Badminton-Tips for serious Players (3) Move your eyes early

Badminton-Tips for serious Players (3) Move your eyes early

Serious Players Tips (3) Move your eyes early How your eyes should be used in improving your accuracy and improving the speed of your ready for next opponent attack I think this is very important element but I also know this has not been discussed properly in detail before. Shuttle is up this player is watching shuttle he hits and then he is ready backhand clear shuttle is coming he hits and then ready drive shuttle is here he hits and then ready I demonstrated 1, 2, 3 can you tell me what I can improve I didn’t do the advanced way of hitting the shuttle cock advanced way of using my eyes to make better accuracy and get ready faster can you can you point that out what that is I will show you again with shuttle cock I will hit drop from here to there many club players do this way watch my eyes Can you see anything not right ok this is what I did watch my eyes here I hit and then look one more I hit and then look this is more basic way this can be changed this way watch my eyes please backhand watch my eyes not advanced way hit ready hit ready now compare it should be this way drop shot from here the basic way watch my eyes I hit and then ready I hit and then ready advanced way like that ok please watch so basic way shuttle is there, he watch shuttle cock he hits, hits still eyes there shuttle is flying but still eyes are there and then he look this should be changed to this way hit if I want to hit cross drop shot there there just before I hit my eyes go there that way it will be 10-20% more accurate because I see where it should go there there there there not there there bang bang late there there not there there backhand same he hits there shuttle is already going but eyes still there and then come one more bang and then bang it should be changed there there there like that like that so I see shuttlecock I see opponent before compare hit it and then there too late one more bang no bang bang ok I will show you with real way watch basic way not the ideal way watch my eyes one more like that so I hit still looking and then go this should be changed ok this side ok I am hitting cross not the ideal way shuttle there and then ready there quite good national players are still doing it this should be changed there there not there there one more change not there late to conclude here ready clear ready wrong way there ready there ready there ready there there backhand wrong way there ready there there there, ready here there ready huge difference in advanced level tonight go to club please try but I worry some of you may do this way you say to your friend ok I saw some new clips ok so my eyes should go the other side just before and he may try like this not like that that’s too much same here wrong way not like that, that’s too much just before there there not like that or like that one more there not there or not there I worry you might do it too much I really feel I really hope you are able to do this technique your control accuracy will be better you will be much faster to be ready for the next attack from your opponent

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  1. Thank you master Lee

  2. 안녕하세요 리 성생님! 너의 비디오를 좋아해요! 감사합니다.

  3. I will practice. Thanks master

  4. great tip!!! I never thought of this mistake….Thanks..

  5. thanks thats a great tip !!

  6. All your videos are enlightening. I would love to see some very technical videos, as wrist positions and grips for advanced cross court sliced drops, smashes and subterfuge shots. cheers.

  7. Very useful videos coach. Can you teach us proper footwork and lifting new shots? Thanks

  8. you are simply awesome… never noticed this before in my game

  9. I have one more doubt…do I need to look for placement before hitting or at the time of contact…please post a video for look, think and hit…my basic problem is placement. I am not sure when to look the opponent's court for vacant spot.. thanks in advance

  10. Dear Lee,

    first I want to thank you for your videos, you greatly improved my badminton game.

    I also play recreational tennis and I must ask you one thing:

    What you teach here is (in my honest opinion) exact opposite to what tennis teacher teach you when playing tennis. Almost everybody tends to move eyes from the ball too early, causing head moving to early, pulling entire body and resulting with often mishit. So they always emphasize that old "WATCH THE BALL" mantra.

    I know that tennis and badminton are different in many aspects (I still struggle not to play badminton with wide – the whole arm – not using much wrist movement), but in this issue of "watching the ball" I don't think there should be difference.

    Am I wrong?

    Sorry if I ask stupid question, and thank you again for your kindly sharing your huge knowledge on the game.


    damir from croatia

  11. coach sir can you tell me how we need to practice daily only shots ? weekly once a game ? or daily practice game ?

  12. Please let me know, where have to be concentrated to the opponet while attending a shot or smash, that is, to his arm, arm rist, finger, racket or shuttle and etc. Pls instruct professionally.

  13. thanks again, master

  14. Hi Master Lee,i wanted to ask you how you doing lately?I havent see you post a video for 5 months now.Hope you are fine

  15. hi coach lee
    i am Indonesian and i always try to practice so many training tips in my country,and the others country.not for comparison,just looking for other reference.
    and your video is always inspiring me.
    thanks coach lee!

  16. Hi coach lee, often in a match i open the game with lots of mistakes and silly shots, this then puts in in a bad position for the rest of the match. Do you know how to rectify this?

  17. Thank you so much. I try. It works.

  18. master i just starting to watch your videos .. where i want to start …

    I am very weak in badminton always failing . I want to improve .. I understand some of my mistakes when am playing while I watch your videos .I want to learn more from you

  19. thanks a lot lee sir . your coaching excellent. I improved a lot from your videos

  20. Such a useful tip!

  21. Great video but by looking at the placement of the shuttle at the same time, doesn't that give the opponent an advantage because they can easily predict the path of the shuttle because of your body language?

  22. Hi Coach Lee,
    Thanks very much for the numerous wonderful videos. I watch the videos religiously and my game has improved a lot. THis video is great because it covers one aspect of the game I have been thinking about lately (the eyes). I have a tangential question to the video but it is still concerned with the movement of the eyes and I hope you would help me with this.

    At exactly what moment in the rally do we observe where the opponents are standing on the court to decide on our reply shot for the best placement ? Should the shot selection be instinctive and second nature to us or is it actually a thought process that goes on in our brain in the short time that the bird is hit by the opponent and the bird reaches us ? Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Right now, when I play it takes too much time for me to reach the bird, observe where the opponent is standing in the opposite court and place my shot in the most difficult spot for him and my reply shot is mostly predictable.

  23. sir, when to see where is opponent n. where to place the shuttle ???

  24. Master lee..
    I am playing badminton for last 1 year and I recently started watching your clips. I thought I knew things because I trained myself good jump smashes and cross drops and won a club tournament, but your videos are eyeopener for me that there is so much I need to learn before I can even call myself a intermediate player. Thank you very much for these videos. I really appreciate the way you explain each angle of exercise which really leaves no doubt in mind at all. I'll continue to learn and improve with your help. Thanks again for all your effort.

  25. a really great lesson, thank you sir for valuable feedback

  26. 2:29 didn't look at his feet of opponent

  27. I understand you perfekt

  28. Is it wrong of i hit a backhand smash then spin the other way around

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