Badminton-What Destroys your backhand clear (12) Grip the racket centre of your hand

Badminton-What Destroys your backhand clear (12) Grip the racket centre of your hand

What Destroys Your Backhand Clear (12) Grip your racket centre of your hand I don’t think this never been discussed also I didn’t talk about this one before grip the racket in palm area will destroy your backhand clear ok then where grip should be done I am ready shuttle comes I go to hit it backhand clear so I grip then my grip the racket should be gripped there this is how it should be why? number 1 because grip is done this area here this area it has got 2 times, 3 times more power in grip here than grip the racket here this area feel not sharp feels thick now get a racket in your bag now try to feel it so grip here and grip it and try to feel it now change your grip to there grip it and hit it, feel it so much more power so much more detailed feeling is in your hands with racket in this way another benefit because racket is gripped that way automatically racket is vertically set and then automatically it will be cocked in the right way because racket is gripped this area but if I grip there its not cocked its difficult to cock but if I move racket that way its cocked this way I have power 10 I can make power 11 I will be able to use what ever I have I can increase it but if you grip the racket here you will be only able to use 60% of your power you have and the hitting feel will be very thick if you grip like that to me hitting like this it feels like I am using the kitchen big knife to cut the pencil feel very thick but if I do that I feel I can use all power I have so it should be that way not that way that way please try to feel the difference

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  1. I was wondering why my backhand clear felt so weak, thanks for the video!

  2. Thank you for the video sir!
    but can you please make a jump smash tutorial video.

  3. thank you for this, I never thought it was my grip that was wrong with regards to the lack of power I was getting.

  4. Very good insight Coach! Even though I do grip it correctly (as shown) "unconsciously", this have completely eluded my attention and great that you pointed this out. Will pass this on to the students – thanks very much!

  5. thank for your whole video sir,i change the way your teach in this video few week ago,and it help me improvement my overall skill in short order!!many thank!!

  6. thank you very much for your teaching, that helps me a lot.
    This grip is use only for backhand or also with smash and clear ?

  7. very useful instructions coach Lee! thank you coach!

  8. Thank u with your video coach lee..
    Now i know why my backhand clear not powerfull.. Hurmm.. Can you show how to powerfull stroke sir ?

  9. Thank you so much My Sir…what is best for bachand… and grip the racket.

  10. Thanks,Coach Lee.. 🙂

  11. Very cool how you discribe the basic things – thank you sensei : -)

  12. thanks coach lee..its help me better in play..

  13. Excellence, logic, and sport science applied by Mr . Lee.
    here truly great, thank you.

  14. i think this type coaching is very useful for me….Thankyou!

  15. thanks a lot, master

  16. Thank you coach Lee, nice explanation. I will try today.

  17. Hello, Coach
    Is the same area applied for forehand as well?

  18. Very simply & amazingly explained Sir. Your videos are truly worth watching. Thank you for making badminton coaching so simplified.

  19. Great. Thank you.

  20. thank you coach Lee, much appreciate your coaching

  21. u follow this, it will ur game for better

  22. Mr Lee, I don't agree with everything you say, but this video is absolutely spot on. Exactly this grip position is where the backhand clear power comes from. I remember when I made this change, immediately 1 meter more length in baseline bh clear and now can relax.

  23. thanks for post Coach.

  24. We really like this video!it was super helpful..

  25. 1 Day i success to be a pro player, all because of you. Thank LEE

  26. hello sir thank you for ur videos. sir i have a doubt. how can u quickly shuffle between the forehand and backhand grips. i mean it is not much a problem when the shuttle comes up. but how do u do it when the opponent is smashing? awaiting for ur reply coz ur literally the only one who takes time to reply to all comments.


  28. badminton is a superb game in word

  29. wow, it helps soo much…whole racket feels lighter then…thank you!

  30. Thank you was helpful

  31. Thx for the tips sir??

  32. cool
    Amazing detail about holding the R

  33. That's one hell of an advice Coach…Thanks a lot sir.Will try the same….Sir how can I practice backhand in home???

  34. Just starting my badminton journey. Excellent advice regarding how to help racket. Thank you

  35. Hold racquet I meant to say not help

  36. Sir you teach very well now my shots power have increased thank you. It also works in forehand

  37. Thank u for your valuble key point

  38. Nice tip .
    And good explanation
    Thank you lee..

  39. This video is too long. The main point of the video is only 1:08–1:19

  40. tfw my backhand clear is stronger than my forehand clear

  41. I want YouTube to introduce speed 2.5x especially to watch his videos. This coach is as slow as snail ???

  42. Your videos are good but plz make it short then it will be awesome

  43. Mr.lee what's your name racket

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