Badminton Smash Skill (9) The Check Smash (How to Do It)

Badminton Smash Skill (9) The Check Smash (How to Do It)

There are different types of smashes after power smash there is check smash there is a slice smash I am going to explain it to you about check smash the point of check smash is hit it sharper to the empty space quickly rather than hit it powerfully so it has got different law ok watch this this is check smash ok I am not moving, I am just showing you for hitting check smash works better when you are under pressure because your opponent do not expect you to do such shots, ok so posture, ready shuttle is going here don’t at a time turn your body, you go racket up first, face the shuttle cock, change grip nearly pan handle grip, but about 50 percent backhand grip so shuttle goes you go like that and then shuttle come, hit it very small action is required if you have right technique you can do it ok, watch this caught the wrist, wait… hit not, not like that, because they see your shot, they will see and go if you tap it then they have much less time to see your shot and its sharper ok watch this racket, shuttle cock, your racket goes straight to shuttle cock and tap there tap, hold tap hold tap hold tap wrong way no, very sharp

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  1. All of your shots were cross court. Is that just because it is likely the most open part of the court in singles? How useful is it for doubles?

  2. The check smash I did in this clip is for singles. If straight check smash is needed then it has to be sliced otherwise it will be too long to have reasonable impact.
    In doubles, when opponent lift is high and deep then check smash can be used instead of power smash. In this case straight check smash would better then cross it it may open our court. Lee

  3. hi coach, I have a problem executing this shot because i'm a bit short. making the shot flatter won't give me any advantage as it is less powerful and the opponents can easily counter it.

  4. Ok in that case you can do this shot with some slice in it. It may lose bit of speed but you can make it shorter. Lee

  5. So you are right handed, and in video, all shots were towards your left. So you take racquet diagonal towards upper left and hit cross court. If it goes toward your right side, do you hold racquet diagonal towards upper right, and hit cross court also?

  6. This a a good question. I face my racket straight even I have intention to hit straight. In this way both directions are on my choice. If I make my racket face cross when I have intention to hit straight, it is much more difficult but much less benefit of making deceptions. To do that way you have to go much deeper and you do not have that time in most of time. Better player also would know why you do it. Lee

  7. I am pleased to know that my clip helped you to improve your badminton. I think it may be about between $70-100. Lee

  8. Thanks coach. Your lessons are always simple, clear and easy to understand. Really make me learn a lot.

  9. I am so pleased to know and thank you for taking time to post your comment. Lee

  10. good lesson. thank you.

  11. You are very welcome. Lee

  12. thank u soo much LEE.. al ua vedios are awesome..
    i started playing badminton feb 5 2012.. and ua vedios made me compete in few competitions…
    but still i cant gain stamina… im 6'1 by height but only 65kg by weight… more i concentrate on stamina nd foot work i get back pain.. can you plzz suggest me wat to do ????

  13. Thank you very much for your kind comment on my clips and I am very pleased to know. With back pain it will be not easy to train hard to. It would be better to develop wide view and advanced tactics so you move bit less but prepare fast and be able to read your opponent intention where he is hitting to. Learn the selection of shots which allows you move less but still be able to cover the court wider. Lee

  14. thank u LEE.. ill luk on to those, you suggested me….

  15. I hope you find the reason. Lee

  16. thanks!! now u have 1 more subscriber 😀 From Portugal

  17. Thank you and I would like to welcome you to my channel. Lee

  18. hi LEE.. i tried to cover full court… but wen im doin this it is making me to bend more, this putting more pressure on my back… 🙁

  19. You are right, when you are more fucosed then your posture will get lower. Now make your body strong and get fit to maintain that posture all the way from start to finish. Lee

  20. sure.. 🙂
    next fitness 🙂

  21. Hi coach Lee! thank you for your wonderful videos! while watching this one, I was wondering if it is possible to play same check smash using backhand? I think that will add more deception in the game!

  22. It can be done but need good skills to do it. There is time for it and you have a very good ideas. Lee

  23. i really like your videos except i was wondering if you would do like 10 seconds 1 on 1 action to see how to use the check smash and when to use it and stuff.. but otherwise i really learned alot from this :D. I am so going to subscribe to you and watch every video. I really need to make into V team before my season ends, im sure your videos will help me do that ( im only singles 2 atm 🙁 )

  24. and even bad part about myself is that i dont practice at all :O i even skip my school practice… but i think watching this video and learning at home with a ruler would still be good enough

  25. Yes you are right. i made it to show what is check smash rather then explain how to do it in detail. I will do so in the near future. Lee

  26. Hello, I am wondering if you could make a tutorial on a trick shot. prefer bialy

  27. I'm sorry I mean the Lin Dan trick shot, the one he hit the shuttle with his backhand when it's very close to the ground

  28. This is very useful. I did not know there are certain types of smash. The one i know is power smash. I will add this technique to my game.

  29. coach lee's videos are great for badminton enthusiasts and hobbyist. but for competitive level, they won't help even a bit. for example, a "check smash" of a professional player will be 4-5 times more powerful than a power smash of an enthusiast. to become a competitive badminton player, you have to go tens of thousands of hours training and traing twice a day everyday which i am sure that coach lee is very familiar of that life having been a former korea national player. still highest respects

  30. I do this often than my jump smash it is really effective because ur opponent won't know where u put it

  31. And also what my dad told me focus needs more focus! Also I'm 11 😉

  32. Yes he is right. Lee

  33. You are welcome. Lee

  34. You are welcome. Lee

  35. Great advice thanks Lee

  36. Thank you too. Lere

  37. today I studied

  38. I am pleased to know. Thank you. Lee

  39. good advise and easy to follow..thnk u

  40. Ohh.. that is a very good technique.. I did not know all these days but I am happy that I learnt it now. Thanks Lee :).

  41. Thanks Lee. Very nice coaching

  42. Thank you very much. Lee

  43. Check smash? What is this used for? Cause it doesn't seem to go over the net in the video from here.

  44. this looks something like a stick smash

  45. Dear coach Lee,
    I started playing badminton 2 months ago and now i am facing excruciating elbow pains every time i smash. I have not given up playing but i tend to cut down on my smashes to prevent the pain in my elbow. I even met the doctor, and he provided me with painkillers which is not the solution i am looking for. After watching your videos, i found that my technique when smashing was totally wrong and it is the reason why i am having this pain. My question is, how do i put a stop to the pain in my elbow?

  46. How can i become a profesional

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