Badminton Smash Skill (6) How to Add Extra Power (Fully Stop and Restart)

Badminton Smash Skill (6) How to Add Extra Power (Fully Stop and Restart)

Next point is how to gain extra power 5%-10% in same way, you have to completely stop and then restart. ok, if you do your smash nothing changes but change the stop and then hit 5%-10% harder, watch this ok, this is right way what I mean, little bit high please when I set, I completely stopped, until I saw shuttle set, bang set, bang set, bang so I stopped, but some players they move little bit this is not the right way so, my racket is continously moving no, you have to stop quickly, stop you are holding, but you are also holding your opponent if you do it stop, bang stop bang and you can create lots of power lets say, watch this, shuttle is there, I stop stop higher, stop higher, stop stop I can’t do it if I move it compare, stop first immediately if you stop earlier, if you stop longer more deceptive, more powerful same, smash stop stop stop stop stop

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  1. every good tip ..i regularly follow your videos and they help my game…thanks for the effort in spreading the knowledge of the game..

  2. After doing it like this,does it slow down our footwork to go back for the defenses?

  3. Thank you sir thats helped a lots and make my confidence on high and my smash are more powerful you are doing such a wonderful job for us to learn more rights trick and tips and other staff as a badminton player!

  4. it's amazing how something so simple and minute can increase your power so much. thanks coach!

  5. I recently joined a badminton club, these videos help alot! Thanks!

  6. I am brasleiro and do not understand their language you could put ligenda in Portuguese thanks

  7. I am big size so is there any videos to play…

  8. Can you speak properly I can't hear you.

  9. Absolutely Wrong Technique…your elbows will get injured if you follow this..No swinging of the shoulder and racket, no follow through…don't learn this..

  10. What was the wrong way to do a smash again? Was it that continuous motion the wrong way?

  11. Engkongnya tuhing kada kawa beluncat

  12. Sir your coaching tips are always helpful….thank you so much……

  13. Sir.thank you for sharing your thoughts to us!!!all of your teachings helps me a lot…

  14. Is there any way you can smash more deeper?

  15. Can the yonex voltric z force 2 badminton racket help improve the smash because my racket is very weak

  16. My elbow starts to hurt when I do this. Am I doing it wrong?

  17. tq Mr.Lee i learnt very much after seeing ur vedios. tq very much 😀

  18. Not getting too scientific, but whether this method generates more efficient power by way of focusing the direction of the racket going forward, or simply allowing the player to focus better and hit within the sweet spot of the racket on impact…it works.Thanks coach! You really killed those birds in this video!!

  19. thank you coach Lee. your knowledge and teachings are very much appreciated… now i can use these correct techniques for my weekly badminton exercise without excess pain in my arm to generate more hitting power. Your kindness is gold.

  20. mr lee, may I know if this technique works for lobing too

  21. well this is amazing …thank you for this is video.

  22. yeah bang on. I have experienced this while hitting smash. whenever I stopped it generated more power but when I went with the momentum it didn't have much power. Thanks for the info.

  23. Hi sir,
    I have a doubt. I am suffering little shoulder pain while forehand smashing. My positioning may be wrong. So sugest me the right video of yours to get correction in my play.

  24. sir whenever i try to hit a jump smash, most of my energy gets lost in the jump and nothing is left for the shot… Can u tell me how to improve???

  25. Great stuff…thank you Coach for adding these videos. They are very helpful indeed

  26. You are a very good coach .

  27. This has really helped Thank you for the good advice.

  28. Thanks a bunch(I'm being serious) I use badminton to cope w/ suicidal thoughts.

  29. sir what should I do if the opponent keeps giving me back hand and forehand clears and the opponents is have mor strength then me ?

  30. All this while of playing i realized i made many common mistakes playing badminton. never been coached, so kinda frustrated but as soon as I watch your video now i know. thank you very much for your generous knowledge. maybe my past performance nothing to proud bout but i want my son to be better than me. with your videos i can teach my son the right way to play. his 10 yrs old now i think its bout time to get serious. thank you again. your videos really helped.

  31. thanks shifu…. very usefull… good coach

  32. Thnx Lee but I think going in badminton field Is not good as it is a courier of only 10 to 13 yrs and it's less earning and chances are very less of becoming a top player . a injury can stop yr courier forever

  33. can you please make a video on how to make your smash lower

  34. Thank you very much, sir. This is extremely helpful to me.

  35. 谢谢! 你的英文很好! ?? ??

  36. also I want to know more about badminton from you how can I contact you

  37. How did you get that muscles on your feet? Video please on how to achieve that and lose the fats on your feet

  38. Wow the best smashing lesson video online.

  39. Thank for the video sir.. It really helpful 😀
    I wanna ask, is the power of the smash come from wrist or shoulder?
    Thank you

  40. Coach lee, can this be applied to a jumpsmash aswell? Thank you.

  41. you r brilliant sir I'll follow your trix

  42. Thank sir for teaching finally I hv learn the correct way to smash

  43. Can you make your voice clearer?

  44. I am a national level player of it your smah is good and accurate

  45. Wow, never thought about that. Will put this into practice instantly. Thank you dear Coach Lee 🙂

  46. Thanks Sir…I've Struggling For Smashes For Like A Week.But Your Video Helped Me

  47. Any workout for having impactful smash?

  48. Excellent explanation. I learnt many things new from it. Great work!

  49. very helpful . i understood our local players mistakes … including me

  50. it was made in 2012 but its timeless. Really good job. I didn't think about playing this way

  51. The Best Explanation Ever.. Im Gonna Sub

  52. Dear Coach Lee,

    I only have one weak point in my game wich is my forehand baseline defense in the case that the shuttle goes into a very fast rally it is my weak point, vulnerable against a cross smash from the opponent, How can i improve this? im always either too relaxed or too focused on taking the shuttle gently straight.

    I hope you can give me tips to improve this weak point.

  53. Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!!!!!

  54. Sir can we use it for jump smash

  55. Dang!!! This is help a lot

  56. Dear sir pls can u say why my smashes do not go downwards rather they flat and straight I have a small height is that a reason

  57. An excellent badminton teacher in the world i must say ….

  58. which grip is better thick or thin for playing

  59. Coach I am your great fan.. you are doing a fine fine job. You are an institution in yourself!
    Coach Lee I have a problem with my playing arm, my arm particularly lower bicep and middle part of the arm under elbow starts aching which results in severe pain and causes to stop playing badminton for days. I Edna think of quitting playing badminton due to this pain. Kindly suggest me some tricks to avoid this pain to play upto my potential?
    Thanks in advance!

  60. I Am state player best smash sir

  61. Coach lee This must be very effective but I do not see pro players do it. Especially during jump smashes. Most of my smashes are jumb smashes any tutorial for that??Edit: they actually kinda do it! Is it so useful??
    Can u please make a vid of this method on jump smash

  62. I am currently trying to coach my girls badminton team, can you please explain why there is more power when you stop and then swing? Rather then bringing your racket back and starting the motion earlier so you create more momentum.

  63. Sir I need help. I am playing since 20 years used to jump smash since few month started to play smash without jump. Due to this I am not getting timing and power basic reason what I found was hitting point. Without jump point is not in front I,e if I leave a cock it falls at my west level instead of front of toe. Due to this shuttle is missing power , depth ie half shots which used to be my strength I lost this instead shots are flat less effective. Jump smash I wanted to avoid jump due to age factor. Plz help how to improve this.

  64. It is really helpful sir ! Thanks a lot . Respect from China . ?

  65. Sir, could you please give me tips on how I can improve my placing of shuttle cock while returning?

  66. What is the string tension in that racquet?

  67. In which country do you teach sir?

  68. Thanks really you are a great coach

  69. So fully stop is for targetting the shuttle cock hitting zone before contact point?

  70. Nice moves. Very useful for me.

  71. Sir what racket do you use? Thanks 🙂

  72. Dear Coach Lee,
    How do I increase the accuracy of my smash because the shuttlecock sometimes hit the sides of my racquet?

  73. thanks a lot sir your videos are very helpful for me i have learneed a lot from these and improved my game very much
    once again thanks

  74. Thanks Mr.Lee.
    From tomorrow will follow your smashing without any proper training and 75%target achieved.

  75. Thank you so much Sir?. You are my Dronacharya(Best Teacher).

  76. explain why stop reset is better?

  77. Sir please make a video video for method to increase the speed of tap shot and increase the speed of returning shuttle fastly

  78. Dear Coach Lee
    I am having problem in practice I am perfect smash but same thing is not utilise in match.

  79. What's your mobile number

  80. It's is helpful sir but what about accuracy sir I have generated a lot of power in smash but the accuracy is missing please help me to get it.

  81. Sir,badminton grip should be thick or thin. plz reply

  82. i am an advanced club badminton player and i have slowly developed my videos and i have followed you for s long time.. great videos and help me boost my input in my videos to everyone . thank you so much

  83. Sound make bad felling

  84. Thank you.. i learnt a lot from your video

  85. Very good teacher. Thank you

  86. Nice coaching this helped me

  87. Hello Coach Lee. Does this Fully stop and Restart motion also apply to jump smashes? I already improved on my base smash and this motion really helped. Thanks for the video and I appreciate teh help.

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