Badminton-Tips for serious players (4) Do not practice your mistakes in a match

Badminton-Tips for serious players (4) Do not practice your mistakes in a match

Tips for Serious Players (4) Do not practice mistakes in a match Do not practice your mistake during a match in competition, in tournament if you are competing badminton player and playing a match and you make mistake do not practice that mistake even top international tournaments some players are doing it without knowing what his behavior influence him or influence his opponents ok this is the player playing a match ok shuttle came ok good chance to get the point but he hits the net he made mistake and then suddenly he stands there during the match he stops and he practice his mistake and some players opponents smash there he blocks it but he blocks to the net and then he he will do it and play again problem 1 he already made mistake the game score is 18-18 crucial moment his mind is still on his mistake instead of forget about it thinking about what I am going to do what he will be doing for point 19 crucial point so his mind is still there that’s problem 1 problem 2 what his opponent will see him practising he will see him he is not prepared he is not happy he is not confident it looks like Perry it looks like like that he is boxer he is opponent yeah like that he tries to hit it but he miss hit you move he moves there ok wait and then he goes the corner and practice his shot ok I am ready and do it again have you seen any boxer he misses it and stop and practice his shot during the match more seriously he is a soldier he is in a battle he is at shooting enemies he aims enemy he shoots and missed it and suddenly he move his gun and then practice to target to practice while enemies are near to kill him it looks like that another explanation come so opponent hits good shot made mistake what he is supposed to do ok show nothing ok done ok what happens next he should be ready for the next one instead of keep thinking about the mistake and keep practicing it yes yes the behavior opponent made good shot he made mistake he shows nothing and just carry on is same as on the street some how we are fighting he hits hard hits hard bang I still look at you it looks like that but the person who made one mistake and worry about it and practising like that is behaving like on the street he hits bang [cry] it looks like it thats how I see it thank you so your bad mistake do not practice it in a match because its already done your 100% your mind should be on next rally what will happen what service he will be doing where should I attack what service he has been doing likely he will be doing this ok so I am going to do this yeah focusing for next one the person who practices his mistake looks small not confident enough and making his opponent so comfortable because he knows he is not happy he is not prepared

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  1. perhaps they are just trying to correct it?

  2. One of the best video clips, Lee!
    Very very important body language during serious matches. Worry and self denial are no good signs of a fighter!
    Excellent excellent coaching. Thank you very much!!

  3. I am guilty of this. This makes perfect sense though.

  4. Excellent Video Lee. I love your ethics videos. It can be applied to other fields, not just badminton.

  5. Thanks Coaching Badminton Mr Lee – You are very Right in highlighting this.Mental toughness is very critical to win a match.May I request you to make a video – What things one should do, if one is facing a very tough opponent ? How can one give a good fight ? Mental toughness will come 1st but some other practical tips …..please advise.

  6. Good video clearly explained.. right strategy for battle

  7. thanks…
    after a long time

  8. Thanks Lee. You are the good player, not even in badminton.

  9. NICE MICROPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!! Lee

  10. Thats fantastic…………that's a great advice, made so much difference to my game.

  11. You're lovely dude !!! love u

  12. I think honestly these videos about ethics, attitude and etiquette have made the biggest difference about how I play and perform in matches.

  13. This video is about taking badminton to another level. the game becomes a way of life. A real eye and mind opener.Thank you Lee.

  14. Hello Lee,
    Thank you for all.
    Could you make more videos about the spirit and mental
    Like the belief or something like that. 🙂

  15. Thanks for your philosophical inputs and analogies for the sport. Like the physical fitness, mental strength and health aren't always present to everyone. It seems that time and experience are the only attributes to develop and put in practice the mind, being told what to not do or share wisdom isn't enough. You can buy protein shake to build muscles but I doubt I can find "mana bars".

  16. I sometimes practice my mistakes in a match. I understand the meaning of not doing like that now. Your teaching is always easy to understand! I will try to repair that! Thank you, Mr Lee!

  17. I started to play badminton after watch your video coach,Now i really learns a lot from you…respect your passion in Badminton
    Thanks couch

  18. very happu if i have a coach like you

  19. you are right Lee… you forgot to mention that he who makes practice of mistakes in an area he is not only not confident but he exposes weakness of that area… I will take advantage of that because in the next shots I will try to make more points on his weak shot that he exposed!! So he makes clear in that area he is not good and i will take advantage of those signs!! It is best you give no signs of bad area's in your play and focus point for point… It is the same with opponents shouting after their mistakes or sometimes opponents already says something that give me information about he doesn't like certain tactics!!! Thanks Lee!!!!!!! You will visit the All England next year??

  20. helpful and nice video sir

  21. can you add some trickshots tutorial

  22. i don't know how you read our minds but i m happy to have you as my couch.

  23. got a game this Saturday, so glad to come across this vid…great reminder!!!!

  24. Makes perfect sense. I'm very happy to have you as my coach .. I've Improved a lot .. I impressed my games teachers in my school with your advices! Thanks for all.. 🙂

  25. this is totally me..its became a habit, aigoo..

  26. Lee sir, really good advice for mee, next time i will not doing it again in my game.

  27. Thanks for correct me again

  28. Badminton at similar level is all about mind game

  29. thanks so much Coach Lee. This video helps alot

  30. sir i m 23 years old ..i love badmintom so much tht i can play whole day..sir can i become a pro player …or is it too late

  31. I will be having a match next month and this helps me.. thank you and wish me luck ?

  32. I did this. Now I realize it looks like an idiot HAHAHAHA

  33. So simple yet effective.!

  34. Dear Lee, no new posts for the last 7 months. Kindly post some. Each and every one of your posts are great. Hence no particular request from me. May be short handle, long handle stuff?

  35. thank you for learning me the smash

  36. Coach lee, how am I able to have my confidence when I play? Whenever I play at a tournament all my confidence is gone and I become really nervous.

  37. what you always type "lee" ? 😀

  38. thank you sir.. 😀

  39. I thought that players who do that, actually practice a corrective move, so that they erase the motion memory of the wrong one.

  40. I'm guilty of this one! Thanks for the enlightenment! Love your videos!!!

  41. ha ha ha…. nice example……


  42. Lee, Your experience is esential. Thanks,

  43. Loved the explanations, Master Lee !!!

  44. True gems like this make up for a lot of bad stuff on the internet. A good balance between seriousness and humour makes Mr Lee's teaching style great.

  45. i find this very true at the same time its really funny. from where i come from ppl seems to make it a habit to practice mistakes instead of concentrating for the next point. another useful advice Lee!

  46. The way he speeks, makes me feel like I'm listening to a priest haha.


  48. wow.. makes sense. perfect video

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