Badminton: Tips for Fresher (7) -How to pick up a shuttlecock

Badminton: Tips for Fresher (7) -How to pick up a shuttlecock presents How To Pick Up a Shuttle Cock I would like to show you how to pick the shuttle up from the floor the club players who are beginners ask me to teach them how to pick it ok shuttle is there and they try to pick it up and they miss it now the way to do it the way not to do it if your racket goes like that kind of vertically its difficult you have to make your racket horizontal way so if you see from there, not like that like this its difficult like that and then pick it up rather than like this now second do not hold grip like this too tight so its, you need big action to pick it up hold by your fingers like this so your finger can be used in the short space not like this have a space there and use your fingers no like that lower and so its not the wrist it’s finger last one not one part of the shuttle cock try to touch the one side no like this no like that one side should be touched, no like this, no like that, there so more to the side together easier to pick it up so when shuttle is there, then you can push it and then pick it up there you can push it and then pick it up you can pick it backhand you can pick it up forehand or some times we can pick it up See more Badminton videos at

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  1. Thanks! I helps me a lot ! hahaha
    Yesterday i'm trying to do that, but i guess i nedd to practice and practice. LOL

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You are most welcome. Lee

  4. Soon you will be able to do. Lee

  5. You are welcome. Lee

  6. You are very welcome. Lee

  7. Thanks a lot Mr Lee ^_^ i finally can do it after 2 hours! and now i can hit the shuttlecock between my leg and from behind 😀

  8. Well done. You are very fast learner to do it in two hours. Lee

  9. coach lee, what tension string you are using? please reply 🙁 i will change my tension string. im waiting coach.

  10. coach lee, what tension string you are using? please reply 🙁 i will change my tension string. im waiting coach.

  11. Sure, I am using about 27 but each string mashine is different and each racket has different tention to take. Weak racket can not take high tention so you have to be carefull. Lee

  12. coach lee, I have an Arc Saber 11, what tension do you recommend for my racket to have? I'm waiting for your reply

  13. I can not tell. You have to make decision. I have not used the racket so I do not know hwat that racket is like. lee

  14. get better quality

  15. coach lee i have three racket voltric 7,cab 6000 plus and a muclepower what tention can i have for these rackets

  16. Sorry it is difficult one to say.
    1. each string mashine is not same
    2. I have not used the rackets

    You shoud follow the recomended tention by the brand. Lee

  17. thax for ur advise coach lee

  18. You are very welcome. Lee

  19. Sir I wish to join your coaching camp. Please try to help me. I am in India now my number is 00919446070809

  20. Finally I can do it !! Thanks sir… 

  21. thanks so much. i always wonder how people can do that.

  22. OMG thank you so much! Turns out all I had to do was get lower to make the racket horizontal, finally I don't have to pick it up off the ground with my hands anymore 🙂

  23. I can do it when the head is pointing away from me, but not towards me. Does anyone know how to do it both ways?

  24. thanks for the vid it is very helpful and after all this time theres something suiting me.

  25. Thank you!! i found out i was holding the racket too high 🙂 

  26. Super video, wanted to learn this since long. I learnt it in a day watching your video and practicing

  27. Hi Lee, Thank you so much for this technique. Doea it matter what type of surface?

  28. ohh thats cool!
    nyways i play on concrete so it wont be possible
    but thanks fr the explanation!

  29. thanks, I recognized that I was holding my racket too tight. but now its allright

  30. thank you.. it's such a great help

  31. I have been trying to do this for ages! thanks 🙂

  32. Thanks Lee.  Always good explanation and technique.  I'm getting better through your videos.

  33. Thanks. I had been trying to do this during the schooling period when there was no YouTube yet. Why not I just open my mouth and ask people? That I don't know. I haven't tried it yet cause I am watching the video. It just came across my mind to look up YouTube. Omg.

  34. On thanks, always wanted to learn this..never gt it properly…u made it easy 🙂 

  35. Thanks so much, this is what I am looking for. Not as easy as what I see, still fail in the second day…

  36. thanks, pal. useful

  37. thanks, pal. useful

  38. OMG thank you so much !!!!!!! I saw the video, and now I can do it !!! thanks mister Lee !!

  39. Mr.Lee thank you for teaching me this ? So helpful

  40. Thank you man.earned a sub

  41. Thanks coach, very useful for me.

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  43. Thank You Mr. Lee. Your videos are SO good.


  44. Thank you so much Mr.Lee,now I now how to pick up a shuttlecock.Thank you so much:-)

  45. Thank you so much Sir. It helps a lot.

  46. Thank you sir. Your videos have been a great help to me. I'm eager to attend your classes. Please inform me.

  47. Finally i learnt it… Thnk u soo much … your all videos is very helpful..

  48. Wow! Sir you're a legend! Thank you very much!

  49. Thanks! finally i learnt it,you are a legend!!

  50. Wow thank you so much. I can now do it with only 15minutes of practice!

  51. thx Mr Shuttlecock

  52. Mr.Lee, is it more difficult to pick up the plastic one than the feather one? I am currently having a hard time picking it up

  53. my boys are saying: "amazing to pick up both!" 🙂

  54. I did it. Thanks Mr. Lee. Was always wondering how one can do it. You made it possible for me.

  55. Dear Coach Lee Jae.. Thank you so much for the video.. 🙂 I never thought it could b so easy.. But after watching your video, explaining in detail with every step breaking down.. Just hats off to u! God bless you Coach.. I could learn this just in an hour yesterday night just practising in my room. Live long Coach..

  56. Thank u so much sir

  57. I am very thankful to master lee for helping me with this. I've always wanted to pick up a shuttle cork  like that. Thanks a lot sir!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Thanks a lot Mr Lee. You help me a lot to understand badminton much more.

  59. Hoo it is so nice Sir showing such video

  60. Dear Coach Lee, thank you for all your hard work, dilligence, respect and passion for the beautiful game of Badminton! I'm just coming back to it as an adult, having played a lot as a kid and I am falling absolutely in love with it again! However, I am now a vegan (no animal products) and was wondering if there is a cruelty-free shuttlecock that's as good as the goose-feather and leather version that you can recommend for me? Thanks in advance for your consideration, and I hope you are doing well 🙂

  61. As soon as I watched this I tried it, i can do it now!! but it took my back hand a little longer. But thanks for your video!!

  62. I have a friend that is varsity in badminton he plays 2 years now and until now he still don't master to pick the shuttle cock using his racquet now I can teach him to do it he's doing it the wrong way like coach said on the video thanks alot

  63. This changes a lot. I was surprised it was that easy when I tried it. Thank you 😀

  64. Though I know very less to play, I can do this in style. Thanks for the video 🙂

  65. thanks for the video

  66. You covered what are the ways not to do…simply superb !!!!!!!!!

  67. Great video. I got it after a few tries. Thank you very much.

  68. you are awesome couch. like all your training videos, which helped me a lot in my game. Thanks for your training.

  69. lmao..before i watch this vid i failed many times picking up shuttle and ended up picking it with my hand..this is soo helpful

  70. Excellent perfect video.. can u make a video on how to smash with a less duration plz

  71. There're very few good teachers in this world, but you're a Master, Master Lee.
    My game has undergone a sea change after watching your videos and , now I understand the workings of the mind much more clearly. You're a Zen master for me. Thank you for the super videos. I respect you with all my heart.

  72. thanks sir 😀 I learned this within 3 minutes.

  73. Hello, all your videos are very very great. I am a beginner and your videos help me very much. Thank you.

  74. This is really working….

  75. Thank you mr lee I watched a different video took me an hour of practice and I still couldn't do it but your video 2 minutes thank you you are so helpful

  76. thanks dude it worked out very well

  77. When I dont know how I accidentaly hit my face in doing it thank you for the advice??

  78. That's a neat trick! Thanks!

  79. im still cant do it help me

  80. Great tip, but still very hard to do it lol. I will learn in time. lol

  81. super thank u very much.

  82. ??????????????????????


  84. Thank you coach!!! My dream has finally came true!!! 😀

  85. Learnt in 20 minutes, super trick

  86. bad silvar use me

  87. bad weight how much

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