Badminton-The best possible way to return opponent smash

Badminton-The best possible way to return opponent smash

so now the next one is, flat mid-court push ready intercept, like that, that way there ready, try to intercept, there ready yup there difficult so you do like that ready go yes, well done ready, go yup ready ya, this is not good tactically, if I try to block block it ready block heigh ok, block heigh bang ready intercept, if we defend like that like this its difficult, ok so, try to intercept ready like this yes ok, ready so, when you defence a smash make it flat not only block it, try to hit it between those two players ok

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  1. So simple yet very effective, its official, you are the best coach on YouTube Lee

  2. Need more practice on flat returning…especially when returning opponent smash. The best Mr Lee. Thank you.

  3. Please do not say as no body nows who is out there. We all learn each other. But thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  4. Put your posture lower, put your racket arm and racket more forward then it will help. Thank you. Lee

  5. Coach, saw ur reply to Zaini… will u be able to show or explain if the smashes are steeper, how we can flat push the shuttle? The only probable ways is either to lift high, block the shuttle lightly, or lift high cross court…

  6. Yes you are right. If smash is steep then it will be safer to do what you said. But with much practise you can still be able to do it. Steep smash means it has bit of less power which you have more time. But in general I agree with you.

  7. thanks for all your videos!

  8. You are very welcome. Lee

  9. if the smashes are steeper is because the lift/ drive or push was too short it is not very easy to do a steep smash from the backcourt….

  10. Sir, while playing, my returns always going little upwords and opnents player easly killing. so how i can control my returns to make difficult opponents players(doubles). Please advice..Thanks

  11. Do more soft shots which goes downward. Try to take shot early as possible so you can hit down rather then hit up ward. Try to make small compact hitting action which will be able to take shot early and easy to control.

  12. I Love your modesty. 🙂

  13. Good morning sir, may I know what is the best way to hold my racquets wh

  14. when I'm ready to take the smash from my opponent?

  15. Please view the grip clips and then let me know your question. Lee

  16. Then you should have ready grip. Not backhand and not forehand, middle grip. Lee

  17. Thanks Mr Lee..

  18. You are very welcome. Lee

  19. Sir Coach Lee,I am 11 years old and playing Badminton regularly as it's my favorite sports. I am learning very much from you videos but can't able to return the drop when I am at the back gallery after returning a shot to my opponent!I run by steps but fails. Sir,please give me a suggestion.

  20. You have to move faster so when you return shot from rear court (shuttlecock should be in front of your body) so you can hit it with forward action/movement, that way you will be able to come to the base fater. Try it and you will be able to get it. Always positive and practice until you do it. More quality practice is the key to be a good player. Lee

  21. Thank you,Sir! It's helping me and I am practicing it with great efforts and positive thinking.Thank you.

  22. Thank you and soon you will feel the improvement. Lee

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  24. I have been watching some of your video clips and considered some of it in may playing style however, i can seem to consistently return a smash when it's coming straight into may face and too deep at each corner.. any tips on how i can improve the problem

  25. If you make your posture lower and put your racket more foreward then it will help. Also make your base bit backward rather then stand at the centre. It will give you more time to see the shuttlecock. Lee

  26. Hi, Lee
    How are you. Long time do not hear from you, but I still follow you video to make me better in badminton. Thank you Lee and hope to hear from you.

  27. Thank you for your kind regards. I am doing ok. I hope everything with you is all good. Lee

  28. Thanks for technique.

  29. Coach, I have a question. I notice when I watch videos of international players , returns are less often crossed . Am I wrong? what is the reason players do not respond like that, most of the time ? thank you!

  30. Dear Coach Lee,

    First of all. Thank you for your many videos. They are of great value and help to badminton players!

    I have a question for this video. Isn't it difficult to return a flat push if the opponent's smash is steep?

    What I prefer doing (and have been doing successfully) is return the shuttle high and long back to the baseline (back to the smasher).

    I look forward to your comments Coach Lee.


    Kind regards,

  31. Is that guy missing all the shots on purpose?

  32. in doubles, can i play in both the hand…. i would like to know the rules

  33. can u send me any link of where to return opponents smash in singles and the aftereffects  ! i would like to know …

  34. Coach iam not able to return a steep smash
    Pls suggest how can i defend it

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