Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash (17) Having wrong thumb position

Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash (17) Having wrong thumb position

What Destroys Your Smash (17) Having wrong thumb Position Many players they put their thumb in the wrong place like this there because thumb is there he cannot use wrist if he use wrist he will lose racket so he turns that way not to lose racket so smash goes sliced thumb should not be there or should not be there high here this grip also makes lower part wobbly there your thumb must go middle there not there or not there the right way is middle when your thumb is in the middle you can really feel the whole of the racket but if thumb is there you lose racket and you slice it because if you try to do right way your racket will go if your thumb goes up there the lower part is wobbly put your thumb in the middle that way this allows you to use what ever power you have there and smash there not there not there today you go to club ready to smash just play ready to smash and suddenly stop and then look your grip to check you may be one of this player or you may be one of this player oh many ladies players put there second finger like this like this and when they hit it they hit like very kind nice lady like if you are a lady player women player if you are young kid please listen when you go on to the court to play a match there is no lady player there is no men player there is player only player I like this lady player when she plays play really like aggressive man that is beautiful lady on badminton court so remember you are not lady you are a competing player so change this like this no grip the way you can use maximum power and smash most aggressive way that is player

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  1. Beautiful lady on badminton court????

  2. Why is he shouting ?!

  3. I smash by having my index finger at 1 pointing to the roof
    While the thumb like in this video. Am I doing it right?

  4. Thank you very much sir. I changed to proper way to smash n my smashes now have more accuracy. Thank you Sir.

  5. i was ready to smash. however, i stop to check my grip was correct but i loss. my fren say :what the f*ck. but at least my grip was correct thank you

    This is just a joke guys. haha πŸ˜‰ But seriously..this is a very clear guide. Nice work.

  6. i almost watched every single video you posted i could find in youtube. very clear and straight forward. too bad every time when i am into the game i forget every single thing i learn. haha. Any suggest for a player at the age of 45 (played over 10 years) and playing games getting worst every year?

  7. Who to block smash sir?

  8. Which gut should I use in my racquet

  9. 3:10 "I'm a lady, I play like a lady" Emily Howard from Little Britain. Ty for good explanation

  10. alright coach tq so much!

  11. dont be a lady player…check!

  12. dont be a woman player also…check!

  13. Really thanks Dear sir

  14. My right ear really liked this vid

  15. Damn took me a while to realise that's a mic, I thought it's a fkin giant mole

  16. Thanks, this really helped me alot

  17. I wish you are my coach…

  18. I am that lady player with the index finger up 😐

  19. Thank you very very much sir….your videos help me a lot as my smashes are going good..Thank you sir?

  20. Thank you Master Shifu

  21. Nice tip funny English though but still loved it?

  22. sir please translet your viedo in hindi language please sir!

  23. I put my finger like that one ☝️…thank you sir for telling this

  24. Even if i put my thumb in the middle, i still miss when smashing

  25. Thanks! It help me so much!

  26. Wrong my coach said the finger at side

  27. Sir please upload the in hindi language

  28. Thank uuu so much sir…..i hope my smash will improve……

  29. Hello Mr. Lee. This video is very impressive and helpful. What would you suggest for the shoulder injuries caused by smashing? I would appreciate it so much if you could make a video on shoulder and wrist injuries due to smashing.

  30. Thank you it's very helpful ?

  31. my right ear enjoying this

  32. Highly Inspirational video.. Thank you Sir..

  33. U shit record in stereotype

  34. my friends keep telling me that my raket was to heavy but it isnt when i saw this video i could blame them why there serve was to low.

  35. Thanks sir my trening is ready

  36. Thanks sir my trening is ready

  37. Thanks sir my trening is ready

  38. So I was wrong before watched this video????????????

  39. I've always felt strong but have never been able to hit hard and have always had wrist pain. Apparently I was gripping the racket completely wrong. The wrist pain is gone now and I hit significantly harder. Thanks!

  40. if he was supposed to say chinese,the video would end up less than 1 minute

  41. You are a good man……….i like u..❀

  42. Bhai Hindi me bhi bat de

  43. Sorry tell me hindi

  44. We mis you my badminton indor.

  45. I was one of these 0kayerw

  46. 2:35, ready to smash, then suddenly stop, look, your grip, then smash, shuttle has already fallen

  47. 2:35, ready to smash, then suddenly stop, look, your grip, then smash. shuttle has already fallen

  48. uncle doesn't seem to play badminton often, very healthy

  49. @0:36 my smash goes sliced ?the same way

  50. Thanks coach for advice

  51. Really awsome change my grip thank you sir

  52. will plz make a video on how to incease the speed of the play and the powers

  53. Lol what??????…..
    An aggressive man is a beautiful lady????
    In the badminton court????????
    U serious ??????=?……..?

  54. It helped me to improve my smash

  55. Good video I like it

  56. Excellent techniques

  57. Thanks General Lee you are always helpful and keep sharing us the tips πŸ™‚

    Greetings from India

  58. "They put their thumb in the wrong place."

  59. Thank you very much

  60. while smashing my lower triceps are getting pain. Could you please suggest me some advice?

  61. thank you so much sir that was truly helpful

  62. He will get sued by feminists

  63. Ha i like woman player hitting ball

  64. Those pesky lady players need to stop with the pointy finger.

  65. I don't know but if I put my thumb in that position I feel SO uncomfortable

  66. Grip is important! But knowing why? Is better! Great job

  67. Quiet inhale exhale inhale exhale

  68. Y didn't u hit a smash urself old man.

  69. Now I reliazsed that what mistake that I made, thnx it helped a lot, now I understand that I've got a lot to learn.

  70. who said ladies are not aggressive

  71. Thank you , it's very useful

  72. Thx I can now smash harder than Goh V

  73. I like his english more than the coaching that he does

  74. thnk u sir this trick is very good it help me alot

  75. Tq ! well explained

  76. I’m a woman (#ladyplayer ?) and I really want to improve my smash. I find that over thinking the damn shot screws it all up! I guess you have to practice until the mechanics become second nature.

  77. Thank you. I do the mistake.

  78. ihave a tournament in school hope this helps

  79. I really thought my headphone is broken but the vid is right ear only lmao

  80. Coach, you are awesome… ??

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