Badminton Tactics (Question 10)

Badminton Tactics (Question 10)

Question 10 True or False? In singles, doubles and mixed a straight shot is often safer and more effective than a cross-court shot. Question 10 the answer is true in singles, doubles and mixed doubles I am talking in general terms ok let’s say in singles ok I am playing shuttle is there, I lift cross ok When I lift cross that is empty, if my opponent do straight smash I cannot take it as you see it I can’t touch it but have a look what happens here one more if you do straight shot he has to change direction my shot is much shorter and faster giving less time to my opponent so straight shot is much more advanced

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  1. Hi dr.lee. Do you on

  2. Hi dr. Lee , do you only use your fingers or wrist when hitting the shuttle?

  3. It is depend ing on what shot you do. Depending on type of shot, you can use more fingers and less wrist or the other way. As you try t o do more deceptive shot, you have to use more fingers then wrist. Lee

  4. i like this video and i totally agree with it straight shot Are more safe than cross shots, but that is only to play defensive and get some play in the game to get to opponent tired. i will mean if you try to win a game, then you should play more offensive and play cross, cross. if you do so your opponent is under presure and need to play defensive and now you have the chance to win the ball.

  5. In here, I am pointing out a kind of tactics. The best tactic is to be able to select the best possible shot at each moment. Some time crross shot will be the one and some time straight shot will be the one. If a player is very focused then he will be able to select the best shot at each moment but many times players select wrong shots caused by lack of focus and nerverness and rushness. Lee

  6. yeah that is true enough. im just saying if you wanna play offensive you should play cross and straight when you try to get some play in the game and u set the opponent under presure if you play cross, so i agree a good mentally player or how it is called know how and when he or she should place the ball.

  7. Yes you are perfactly right. Lee

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