Badminton-The best way to prepare after flick service in doubles

Badminton-The best way to prepare after flick service in doubles

ok, back tap yup when you go first, the important thing is watch your opponent so like this and then tap ok continue yes now important thing is, if you do flick your job is go side by side if I flick there ya, shuttle is there then I have to move back my face and the racket should be facing that corner go yes, well done and the racket end point to the shuttle cock ok, again one more ready face there go yes, like that well done face there, yes well done remember some club players after they serve that corner instead of facing there, after flick they stand square (straight) this is wrong, always face the shuttle cock Sean come ya, stay like this if I face square (straight), I can’t facing square (straight) when shuttle is there like this, I can’t and always point the shuttle cock point the shuttle cock, ok ya ready ok, ready ready here – ready there ok, no like this. I know some players they do that but what happens if they smash here I can’t so here backhand here forehand and forehand ok wrong way I am right hander thats ok, if I flick it I have to ready like this here, set it should be left foot forward ok, ready like this ready smash to backhand my racket should point, so shuttle comes I can do that but if I do that it takes too long or I have to do this so remember put your racket end point it smash backhand side point point ok, this is wrong way I am already ready for backhand so smash here, like that easy, because I am ready what happens if you smash here ya, like this one more here if you are ready like that, you have this problem shuttle will not go farther no like that, if you are ready like that smash here same corner ya like that ready or if you do this, when it comes here you have to do that or you have to do this ya smash here I am ready like this too late or like this so you cannot clear it but if you do that ya face there ya so faster

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  1. wow . good teaching ! thanks lee πŸ˜€

  2. Thank you too. Lee

  3. Thank you too. Lee

  4. will practice this..wonderful tips. Thank you!

  5. Thank you too. Lee

  6. Thank you Coach for your videos it has really helped me to progress on to advance level.

  7. I am so pleased to know that and thank you for posting your comment. Kind regards. Lee

  8. that's what I've missed.. always ready with back hand πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  9. You are very welcome. Lee

  10. Thank u … its really useful

  11. You are most welcome. Lee

  12. youre left foot when you serve is wrong . .thnks

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  15. Hi Mr Lee, with flick serve, where should your partner be standing theres also a confusion in this serve in where the partnet shuld be standing

  16. Oh, this is SO GOOD. Picked up a few more subtleties not in the other videos on this topic.

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