Badminton Tips – Footwork Part 3 (Back) – Coach Andy Chong (foreign subtitles available)

Badminton Tips – Footwork Part 3  (Back) – Coach Andy Chong (foreign subtitles available)

Now going to the back, I am going to start
off with a shuffle going back to my forehand corner. Racquet up, move sideways,
hit, come back forward to the middle. Once again, side shuffle, hit, come back to the front. You notice when I finish hitting I did a
scissors kick, my body weight is coming forward after I contact. So that is the shuffle. The next one I have is, I can use the footwork which I can go across this way and hit. Notice my right leg cross to the front, left leg step, hit. I am coming back forward again. So that is the two step with a cross front. I can use the cross back as well. If my right leg crosses to the back, step, hit. The important thing is my racquet leg, which is my left leg ends up at the back. And that will always be the case, whether I where I start from the back, my left leg ends at the back, hit , come forward. When I cross to the front, my left leg lands to the back, hit, come forward. When I shuffle, my left leg ends in the back, hit and come forward. So going to the forehand corner, you have three different ways of going to the shot. Which one you wanna use is up to you. Which one you feel more comfortable. Which one you feel faster going to the shot. Shuffle is always faster, but it gets you more tired. Using your footwork you save some energy and you are in control of your body movement. The backhand side, you have two ways of going to the backhand. Either you use your overhead or
you use your backhand. For the overhead, there are so many different ways of going to the backhand, even for the forehand. I am just going to show you every one of them and then you have to decide which one you want to use best. I will start off with the shuffle. My right leg would takeoff. When I get to where I wanted to be, my left leg would turn, that becomes my overhead and then I can hop back. Once again, right leg take off, left leg turns back, overhead hit, come back here. So that is for my overhead. The other way of going to the overhead is I can turn right away, and shuffle back, and hit and come back. Once again, turn, shuffle all the way, hit, come back. So that is another way of going to my
overhead. When it comes to the backhand, I would
still lead with my right leg. Shuffle, turn my left leg, hit, come back and that is my backhand shot. Let me show you again. My right leg leads, left leg crosses to the front, hit, come back forward. Notice my body momentum is following with how the bird travels. So that is one way of going to the
backhand. There is so many ways that I can do that. The other way I’m going to show you is, just turn right away and just run there. I will just turn right away and
start running there. So that is another way of getting to the shot, to the backhand. So the important thing to remember is always end up with your racquet leg. In this instance I am a lefty, so I always end up with my left leg. And once I position with my left leg, I will always be in a good position to hit the shot and come back into the position.

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  1. Sir can you tell me how to play my backhand shots more strongly and precisely…

  2. What if the shuttle lands directly behind u?
    What is the movement for that?

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