Badminton Smash: The Right Grip

Badminton Smash: The Right Grip

The grip for smash the player must be able to change grip depending on where they hit it, what kind of shot they are hitting let’s say if they hit shuttle at the net in front their grip has to be changed to pan handle grip like this if they don’t change it, same grip they can’t hit it, because they have to chop it another way to hit it without changing grip to move that way and hit like this now smash is same, smash is good when player hit shuttle in front of their body this grip not allow player be able to take shuttle in front of their body because if they don’t change it this grip goes with chopped the shuttle will go that way so player must change grip 10 degree that way, that way ready that way from your direction that way so bottom part goes outside top part goes inside so this is pan handle grip I am not asking you to change this much I am not asking to change that much either I say 10 degree that much why? this 10 degree change will allow you to smash in front without slice so now here when shuttle been thrown here I will be changing my grip 10 degree like this, so what happens here the sound if I don’t change it I do same grip for smash it will be slicing or if I don’t want to slice I have to take shuttle side of my body so you have the choice would you like to turn your body make shuttle side of your body instead of changing grip don’t change grip, shuttle comes take shuttle side or stay that way, you have vision, shuttle, opponent all together and just change 10 degree that will allow you to smash like this instead of like this so now watch my finger set set I change on the way from here shuttle been hit I set to smash, change 10 degree that will allow me to hit straight, instead of chopping the shuttle ready set change 10 degree and then bang change 10 degree there fore you can hit flat instead of chop one more ready change do not do this way instead of changing grip inside, some of the players they just turn their wrist it’s does not mean its changed no like that this is wrong, no like this stay same way inside your hand change 10 degree ready change ready change not like this watch slowly set shuttle comes bang no change bang slice ready change ready change have a look change change change change change if you have power 10 and you smash without changing 10 degrees you will be able to use only 5 or 4 power out of 10 you have so you must change 10 degree if you want to have a smash like a missile then you have to change grip other wise your smash will be chopped your smash looks like fast drop shot

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  1. That is a good question, in my view without changing the grip you have to rotate more and it cause biger swing. There are many different situations in a match and you need more then one kind of hitting skills as some situation you do not have time to rotate your arm and wrist in that case you even need to change grip more and have to use fingers to hit. Rotating is right way but the amount of doing it can be different and changing grip would help. Lee

  2. Haha true I was just abit concerned that if we change our grip too much towards the panhandle side we would be "pressing" the shuttle instead of "smashing" it. But then again I feel that in badminton there are no fixed grip cause we change grip depending on the situation though slightly. =)

  3. Yes, I do agree with you. Lee

  4. The failure to change my grip slightly from neutral to panhandle was exactly why my smashes (and clears) were rather puny and the racket felt like slipping out of my hand.

  5. Yes I do know many players who have poor shots because of the grip right you. I hope your smash and clear get better with the grip.

  6. You hoped right! I feel that the power transmission from the shoulder up to the wrist is direct now. Though I lack a bit control initially (having used a flawed grip for years), my smashes and clears are now easy and powerful and make that awesome whiplash sound!

  7. I am delighted to know. You have made my day of being a badminton coach. Thank you for sharing your experience with my clip. I wish you happy badminton. Lee

  8. Hi Lee, Since i started watching your clips, my focus has been changed to play better badminton rather than only winning games. Initially i used to get angry on myself when lost a point and used to loose focus, but now i am bit calm and focus on technique improvement as per your suggestions here. Thanks for your valuable videos and taking time out from your busy schedule to solve our queries. Thanks Coach Lee.

  9. Thank you and I am very pleased to know that my clips are helping your badminton. Yes the mind set is more important. If you can control your mind then you can control the skills and eventully your opponent. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  10. Hi coach Lee, I benefit greatly from your videos. Keep them coming please =)) Is your smashing method different from how the top players do it? They seem to use the forehand grip but uses pronation of the arm to hit the shuttle squarely. Their swing naturally ends up on the non-racket arm side. What are your thoughts on these? Thanks

  11. I am using the same skills but much less and using more wrist action. There are all difefrent situation in a match sometime you can do full swing and sometime you do not have time and space to do full swing. I think players should be able to do all different ways and be able to use the different ways of hitting skills in different situations. As I am using less rotation, my action will be shorter and compact therefore I can do more deceptions.

  12. I am going make clips for this soon. I suggest you to try both and feel it and learn both. Lee

  13. I don't understand, are you supposed to change your grip at the beginning when you're in your neutral grip or when you're about to hit the shuttle. cause it seems like when you change your grip when moving back you're already at 10 degrees, do you add 10 more?

  14. When you are waiting you have to have neutral grip, on the way to the shuttlecock you have to change grip for the shuttlecock, after the hit when you coming back to base you have to change neutral grip again. Lee

  15. Hi Coach Lee,
    Thank you very much for the detailed videos. I have a question. Shpould we grip the racket tightly prior to smashing or should our grip on the racket be loose and tighten as we hit the shuttle.

  16. After smashing,what should be the follow through of the racket hand? should the racket hand follow through to the left side of the body or should it stay to the right?

  17. Ohh I see I get it now no wonder I always tried to smash but it go another way

  18. I put lot of pressure on my elbow while smashing a shuttle.. And My elbow muscles pain so much afta a while and this is frequently happening for me these days.. Can u please help me out of this Mr.Lee

  19. Thank you so much your videos have improved my skills quite a bit

  20. This is very useful indeed, I could smash it to the direction that I want when I hold the grip like yours without turning too much my body. When I do overhead smashing, I do not have to bend so much my waist to do it after I changed my grip. I shared this to my friends, one of them said he was trained by a China coach and told that I should not change the grip and I need to turn the body to suit the angle. Maybe different coaches have different smashing methods, but I like your way, my smashing power and accuracy has improved a lot after I changed the grip. Thanks.

  21. Lee, I would appreciate it if you could help me with a question. After the impact with the shuttle, which finger (index finger or thumb) do you use to "slow down" or "decelerate" the racquet? I feel that sometimes I'm not putting as much power into the swing because I can't control the deceleration of the racquet and I'm afraid I'll hit myself after hitting the shuttle. I have been using my thumb to slow down the racquet, but the part just under my nail (near the joint of my thumb) is getting a bruise from too much friction with racquet handle, as that part is used slow down the racquet after impact. Is this the wrong way to "reverse" the motion of the racquet after hitting the shuttle? Thanks in advance.

  22. Hello Coach i'm from India.Saw most of your videos on Badminton.They are amazing. My age is 24 and since only a couple of years have i started playing badminton.Do you think i can take this sport as my Career. I know the basics good enough just need daily practise.

  23. Hi Coach, My shoulder joint is hurting from smashing, is it because I am smashing it from the side?

  24. I will try that. I think I am using a lot more shoulder than wrist. Thank you Coach Lee!

  25. Hi coach lee, my shuttle always hits the net even though my arm is straight and im hitting it in front of me, is my angle too steep or i hit it too front?

  26. We will try it tomorrow! thanks a lot, your videos are very interesting!! 

  27. Hello coach! I thought I won't be changing me grip because my school coach said but this video helped me alot. Thanks coach! ^^

  28. Hlo….sir 
    i love your videos but now a days i am feeling too much pain in my muscles near elbow after sometime when i start playing (sometimes i am not even able lift my arm) and after taking 30 minutes rest their is no pain.Plz…help sir!!!

  29. Doe maar 6 nasi 3bami en extra saté saus TY ?

  30. It seems you don't play correctly

  31. Coach lee I appreciate your wonderful service of giving a free coaching. Thank you coach. I am a powerful smasher but I can't smash accurately.please give me a solution.

  32. sir i totally appriciate the work you are doing for mant badminton aspirants around the world but sir there is a need to improve the video quality

  33. sir how to improve backhand 
    my backhand is to week

  34. love you coach…

  35. thanks sir 
    it works

  36. Great video sir? keep it up?

  37. Brother you are a good coach, i will more money now

  38. You point out the problem that I`m facing. I always get a slice smash (change wrist, not change grip). I haven`t been attended any badminton classes so all the techniques that I learn come from my team-mate. They teach me that I should grip neutral in every situation and I always wander that how can I have a power smash if I keep the neutral grip. Thank you sir.

  39. Thank you Lee
    you made me love this sport

  40. Thank you sir. It helped so much.. :')

  41. I love this tutorial. 100% it improved my grip.!

  42. This is the best badminton coach in my world I love you hope you be the best

  43. Thank you very much coach… I have a try this tecnic and what can i say… I got a powerfull smash tq tq tq…

  44. Your coaching on power smash is very impressive. Can I expect more in simplest way…Thank you…

  45. thank you sir you are the best coach.

  46. That's why my smash not have a power… Tq coach.. Tonight i will try use this tips… One more question coach.. In smash defend what kind grip i will used…?? Forehand grip or backhand grip… Tq..

  47. Thank u so much just love ur video n really it all works

  48. thank you a lot for such a illustrative and helpful video.

  49. This video has helped me and has increased my smash speed considerably! Thank you coach Lee.

  50. Thank you sir
    i just starting play this game some day before
    i hope this video help me a lot once again Thank you.

  51. Sorry kinda new to badminton but do I still use that changed grip for clears as well?

  52. hello coach Lee,Sir I'm no 15 and I can't hold badminton as you show because my hand can' t take the full handle ..what do I do please reply it will kind and honour to you…thank you I'm from Bangladesh..

  53. I also love you sir

  54. Hi Coach Lee, after watching this instructional video of yours, i finally cleared a huge doubt on the smashing grip. Previously i always ended up smashing with the basic grip or panhandle, resulting in weak smashes and sometimes straining my wrist and forearms. Now I'm able to exert force more naturally without injuring myself.

    I have a question though. Does the tilt has to be maximum of 10 degrees? Because today when i tried, i was very consciously trying to get the grip to rotate not beyond 10 degrees, resulting in me missing smashes as i hit too late. When i was not trying to focus on get the specific 10 degrees rotation, i was able to hit more naturally, but i realized i was probably rotating it between 10 – 20 degrees. Would this pose a problem on the power generated?


  55. Thanku so much coach lee, this technique has totally transformed my smash's speed and accuracy; also the video on deception was also very useful in the game.

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    thank you coach lee.

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  66. either u post a picture or make a new video to make us more clear ! PLEASE SIR …

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  69. sir i really like u and
    watching your all badminton drill videos

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    your every technique is very effective
    I can see change in my game

  73. Perfect Explaination Master.

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    I am following u closely.. I have just started playing.. I feel like improving each day..

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  91. It's clear to me now.

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