Badminton Stroke Skills (Question 6)

Badminton Stroke Skills (Question 6)

Question 6 True or False? At the point of impact, 100% of the playing focus should be on the shuttle. Question number 6 the answer in my view is false yes players have to see the shuttle cock but not 100% his vision should go to the shuttlecock only ok watch this I will show you, watch my eyes if I follow the question to true and the shuttle is coming here and then I watch shuttlecock and then hit it and then shuttle already gone, but my eyes remains here ok have a look, ok Tom could you throw to me in my view this is not the right way, but watch my eyes with shuttlecock, underarm please if I lift shuttle is there eyes still remains there I don’t have any information of the other side the right way is this so I see the shuttlecock, I see my opponent, I see my opponent court together same, smash comes here if I do the, not the right way watch my eyes, my eyes will focus the shuttlecock here there so eyes remains there look the right way is it should be so in that way I can change any where I am not saying the eyes should not focus the shuttlecock yes should focus the shuttlecock but not only focussing the shuttlecock my eyes vision has to go everywhere shuttle, opponent court, opponent, finally opponents mind what he expects you have to have eyes to see that too if you want to be the top player

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  1. False also because in singles you need to get the shuttle away from your opponent but if you focus 100% on the shuttle then you would not know where your opponent is and thus won't be able to hit the shuttle in an area of the court in which it will be hard for them to reach.

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