Badminton-Stay at the net if you attack a low service in doubles

Badminton-Stay at the net if you attack a low service in doubles

Stay at the net if you attack opponent low service In doubles especially mens doubles the pair attack more, have got better chance to win ladies doubles is bit different because ladies doubles the attack won’t be too hard too strong as mens smash some body who have very good defence can still win the match but mens doubles, 80-90% the pair who attacks win in order to attack the game, from the service you have to be aggressive watch this this is you waiting lets say club players normally stay about here in that case you have to move your right foot forward attack if your shuttle is going down then after attack you have to cover the net instead of attack and move backward so if you attack and move backwards if they do block again what you have to do you have to lift it again would you play like that, if you play for million pounds opponent has got match point, would you happy to play like this no you would not because there is danger opponent attack and finish the rally it does not matter whether there is million pounds or this is the match point it does not matter every single point has to be maximized to limit opponent point maximize your point so this is what you should do ready – go attack – ready – kill attack ready attack ready attack ready attack ready rather than attack and then move backwards

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  1. You bet, Once I watched national tournament MXD, the female player was at net and pushed the shuttle downward unfortunately right after she backed to the center court the opponent returned the shuttle again at the same high and she failed to return because she was away and it was too late to respond to it. If she stayed there for short while she might take a second shot and win another point. So your idea may be good for net also.

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