Badminton Smash Skill (7) Right Footwork Skill Makes Smash Much More Powerful Smash

Badminton Smash Skill (7) Right Footwork Skill Makes Smash Much More Powerful Smash

Next point is how to add extra power to your smash by using your movement skill ok now, there are 3 steps before you smash one – to see where the shuttle goes two – is left hand foot so look one – where, shuttle goes there then, this one goes to there shuttle goes back 1 2 shuttle goes there 1 2 so this 2 changes direction so lets say shuttle goes straight back where here and set so 1 2 3 now, how to add extra power to the smash is make your 3 big and you must stop in flash seconds so like that 1 2 3 1 2 3 and then smash but 3 has to be the step loading the power loading the weight, 1 2 3, 3 and then smash the wrong way 1 2 3 4 so the 3 becomes passive step rather than the loading step ok, 1 2 3 over there 1 2 3 back 1 2 3 loading, not passive 1 2 3 4 ok, watch this, show me 1 2 3 go 1 2 3 yes go 1 2 stop go 1 2 3 stop bang go 1 2 3 bang ok, so 1 2 3 everything is on three and then use power 1 2 3 4 5 6 good so, his all the weight goes onto his step 3 and then all the power goes to the shuttle cock once watch again ok, now making number 3 step passive step ok now 1 2 3 step and number 3 step loading step

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  1. Sure, I would happy to do that for you. Upload your clip on youtube and let me have the link then I will have look and let you know my thoughts on it. Lee

  2. couch Lee.I found that I did the wrong way through this video.However,I play with right hand so that means I should put the gravity on my right leg?In addition,when my opponent makes a high serve,I should smash or drive ?(I often smash and he always has a drop shot =>I lose)

  3. To smash when your opponent is ready is sometimes not good. Try deep clear or attack clear first then smash after you create a gap or make your opponent lose balance. If he is ready again after your first clear then do clear again. Try to do that shot which is not expected. You may made shot a he expected. Try and let me know. Lee

  4. thanks for your answer!I will try it and reply U soon.

  5. Ok Good luck. Lee

  6. I made it! my opponent lost balance I can attack him.thank U! now I find trouble with my backhand shot,it's not powerful enough to make a long and deep drive,could U teach me how to play backhand through a video ?

  7. Would you please have look the already made clip for backhand clear and let me know if you do not understand anything or need more explantion. Lee

  8. coach lee, i have been playing badminton for last 2yrs…and your these videos have helped me a lot, but still i am having problem in my my backhand….it goes too high in the air and helps d opponent to smash, please help me regarding this…!!

  9. Try. 1. take shuttlecock more in front of your body. 2. use more grip and wrist power then big full swing. 3. make more steps then less steps to the shuttlecock
    4. you must believe that you are going to make a good backhand clear.
    5. keep try until you can do it. Lee

  10. Hi Lee, when I continuously smash, I get huge pain on my elbow. I have been using elbow support, but doesn't seem to help me. However, after taking rest few days, I can play again. Does it mean my elbow is weak. that's why I can't continously smash or is there any technique you recommends? I would wait to hear from you.

  11. thanks a lot coach…will definitely try these steps…and will also inform about my other queries.
    thanks. regards.

  12. That should not happen unleass you smash 1000 time every single days. The possible reason why you have such pain are; 1. You may fully strach your elbow when you are making backhand shot so you may have injured your elbow. 2 when you do clear or smash, you make hit your shot above your head or behind your body resulting you have to use your elbow instead of your wrist.

  13. To make it better, 1. do some support training to make your elbow strong 2. improve your backhand skill. please look at the clip I have. 3. take shuttlecock more in front (a lot more) when you are doing clear and smash. I hope it help you. Lee

  14. You are very welcome and good luck. Lee

  15. ok.time to time, I probably hit shot behind the body using elbow. So I should always try to use more wrist on my forehand shot and wrist and thumb for backhand shot- am I correct?
    thanks for your reply.

  16. Yes that is right. Lee

  17. thanks. By the way your every video is outstanding!!!

  18. Thank you very much for your kind comment.

  19. Ohhhh. I wondered why people looked like they are dancing about before they smash 😉

  20. Hi Coach Lee.

    So small step backward is enough? No need big step backward using left foot? Because sometime we are under pressure.

    Thank you Coach Lee.

  21. This is a standard smash step but there are different kind of steps depending on the situations. Lee

  22. hi coach Lee!! 🙂
    how to load power when hitting the jump smash Mr. Lee??

  23. The power must come from your elbow and sped of your wrist action. As you are in the air, you have to depending on that. You should also smash on the way up and when you are coming down. Lee

  24. is it true that we must use head heavy racket to make more powerful smash? somebody has told me that.

  25. Yes I do agree with it but the weight has to be different to each player depending on their power. Lee

  26. tnx coach lee!! 🙂 you are such a good coach but do you have the video on the right timing and how to load in hit jump smash???

  27. I have been using abit head light/semi stiff rackets and my favourite is ArcSaber9 FL but I got over confident and bought the the ArcSaber 11(3U). I regretted bought that racket and even my smashes screwed up because of my timing is different using a better and heavier racket. Twice already I was overconfident and earlier I bought the Voltric Z-Slash. Stick the the racket you are used to play and buy 2-3 extra.

  28. racket head swing speed x racket head weight = power of smash

    That being said, a head heavy racket will swing slower than a head light racket, but a head light racket has less potential. The ability to swing faster all depends on your physical muscle capabilities, and posture/techniques.

  29. Thank you so much Sir Lee Im started being hooked to badminton recently and i went to our school intramurals and gotl ost so i decided to do more practice. Really Thankful!! 🙂

  30. Once again thank you Master Lee Jae Bok.

  31. Thank you Mr. Lee for posting this. I have struggled a lot with my footwork when i smash. Im right handed yet i use my left leg to (try to gain) power for my smash. Pretty awkward. Now I'm excited to step on court and correct it. Practice practice practice! I've won competitions in school but i admit i lack fundamentals. All your coaching vids have taught me a lot! More power!!

  32. Thanks sir.. Ive learned a lot.. The proper way… Its my second day of playing..

  33. Thank you very much.Its really useful.Thank you sir

  34. thnx 4 posting this skills,it helps me becoming our state mens single so please wit u Sir

  35. Coach, your video helped me a lot. Now my smash is lot faster. I am working hard now on taking my smash to next level where it goes like a bullet, and doesn't come back or opponents gives a bad return 🙂
    thanks for your help sir.

  36. Mr Lee…you can …. teach….the jums smash….you video is great….i wait you…thanks!

  37. Hi I am watching ur videos day by day and they are helping me a lot. Thank you! Hope I become a better player soon! 😀

  38. I love your teaching video and I swere you are the best coach I ever seened

  39. sir
    coming week I have a championship so please give me any tips sometimes I maybe facing last year champions

  40. Hi I'm bit confused how you grip the rucket I saw top level players hold it different.

  41. Simply learn something new that I have missed before when rewatching a video, in particular this one.

  42. Thx. I will try this.

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