Badminton-The Grips used in Badminton

Badminton-The Grips used in Badminton

Neutral Grip point 1 thumb, second finger opposite each other like this point 1 wrong grip this is wrong, thumb is on top this grip no power for backhand point 1 wrong grip, this one goes high no power point 1 right grip again thumb, second opposite each other there there this is point 1 point 2 the second finger should be away from third finger right gap not too much gap, this is wrong not too tight, then 4 power fingers, one control not good this is about right this is number 2 point so this 2 can help each other this is number 2 point away little gap number 3 point in grip is do little bit room here so racket can be changed inside your hand backhand ready forehand ready backhand ready forehand ready wrong, this point no room like this can’t change it, it takes may be 5 times longer to change it because there is no room and stuck palm, racket stuck not good to change grip at all this is wrong that’s right this is wrong, too much loose grip no control this is wrong, that’s wrong also touch this part not to touch up, at the top end like this so if you see behind, its touched no like this touched but if you look at on top there is gap so you can change it very quickly ready backhand ready forehand ready backhand ready forehand ready backhand ready forehand ready backhand ready forehand ready the wrong way backhand forehand this is wrong takes too long this is wrong way backhand forehand it cannot be done, because shuttle comes too quick to do that right way, change once ready backhand ready forehand ready backhand ready forehand if I go faster ready backhand ready forehand ready backhand ready forehand if you look at there ready backhand ready forehand ready forehand backhand forehand backhand one last point when you are ready its better racket head goes little bit high wrist lower, that way your wrist can be used not like this lower, higher that way if shuttle goes little bit high it can be done bang rather than like this so last point is racket head higher wrist little bit lower not this much just little bit that way your wrist power can be maximized wrong right way wrong way lower remember, the grip has to be done first before you attempt to make smash harder backhand clear harder because if grip is wrong, that won’t happen

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  1. Coach Lee,
    I have watched many of your videos over many months, and they just keep on getting better and better. Thank you very much for sharing your expertise. You may well be creating your own legacy here.

  2. Thank you Coach Lee, i have watched many of you videos. I started playing almost a year ago, and only found your videos recently. I wish i had found them sooner, as they are so useful. I had no idea that badminton was such a technically demanding sport, but i am on my way to correcting some of the bad habits i have picked up by trying to teach myself. Compared to the other coaching videos i have seen yours are very clear to understand, and cover every area of play. Thank you again.

  3. Thank you so much for taking time to post your comment on my clips. I am very pleased to know they are beneficial to your improvement. I am just happy to help and share my experience so please feel free to ask if I can be a service to you. Lee

  4. Thank you so much for your kind comment on my clips. Yes I will continue to do that. Lee

  5. Thank you, i probably will do so in the future, but i am just going out to play badminton in a few minutes. Trying to put some of what i have learned into practice.

  6. i wanna go in the same direction, what i love most about your videos is that you explain everything so clear and so enlightening
    my clubmembers/coaches explain things and i do it wrong and dont get it..since i found your channel i improved somuch over the last weeks andmonths its astonishing..sosimple and clear explanation and all the for me complicated things like espacially the grip is now so clear to me, cant wait for every trainingsession to train the things i learn every time in your videos

  7. Thank you very much for posting your comment and I am extremely pleased to see someone there enjoys my clips. Lee

  8. This is exactly my experience too. And even club members that I show your way of different strokes etc, say the same thing. Extremely good explanations!

  9. Thank you and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  10. I feel a bit confused because you explained to us with all the videos that forehead faces the shuttlecock's direction. 
    This image online though it totally different,
    So do we change our racquet to face the shuttle ever time in forehand or is it interchangeable? (like, it can both be the side and the front)

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