Badminton-What Destroys your movement: Landing your toes

Badminton-What Destroys your movement: Landing your toes

Do Not Land on Your Toes In badminton movement is very important skill I feel in a way you are hitting the shuttlecock with your feet not with your racket why I say that it doesn’t matter how good hitting skills you have if your movement is not efficient if your movement skill is not right you can’t get to the shuttlecock fast enough further more you cannot find exact right spot for each shuttlecock if you find wrong spot the impact point will be different there fore your hitting skills will not work I have been coaching for many years but I am surprised to see many players fresh players to badminton intermediate players and even experienced club players have this problem I have not found out why many players have this problem it does not look comfortable and this is causing many problems but still many players are doing it what is it? Landing on your toes what I mean so shuttle is there you go to the shuttlecock please watch my right foot when you are landing at the impact it should be your heel landing first watch me like that like that like this like that that way your landing is solid because your landing is solid you can recover powerfully straight away promptly but many players at the time they are hitting at the time they are landing they land on their toe they are landing in this way if I move side way they land like that not like that same backhand it should be like that like that one more like that but surprisingly more than 60% of players I see they are trying and they are landing like that like this number one it is not comfortable at all number two landing on toe limits how much he can go to the shuttlecock number three because landing on toe is not strong it can cause problem on knees and ankle, it can be turned it looks like the person who is doing that in the normal life walks like this no person walks like that because it is not natural so watch this here this is wrong way what I see hit like that hit like that hit like that hit like that only one reason I am thinking why many players try to land on toe is may be they saw textbook what some experienced players advice them use your toe so use your toe is right at the base but not when you are hitting when you are landing so watch this I am here I will land toe to go over the line from here over the line because shuttle is over there I try to land on toe I have to do that same I land my heel first which is right way, which is natural way yeah I can do that I can do that but if I land on my toe I can’t go there so when I ask players try to land your heel first is this naturally like that and sometimes the players who hear that and try to do well and they do extreme way yeah that’s too much that’s not what I am asking just naturally that that ready compare that ready is wobbly I can’t move now but if you land on heel you are ready and when you land on heel your posture is solid than like this like that not like this very dangerous to your ankle and your knee because you can’t land on toe straight way the players who land on toe normally they turn it and their ankle direction is wrong their knee direction is wrong so please check you may do it because in my experience out of 10 players 6 or 7 players have this problem surprisingly please check yourself and if you are doing it change it straight away

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  1. I love all your videos, but the three new ones you just uploaded, I only get the sound in my left headset. The other ones from 8 months ago were perfect. I dont have problems with any other videos on youtube

  2. Is the racket you are holding the Li Ning N90? 🙂 just curious

  3. Sir, I am from India, been watching your videos and truly feel that they have helped us a lot. We are not blessed with a proper coach like you and have a visiting Coach twice a week. unfortunately I have been fighting injuries for almost 4 months now. Firstly I have developed Achilles Tendonitis and now Tennis Elbow. Experts are saying it will heal in time but my concern is that it can reoccur. I sincerely request you to kindly make a video to guide us and also show us how to avoid and minimise injuries. We all will be deeply obliged.

  4. but for the forehand back in the court is it also bad?? I see Lee Chon Wei doing it

  5. To be honest, I don't know the way I move now when I think of it but I'll remember this. Recently I taught my little cousin sisters to play badminton a little, and they loved it, this should be very helpful for us all, thank you very much! 🙂

  6. hello sir, wishes from India
    I've been following your videos and it has made a great impact on my games, thanks a lot and keep inspiring!

  7. The video is very useful
    May I ask how to play doubles better like the which player should be front and back? Or the stronger player should be playing at the front or the back?
    Thank u, I play doubles thats why

  8. love u sir very nice useful tip

  9. This is so helpful. Excellent teaching. Thank you very much for all these great advices and for all of these Videos Sir.

  10. Oh, yeah i step toe down exactly like that on some stroke. It started from fear of impact force on the knee. I run mid foot and knowing that heel landing (in running) can ruin the knee so i do the same (toe down) naturally when i play badminton without realizing that it's pretty safe in badminton as impact force is not as high as when running given that we wear decent shoes.

    Now, let me try to get rid of this bad habits.

  11. how to dive??please help

  12. Thank you coach Lee, this is very helpful to me. Grtx from The Netherlands.

  13. Dear Coach Lee. Thank you for so many useful tips. I have watched many of your videos and I am pleased to say my skills and performance have improved a lot with your help. Great Job!

  14. ok Mr. Lee terimakasih. From Indonesian

  15. hello coach, i would like to know what is the good grip for smash defense. And thank you for all you're videos.

  16. very helpful .. Explanation is very clear !!

  17. Hi Coach, thanks a lot for your free lessons. The're really helpful to improve my play. Keep up the good work…

  18. Thank you for these free videos, but I disagree with this. The reason why many people land on their toes is because it is the most natural way for them. I get much for control and agility by landed on my toes, rather than my heel.

  19. oh im doing it without realising until seeing this video. thanks you so much.

  20. lol he's so intense, my type of coach. if i was his student id listen for sure.

  21. hello, Lee is a great master of badminton. He has brought out all new techniques, which can help a player a lot.
    thank you Lee.

  22. Great video Mr Lee

  23. Hi Coach, I am trying to land on heel when lunging to return good drop at net from opponent. Sometimes, my momentum overcomes my landing, so I feel very unstable. How should I perform a deep lunge?

  24. hi coach I am ok now came xpertise level but now need to get ready for next level players coach.

  25. Thanks a lot coach. You make me try to understand a correct techniques in badminton.

  26. Damn, those legs.

  27. It's really funny demo when wailing on toes

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    I'm really like your video!!

  31. Sir very good lesson

  32. Great video Coache Lee, u made me laugh when you said "60% of the playerse I see :D" I was part of them.

    Great coaching lesson again. U are great ! Are u the coach of the best player of world ? Lee chong wei ? 😀

  33. I just started watching ur videos, n its becoming addective. a great badminton player…i learned it out by mom, she was a professional. .she teaches it to me, but now im 15, i need a coach…untill i find one…i decided to watch ur videos, cause it helps me..n now its becoming addective?? Thank u for giving us lessons, Pls keep it going…hope i become a professional one day ??

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  35. but my coach told me to land on toe so that u can recover better, but I'm listening to you Lee sir

  36. I love your channel so much . There's so much enthusiasm for badminton when you teach. Where do you coach? I would love to train under you. Also, you actually try to find out why your students make mistakes instead of scolding them which is what my coach always does to me. It just makes badminton unenjoyable .

  37. Beautiful shoes!

  38. I want you to be my coach I guess ur strick in court but good outside. 🙂

  39. a big THANKYOU sir!! I was doing this all the time and had knee problems, and most of my colleagues also had the same because is this landing issue. thanks a lot for your training

  40. I love Your Uploaded video…sir…thanks …please upload more video for freshers…

  41. Thank you sir I am facing this problem and I noticed my walking style had changed after bed rest because of this I guess and sometimes I myself think that "am I limping very bad?" Thanks for the advice sir frankly you give me more knowledge than my Coach itself

  42. He got me at the no person walks like that part ??

  43. That walk was really funny.

  44. Thank you very much for this very nice clip. But unfortunately, I watched this too late. I got injury at my right ankle due to bad landing three weeks ago 🙁 . Anyway, I will try to correct it from now on. Tar.

  45. Meticulous and excellent articulation of concepts.Your videos are like badminton technique reference book.I am fresher and wish to get better one day with your coaching videos.
    Thank-you with all due respect !!

  46. Coach lee i like ur videos very much but i have a question that when we should use our toes while moving. From Harsh

  47. Hi Coach Lee, love your videos. For this one, I think it comes from people who are used to playing on dusty or slippery courts and do not want to commit fully to the lunge movement (heel-toe motion) as if the surface is slippery this can cause severe injury. However with toe-heel it is easy to pull out of the motion if the foot slips, so reducing risk of injury. Just my thought as to why people do it even though it is incorrect (they may not even know why they do it but subconsciously I think the reason is to reduce risk of injury from slipping). Many thanks for your videos.

  48. Hello Sir, I think the toe lifts in the air just because non-racket foot is not properly used during footwork & player tries to stretch the racket foot too much towards shuttle. While trying to stretch towards shuttle, player forgets the condition that, "toe & knee should be in straight alignment". While stretching, keeping the toe fingers fixed to the ground and bending the knee towards the shuttle, heel naturally rises up. It is most common because it gives illusion that we are getting more reach towards shuttle. Pls correct me if my analysis is wrong.


  50. Sir, can u please tell that.. in that forehand or backhand net shot positon… which direction our left angle should face ? Should it face towards the same direction of shuttle or towards left ?

  51. I love his accent it makes the video more easier to absorb for me

  52. Thank you so much for this

  53. Thanks for the helpful videos coach, I'm just getting into badminton with my friends and I hope to apply these beginner tips to my gameplay!

  54. I had that bad habit =C But i did it subconsciously because i used to be a sprinter and was learning badminton.

  55. Thanks for your great coaching sir

  56. Too good skill you have sir .Thank you for correction we will definitely follow the steps??

  57. sir its very much beneficial for me … i was wrong landing my toes always … so i developed knee problem …and my reaching is restricted .. thanks sir for this ..its very much helpful to many professional players

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  68. Thank you Me. Lee. I actually had two serious ankle injuries because of my bad landing practice. I’m going to start playing after 10 years and want to improve my game this time. Thanks again.

  69. coach tolong terjemahan bahasa indonesia nya

  70. sir, whenever i watch your video it feel like i have learnt nothing before

  71. Very good advice and funny ☺ Love it

  72. Nice video. I learnt that placing your foot correctly helps oneself recover faster in rallies.

  73. Nice video! And nice legs!

  74. Hi.. coach Lee.. I love all u r videos… As I was watching this clip I got a doubt. so when you do the step 1 do you land on your toes or heels… I mean I do the step one flat or on toes… because in this clip you said when you doing step one only you will land on your toes.. the step one is on heels or toes or both…pls reply Sir.. Take bow from one of u r distant student Sir.. thank u..

  75. You look fitter.. Lost alot of weight

  76. Sir , I have watched many of your videos .. it helped me alot to become a better player .. Thank u very much .. keep uploading

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