Love every bit of this coaching…Simply magical.

  52. Sir when I hit the smash my racket position after hitting the smash is not correct so please tell me last position of smash

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