Badminton Tips – The Backhand Serve – Coach Andy Chong

Badminton Tips – The Backhand Serve – Coach Andy Chong

For the backhand serve, what I will do is
the thumb will be controlling the racquet head. My experiences is, I would like to place the bird as close as possible to the net. So I rest my hand, my right hand, on the frame of the racquet. As I pull back, come forward, I let go of my finger. Again, I will concentrate on my angle of my racquet, at just one angle that is great, push forward. Angle that is right, push forward. There will be some players holding the shuttlecock differently, which there is no right or wrong answer. Important thing is whichever the
shuttlecock you want to hold, make sure the angle of the racquet is correct. There will be some players will be holding it far apart from the racquet. And David will show yourself some of the backhand serve. And you have a different player with a different serve on the backhand. So that is the backhand where you contact the bird below the waist, and you notice David is using his thumb to control the racquet head. And the angle the racquet, David knows the angle of the racquet, how much it needs to be angled up. And that is why he can serve it over the net. The three things to remember on serve. David will you get back over there? When I am getting ready to serve, I will be watching my opponent, where he is standing. So David will get ready to receive. So when I am getting ready to serve, I will watch where David stands. That is the first thing I will watch. Second thing I will think of, where is the open corner where I can serve to? For this instance David is standing there, I would think the open corner will be the corner on the far end. So that is the second thing I will think
about. First where my opponent stands, second which corner is open. Third is to concentrate on the net, because the net is the obstacle that you need to go over in order for the serve to be good. So once I know, concentrate, push it over the net to the corner where the open spot is. So again, watch where your opponent
stands. You can watch where the racquet is as well. Choose the corner where you want
to serve and then concentrate to serve it over the net.

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  1. Sir how to play backhand shots better as I am weaker in backhand..
    Are there any tips???

  2. Really helpful videos keep it up

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