Badminton: Tips for Fresher (6) How to catch a shuttlecock in the air

Badminton: Tips for Fresher (6) How to catch a shuttlecock in the air presents How to catch a shuttle cock hit one shuttle to me if your opponent give shuttle back to you then do that rather than some beginner players, they do they try to hold it by 2 hands and then take it if they are lucky they can take so, when shuttle is flying your racket goes to the shuttle stay with the shuttle, come down together ya, you can take it by backhand forehand go to the shuttlecock there try, you can learn very quickly rather than, don’t wait down there and then you make bounce stretch your racket to the shuttlecock and then down sometimes the monkey can fall from the tree you can practice by yourself, watch this forehand backhand forehand backhand forehand backhand forehand backhand or you can practice slice slice slice slice slice slice slice ya you can practice, play with it the key thing is don’t have hard grip but not too soft, medium ya feel it so you think your finger can be used See more Badminton Videos at

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  1. aish…still cant do it…

  2. Thanks, only took me 20 minutes to perfect this.

  3. thank you………….

  4. @TheFinjamin Your Welcome!

  5. All of these tidbits are really helpful to develop one's feel for the game. Thanks for filming and posting these videos!

  6. @magnumcyclonex Your Welcome!

  7. Wow so that's how my badminton coach does it….thank you for posting! It reminds me of the "inner peace" thing from Kung Fu Panda 2 haha

  8. @mrtigerucantfly Yes, you are right. It is all in your mind that is what I have found out after 40 years of badminton. Lee

  9. I've always wondered how to do that. πŸ˜€ Ah thanks~ πŸ˜€

  10. I am pleased to know that now you know how. Lee

  11. Try to move your racket close to the shuttlecock in the air and come down together. I am sure you can do it. Please try it again with belief and possitiveness. Lee

  12. i don't catch the shuttlecock in mid-air; instead, i bounce it off my racquet 3 or 4 times, until it loses enough momentum for me to catch with my bare hands, just like what you showed here, mr. lee. so embarrassing. hahaha! thanks so much for this vid. this is going to be very helpful. πŸ™‚
    btw, are you korean?

  13. Mr. Lee, I have read about you in your website. You are an extraordinary man. You are a man with eternal blessings and what you do is all about a 'badminton as a meditation'… Thank are a 'Great Mentor'

  14. Thank you for such nice comment. Lee

  15. thanks a lot..your videos have helped me improved my badminton skills.

  16. I ma very pleased to know. Lee

  17. o my days.. pure skill

  18. Thank you for your kind comment. Lee

  19. I am sureb you both can do it. Just try it with total positiveness. Lee

  20. You are very welcome. Lee

  21. thanx sir……your video is so helpful….and the error part is same like my condition….

  22. Thank you for your comment and I hope you now be able to do it well. Lee

  23. Best badminton coach ever~ *^*

  24. Thank you very much for your kind comment. Lee

  25. Excellent ! Greetings from France

  26. Thank you for this lesson!

  27. Thank you very much. Lee

  28. Awesome video as always, thank you! πŸ™‚

  29. Thank you! This is one of those skills that you're expected to know, but no one teaches it, because it is not as important as in-game skills.

  30. I am very pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  31. we are learning this in PE class now

  32. I hope you already able to do it. Lee

  33. hahaha that first part was funny

  34. I think so too. Lee

  35. no dislike.. lol! THANKIEW LEE!

  36. Thank you too. Lee

  37. Try a little bit more then you will be able to do it very well. Lee

  38. Please view the clip ones more and try it again with total bel;ieve you can do. Lee

  39. Thankyou Mr. Lee!
    A lot!

  40. You are very welcome. Lee

  41. You are welcome. Lee

  42. Hahaha I always make the shuttle cock bounce on the racket and catch it

  43. That you I will learn it your videos are really useful

  44. I want your skills man!!

  45. Thank u so muchΒ 

  46. thank you so much master

  47. Where is this club? Looks nice

  48. I really appreciate YOUR VIDEOS. They have helped me HEAPS Β !!!!Thanks a million.

  49. is it bad that im not following the basic foot work and other skills?also didn't have someone to train me(all i can do is just,running,hitting the ball,running again,hitting the ball,repeat). didn't even know how to pick up birdie,catching,and other stuff but hey saw your channel and i think you just earned a sub πŸ™‚

  50. πŸ™‚ I couldn't wait to thank you Coach Lee first after self practice of just less than half n hour.. I thought this would b really tough though the picking up birdie from d ground wasn't difficult (also learned after watching your video only). I am not a good player, just playing in my backyard with friends, but I have passion and tried it with positive mindset as you have mentioned earlier in one of your replies on a comment. Now I just feel bit dizziness, may be I was kept watching the birdie for the past half n hour continuously.. πŸ™‚ no words.. Thanks a million ton…… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ n will continue learning from your videos…

  51. Can you please suggest a good exercise to increase my backhand? Thanks a lot

  52. This man has a vid for almost everything. Thank you so much!!!!

  53. best guide i fount on youtube !!

  54. Hello Coach Lee! I have a question (this is not related to the video. hehe). Can I still win the 1st place? 2nd place? 3rd place?. there are 10 of us. I lost the first game yesterday. but will still continue it on saturday. it will be about loser vs loser. can I still win?

  55. sir,, u helped me alot,, thank you very much sir, you are my master,, best regards from jakarta

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