Badminton Smash Skill (5) Left Arm is for Balance and adding power not to point shuttlecock

Badminton Smash Skill (5) Left Arm is for Balance and adding power not to point shuttlecock

Next point is left arm there is a misunderstanding by many club players many players think left arm is pointing the shuttle cock ok, so this is you shuttle is coming up so you point to shuttle like that then if I point to shuttle like that this one, closing my view I can’t see front, I can only see the shuttle yes, I have to watch the shuttle cock but more importantly I must be aware of opponent court and opponents. Therefore this left arm is important left arm is not to point shuttle cock left arm is for having the balance ok, watch this this is what I meant look, I am pointing the shuttle cock watch this higher I am watching there, and this one close my view look, this left arm should not be there this one should be there, this hand is holding my body watch this, this is what I meant there say shuttle is there, you can treat this one here some where here, and I see here I can see here instead of this, I cannot see ok, watch again the right way here wrong way I can’t see it now, second part of left arm, the role of left arm is after there, this should stop there you are not finished, there does not matter if its smash or clear or drop shot this left arm, should stop here ok, watch this, this is right way if this one goes more, now our problem hit hurts my body, to lose balance if you stay, its not good timing, set, 1 2 3 ok watch me 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 so that creates more power, if I am doing right way. wrong way, come down together come down too much left hand stay high the right way 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 you can change mind 1 2 clear 1 2 drop 1 2 smash you can change mind 1 2 clear 1 2 drop 1 2 smash

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  1. That's why Korean Double players is the best

  2. This is the only coach will tell and show wrongly, wow i loving to hear that word "wrongly"

  3. Yes I do agree that they are good but I also think there are many good players in other countries too. Who has more will and focus on the day could make different result. Thank you for your kind words on the Korean players. Lee

  4. He is our favourite family coach on youtube….

  5. what is the difference in swing between clear and smash ? How do i make a plastic yonex shuttlecock slow ? Im not able to keep my eyes on shuttle n so have bad reactions ?

  6. You can use your wrist differently to the hight you would like to. No other magic, other then practice to focus to the shuttlecock. Try you can focus. Lee

  7. thanks coach will defintly work hard for my tournaments in decmber n doing skipping n now i can do back hand drop sometimes thank u 4 your hints n tips n to share ur valuable exprince

  8. Sure, keep it going. Only the person work harder with better quality will finally win.
    Never be negative, never doubt your self. Only think one thing that you do it perfactly well. If you can imagine your self doing it then soon you will see your self really doing it. Lee

  9. I love the last minute of your video. Great inspiration for playing deceptive overhead shots. I will train hard to get to that level of deception, coach Lee. Great video.

  10. Thank you very much and I am very pleased to know that you like this clip. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  11. Hi coach lee. What about the follow up with your shoulder and hips plus right leg? I noticed your right leg is still in the back after you smash. Should we not be following through with our body after the smash?

  12. Yes you are right we should follow through. In this clip I more focused on each separate factors. Lee

  13. nice sir, really this video is very useful for us,iam teaching to my 10years old child.

  14. Thank you for your amazing instructional videos as always!
    I don't have a coach myself, but it's like you are my coach 🙂 I've picked up many amazing tips 🙂

  15. Thank you coach Lee. Your step by step coaching is very clear. More effective to me is your way of pointing out our wrong ways. I'd used your method to teach my 15 year old daughter and she just became her school champion under 15 yrs category. 

  16. very good lesson

  17. Coach i want jump smash lesson from you please

  18. Looked at almost all the comments and i think ur the only utuber who makes great quaility videos and always reply to a comment, well done "Coach" keep up the great work, even though this videos is old

  19. He is our favourite family coach on youtube….:);)

  20. It'll be good to learn a jump smash from you sir.Please add a video for that one.

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