Badminton-What destroys your backhand clear (1) winding in and out hitting action

Badminton-What destroys your backhand clear (1) winding in and out hitting action

What Destroys Your Backhand Clear (1) Winding in and out hitting action What destroys your backhand clear number 1 winding in, winding out action I am ready shuttle is coming over there this player go bring their racket in and then out they have been taught that way increases more power but to me it is not true because they are winding in and winding out this is too big and then hitting direction changes ok watch this with shuttlecock ok I will try to do winding in and then winding out ok watch watch my racket I am hitting over there so I already turned my body to demonstrate this action in and out so the racket rolls in, rolls out there are a lot of changes of the direction in and out in and out now compare no winding in, no winding out there there there there there winding in, out no winding set and hit set hit when you do backhand that means you are already late there is no time to winding in and winding out it takes 3 times longer and then lose the direction watch if I am boxer I hit some where accurately which one is more accurately can you hit here bang and bang or you are here and then like this because of the circle the direction changes bringing in and out winding in and out winding in and out so much change of the racket directions now do this way ready hold and there again there yeah set set so don’t roll in and roll out number 1 you will miss hit number 2 you will slice number 3 direction you don’t know where it will go

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  1. no wonder I always too late to generate my power with the winding action, thanks coach lee!

  2. ive always been weak on my backhand. Thanks for the tip

  3. Taufiq hidayat used to follow winding in and out technique
    It all depends on how you use your wrist and how strong your wrist is…….

  4. Backhand grip is also important……
    The way u hold your raquet is more important …….
    U should have snapping sound on hitting…..the shuttle

  5. Coach lee can u please demonstrate how to hit backhand cross court slice drops……

  6. Yeah erm Lee. Please actually watch any modern players in the top 100. There's like three who do as you say. The rest do exactly what you say not to. Wind in and out (Lee's technique for this is still bad so don't use this video to learn, send me a message and I'll explain it to you).

    If you're reading this, please watch Lee Chong Wei, Chen Long, Lin Dan, Taufik and you see them starting with their elbow low and close to the side of their body. Not out at the side. Lee is stuck in the 1980's when he was Korean national champion. Certain techniques have changed significantly since then.

  7. Coach Lee how can I successfully return a backhand flat clear? Thanks

  8. The are no pros that wind their wrists for backhands, however the top singles players will mix in more arm pronation and body rotation to be more deceptive, so that their backhand clears use the same action as their drop shots.  If your wrists are strong enough, you do not need to rely as much on your bodyweight, and wrist power alone with a sharp arm pronation can generate sufficient power.

    Coach Lee has incredibly strong wrists, so he can play these types of shots without using bodyweight.  I believe his wrist is stronger than a lot of the pros out there, and he is able to play a lot of shots using his wrists alone, whereas a lot of pros will still rely on bodyweight and shoulder rotation to assist their power, especially female players.

  9. Thanks again coach…too bad the backhand winding in winding out became one of my habit when'ever I play badminton… After I saw this..its clearly im going to start from the beginning…btw thanks coach lee!

  10. I can understand your way of hit trying to eliminate extra movement of the wrist but most ppl cannot hit far with minimal movement, they must rely on "borrowing" extra bit of power from a SNAPPING motion, such as having to pointing racket head down toward ground, and elbow point up the sky, at the beginning of the swing.  As some here mentioned, not everyone trained on wrist strength extensively.

  11. Its really Help thanks sir g

  12. How If opponent hit a high flat clear shot to back court. When you are late. How do you hit back? How to generate enuf power to clear the shot to backcourt? Or maybe a bit greedy a crosscourt clear?

  13. You are the best Sir Lee, I'm so glad that I subscribed

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