Badminton-Step 1 in Level Doubles

Badminton-Step 1 in Level Doubles

How to do Step One in Doubles How to make step one in real terms, in real match now many players aware step one has to be done and step one is important to be able to do it in the right time but still many club players understand step one but no idea how to do it, when to do it what step one makes difference ok please have a look, ok Mayur here this is normal club players way, focus on my feet lets say without shuttle cock my partner been flicked go stop stop so I have to go many club players they go like this, like this and then shuttle comes, yes and then they do like this so there is no step one, watch it again not the right way go like this now compare the right way, without shuttle cock go and then bang now with shuttle cock ready go 1 2 3 again go ready 1 2 3 ok one more go ready 1 2 3 can you see the difference again one more the wrong way go so as you see it, with step one without step one its not same badminton

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