Badminton Tips – Footwork Part 1 (Front) – Coach Andy Chong (foreign subtitles available)

Badminton Tips – Footwork Part 1 (Front) – Coach Andy Chong (foreign subtitles available)

Earlier in the video I did a warm-up
exercise with my leg movement and that is the movement for the footwork.
Right now I’m going to go deeper into the footwork, where I’m going to talk a
little bit about how to go to the front, how would you go to the side of the court and
how do you go to the back of the court. There’s no one fixed footwork that you
can use. There’s so many different types and I like you to see every one of them
that I know and try to incorporate all of them according to what shots you want
to go for and what shots you want to hit. I start off with going to the front, to
my front forehand corner. If I were to use two steps, I would start off with my
right leg coming across forward, right leg forward, one, two. My racket is there
to hit the shot. Going back, left, right. Once again, right left, left right. That is
the two step footwork. Then you have to shuffle which is called a sashay, which
you start off with, shuffling up, shuffling back. Shuffling up, shuffling
back. That’s the second footwork of going to the forehand. Now you have the
third footwork, which you might see, where instead of crossing to the front,
I’ll be crossing to the back, and then my leg will step forward. Right to the
back, left to the front, come back. So that’s the third footwork that we have. Just to
show you how it looks like: first one cross front, come back. Shuffle,
shuffle back. Cross back, come back. What’s the difference? The steps footwork will save some energy , will let you be in control. The shuffle would get you more
speed so you have a more of an aggressive movement to the forehand. When
it comes to the backhand, you have the same concept with the two steps. Just
because I’m a lefty I always start off from my right leg going forward. Right
leg, left leg, come back. Right leg, left leg, come back.
So that’s the two steps. If I want to do the shuffle, I would start off with my
left leg. Shuffle in, shuffle back. Left leg step forward, shuffle
and come back. So that is the backhand. On the footwork between using two steps and
using the shuffle.

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