Badminton-What destroys your smash (1) Doing too much pronation

Badminton-What destroys your smash (1) Doing too much pronation

What destroys your smash (1) Doing too much pronation I would like to point this out on what makes many club players smash poor not only smash, smash, clear, drop shot same things there are few technical reasons why their smash or clear is poor unnecessarily the first one I would like to point out is the players try to do too much forearm rotation way of hitting forearm rotation hitting is right the bone structure the way humans hit shuttlecock from there to there the forearm has to be rotated but because people highlight it too much the beginners, intermediate players they try to do it too much because of that this movement kills their clear, drop and smash Many players they try to do that the forearm rotation the number 1 because it is rotating this way it goes that way so cocked when hitting that way so because of this they can’t hit the shuttlecock what I am saying is if you are beginner if you are intermediate badminton players before you try to do that what you need is to just hit the shuttlecock first ok throw shuttle yeah watch this shuttle is there just hit that’s what you need you want to hit there then be able to hit it there I am using about 10-20% of arm rotation so there is less movement so there is more chance of hitting cleaner but lots of people they will start like this comes out and then they turn it and try to do the arm rotation compare I am doing a lot of arm rotation so it goes like this now compare there up there but lots of beginners and intermediate players they try to do it and what happens watch this so they try to do the theory and they totally forgot about where to hit it how to hit it there but they can’t do it because of too much of this the badminton technique is necessary because it helps you to hit it here to there accurately, powerfully but lots of people forget that they just try to do the theory and they forget why they have to do the theory and if they don’t do that extreme arm rotation and just hit it there their accuracy will be improved 3 or 4 times more even the beginners or intermediate players so please I am not against the arm rotation theory which is right the human bone and structure has to be done that way but there is choice how much you can do it in my view if you do arm rotation less its more compact, its more deceptive and you can make shot in short space of time and short space but just imagine if you do that from here to arm rotating and there you are fixed from here to there but if you do it much less you can make shot from here to there sharper and much quicker so I am making this clip because in my coaching the club players, intermediate and just beginners, just better than beginners lots of people their shots are ruined because simply they try to do too much arm rotation theory

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  1. Coach lee,
    When i try to clear a shuttle it only lands half court. My coach says my shoulder is tight and he encourages me to rotate my shoulder towards the net, but it is hard to keep rotating my shoulder towards the net all the time. I have gotten shoulder injury 3 times already. My coach says i have the strength but i dont rotate. How can I loosen my shoulders and prevent injurys? Thank you

  2. …. too much echo :"(

  3. Hi Coach Lee, Thank you for your tips and insights – very valuable. Your efforts are highly impactful. I have a question regarding smash. How to get that sweet spot sound while smashing – can your provide your suggestions?

  4. hi coach lee, 
    well have you ever watched the yonex nanoray z speed advertisement while they captured TBH smashed in slow motion, i only see full arm pronation.. can you explain clearly about the smash motion ? and how professional player smash ?

  5. sir how many years it may take to be a professional player?? it defend in your training right?? and your training buddies?

  6. Coach, please wear a microphone. It would make it so much easier to understand you great points. Thank you for the great videos.

  7. you are the best coach i have seen… thank you so much…i am 44 years, don't know whether i will be able to learn everything and play well – would love to though 🙁

  8. Thanks coach! i will try this

  9. u have improve my technique. all the negative things u said in ur clips are applied by me earlier now i try to change it by watching ur clips. u mk things so easy and comfortable. thnk u sir

  10. while i am playing
    pain start in my elbow when i hit a smash

  11. when i swing with backhand grip
    i got pain
    and also it is too slow swing

  12. i shall improve my backhand grip
    and i shall grip the racket according to you
    thank you very much
    i am 17 years old
    i am playing badminton for 2 years
    because of you i am becoming an advance player
    now i am going to college for FSC
    there i will practice
    thank you very much
    you are good
    may Allah give you guidance
    thanks again

  13. and also it is must to do pronation during smash
    and please also give some techniques for clear shot
    and jump smash
    thanks again

  14. may peace be upon you
    in backhand clear and backhand smash supination is required or not

  15. valuable lessons…

    thank you..

  16. Can u post more videos about pronation because I cannot exactly do a proper pronation can u do a video about how to mater pronation pls I need your help

  17. Hi sorry for the late reply u asked why probation is important . It its important to execute the perfect smash

  18. im soo useful on your coaching

  19. sir this exaggeration of pronation leads to enjury in elbow called tennis elbow.

  20. Will i can learn and playwell without having a coach. And with the help of daily practice

  21. for those who cannot clearly hear i suggest turn on you cc for subtitiles.

  22. Dear coach Lee, You are one those rare gems in YouTube. Thanks for your contributions. Much respect.

  23. Sir, i have a question regarding the game Strategy for singles. How should be playing singles and were should i target.

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