Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash (18) Doing pushing arm action instead of hitting

Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash (18) Doing pushing arm action instead of hitting

What Destroys Your Smash (18) Doing pushing arm action instead of hitting Not ideal way of moving the racket can destroy smash Not only smash, it also destroys your drop shot and Clear I see 70% to 80% of club players are doing this way of swing what way this way have a look please he is set set racket goes dropped dropped and then hit watch again set racket drops and comes out that way he is set racket drops and then come out so his racket comes out from here to there hit so between shuttle and racket there is no room from back view this player set racket goes dropped and then forward drops and then forward this way of hitting he can only use 60% of his power because its pushed drop now he hits here set drop he hits from here, there set drops and come out like that I believe this should not drop that way not that way which way then set not here side this racket should go back and then forward shuttle is flying this way he is set shuttle comes he goes back and then racket comes out in opposite direction to the shuttlecock bang but that one is racket is there shuttle comes his racket goes down this way and then comes out and hit so 50% its pushed with shuttle watch this please so he is set watch my racket here drops down and hit he is dropping and hit so shuttle is there he drops down that way and then come out that way like that like that one more down hit compare here set so this way it goes back elbow forward bang he hits this way one more set drops pushes it set drop push one more set drop push it should be this way bang bang here back bang not drop and hit set watch my racket drops hits drops hits drop hit drops hits compare set bang here bang here there bang there bang not there there drops hits drops hits so there is continue circle push instead one more last one set drop hit drop hit drop hit drops hits drop hit I can’t use my power because it drops and then I have to do that way set bang watch again this is so important I really feel I must point this out for the people who are learning badminton newly watch again please ok this is my argument racket is here shuttle is there watch my racket clear I go back clear ok watch me clear I will do it slowly set clear I want to change it change mind drop clear drop change mind again smash so everything is same only different power when I come out I can change it same back clear drop smash compare please clear drop smash so everything is that and then push compare to it feels like this is racket this is shuttle if I want to hit this one that’s harder I have to create it and then I go direct but this way seems I hit this one like this I go there and like that goes side comes and hit it instead bang bang here set bang not bang it goes that way and then comes out looks like it here racket shuttle here go back bang why you have to drop behind your head like that and then hit like this I am exaggerating it here and hit why do that there its already bended when I hit it comes out that way here there here there why not there why not bang why I have to drop my arm my racket behind my head and comes out so frustrated to see it why I am frustrating this player only few months 1 year, 2 years experience in badminton and he has been learning to hit clear smash, drop shot same way because it all comes from here he is hitting it like that like this like this he will hit he will push the shuttlecock like that all his life now there are 1000 club players in a club 900 players are doing that it doesn’t mean it is right somebody might tell me Lee it has been like that many people will hit like that it has to be dropped scratch back and hit some text books says it it doesn’t mean you have to do it you have to check is it really making your smash powerful by dropping and hitting I totally disagree because it is pushed pushed there is not hit there is shuttle, dropped pushed please do not just do it because every body else is doing please test it check it different ways if you are real player you should not care you should not do a way because every body else is doing that way you should chose one because you believe in it because you feel, you see that way is more beneficial to you do not just copy what others do

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  1. Coach what is your opinion about jump smash

  2. coach lee finally rectify his technique compare to his previous video in smashing techique…

  3. Hi coach lee, i was taught to follow through across my body, rather than go straight down, which is correct?

  4. Hi Coach Lee, I just wanted to say that even though we haven't met each other you've been more than a teacher to me, you've been an inspiration. Your videos have improved my game beyond my expectations! I also wanted to ask that when I practice the Step One I always perform it correctly but in match situations I just don't do it for some reason, please help me with this.
    Cheers, Abdul Mueed Kayani

  5. very nice video. Mr Lee u you are really a great coach. continue your videos. They are great.

  6. im a big fan of badminton and i really!! wanna train from u(BUT CANT). love u (as a coach) 😉

  7. Very well done Coach Lee, and I second your approach! I was confused as to why one of my students was slicing her smash (new player and trained with me for 2 months so far). After feeding another 20 birds and re-checking her grip, body position, feet position, shoulder/elbow/arm/wrist action, everything looked fine until I could not stand it any longer and took out my iPhone to see in slow-mo – I finally saw the back-swing was not straight backwards! Her set position was good, so did not notice this initially as the swing is quite fast. You just found a needle in a hay stack on this one *thumbs up

  8. haha thats me i always hit the shuttlecock like this .

    Thanks Coach 🙂

  9. Sir, I want to enter into state and national tournaments, I trained with one of the best coaches in my city, Mumbai. But now I'm just playing matches with a good badminton marker everyday and I do endurance and fitness training on my own. Is that okay? Joining coaching classes is difficult for me due to my degree commitments.
    Please give me your input on the matter

  10. Makasih om atas pelatihannya…

  11. coach Lee during my play I can't guess backside outline usally due to my fault I used to take all outside cocks also can u help me

  12. still in this club

  13. Repeat too much wrong way, should repeat correct way more to let us learn the correct method.

  14. I will watch your videos daily when am going to bed. These videos are amazing to improvise myself. sometimes I ll play in stress of my job odd timings.

  15. He stop making videos 🙁 best of luck to your journey coach

  16. Thank u very much Mr. Lee.

  17. coach lee make some videos I love the videos that u make. and five us tips hoW to be a good player

  18. Thank you for demonstrating so well. I am learner and watching your video to learn.

  19. Thanks Mr.Lee for your valuable demonstration on backhand action. It is really helpful to many like me in improving their style of smash…Thanks a lot

  20. Thank you for uploading the video! It is very helpful and allowed me to improve my smash 🙂

  21. Nice video thanks Coach Lee

  22. Master lee can you give some tips on how to smash down or how to hit a smash with better angle? I am mainly confused on where to contact the shuttlecock. Thanks

  23. coach lee, do u have a video of adding extra power to clears and smashes? my coach says my form is quite good but i lack power

  24. Very Interesting video. In tennis, when serving, the racquet head drop is thought of as being essential. I know tennis may not be your sport, but do you think your badminton principles might apply to the tennis serve?

  25. I very much enjoy your videos and my father has said that the way you teach is beautiful and very clear. I am wondering why you have stopped uploading to this channel.

  26. how to control wrist work during smash defense

  27. Hi Coach Lee, my is gym class we are playing badminton. If you beat the Physical Education teacher in 1 game,  he will give you an A+ for the rest of the semester, and you don't have to take any tests. Before watching your videos, our game was 2-8, me being the 2. I hope after watching these I will beat him. Thanks!

  28. very good video.. I will practice it tomorrow itself !
    Sar from Mauritius

  29. Why did u take so long to talk?

  30. Thanks for getting a proper mic, helps a lot :D, also what country are you situated in Lee?

  31. You mean how Li Xue Rui does it? I notice her do this when she smashes or clears

  32. Great video once again Mr lee

  33. Thanks for the tip..good video which pointed out my mistake

  34. Ok lee the audio is much better now 🙂

  35. I have been doing this actually, I think i get more speed when i drop the racket head to my back

  36. Thanks Coach lee, This is soo cool! i have been playing for a year now and have been very serious about it. My coach also teaches the whole scratch back and hit thing too. I am very skinny and don't have much power but this change has made my smashes lethal. Another tip i got from a friend is that i need to step back and walk through with smash, need to be atleast a meter apart to lunge forward to have more power, is this true??

  37. 안녕하세요 Coach Lee 🙂

    I think this is a good video:

    Power comes from the feet, transformed by hips and shoulderrotation. The racket drops automatically by the motion of the arm that brings tension in the upper arm muscles.
    I think the technique you are teaching is good for sideward jumpsmash without body rotation.
    But when i teach smashing I always recommend using the hips to start the rotation in the lower body.

  38. Hello sir, I am salman. This video so helpful. But sir i have a problem racket choosing.I play badminton almost two years.Thank you sir.

  39. what a coach Lee is , wish someone like him was here in India

  40. great videos coach

  41. All of the pros end up with their rackets behind their heads:
    Partly because they rotate their torsos 90 degrees (as they should when doing full swing), unlike the instructor in this video who performs only minimal torso rotation.
    What should be explained, and is not explained in this video, is that most of the power of your shot comes primarily from pronation/supination of your forearm, not from pushing motion generated by turning the body. This video explains it decently:

  42. Coach Lee thank you for your videos they are very useful. I have a question about this video, however. I have seen videos in slow motion of top players like Jung Jae-Sung and Fu Haifeng and the top smashers and there is a video of Fu Haifeng even teaching how to smash and they seem to drop the racket back like you said is the wrong way to do, because it looks like they are leading with the elbow. Am I just seeing it wrong and interpreting wrong or do you think there is a reason for this? Thank you again coach 🙂

  43. Lee Chong Wei dropped his racket to his back at 20:41 but still delivered a good smashed. I think it is hard to do it the right way even for him.

  44. Thank u ,this has helped me a lot .

  45. thanks coach lee

  46. era melhor se tivesse legenda pra pt-br

  47. when will the next video be uploaded?

  48. this is extremely helpful thanks so much for this video coach Lee

  49. Thank you for this great video!

  50. Excellent teaching in terms of a fresh player, thanks Mr Lee!

  51. why do you pause so much? makes the video so long. also maybe not explain the wrong way so much. first 10 minutes is explaining it the wrong way. why? so frustrating as you put it.

  52. I only want to copy you;-). Thank you from Budapest.

  53. couch lee in doing smash some of my smash fails because sometimes the shuttle hit in the rim of my racquet s head…plss make a video regarding the timing for the smash… is kind of annoying..hope u mind ??

  54. sir iam not able to lift my hand completely while hitting shuttle

  55. "Thanks" to tennismen coming to play badminton
    as i'm one of them i'll test your advice : ) thanks for the video

  56. The BEST coach EVER!!!!

  57. put this speed on 1.25

  58. Please make a trick shot video sir I
    Learnt so many things from u as a kid

  59. Your videos are way too useful and I have learned a lot from your tutorials. I really liked the way you explain each and every aspect of the shot and its advantages/drawbacks. Thank you Coach Lee 🙂

  60. Hi Lee.

    When you watch the pro players smashing ( they put their arm behind their back when they smash. So why shouldnt we learn this way to smash ? It doesnt look so advanced, does it ?

    Thx anyway for all your vids

  61. Thank you so much coach lee your method of hitting really improved my game

  62. totally changed the way i play thanks

  63. i ever got this wrong too now i am already improve power Thanks :-p

  64. very beneficial  vedio …..u r a very good coach … bang was the best …

  65. i have learnt better badminton from ur vedios i have watched all of them…keep making more u the best coach….

  66. your really good teacher boss!! love it

  67. I am now playing after 2 years…. but I was not able to play like before . now …. I came to realize what was the problem .. I forget the right way

  68. this coach is great thanks for sharing. very important basic techniques that are necessary.

  69. sir make a vedio on
    How To Take movement in smash or other movement in game to save energy
    7062766943 my no. please
    message me
    i m wait for our reply

  70. Would be funny if you hit your head while performing this strategy.

  71. Is this video intended for us amatuer players? Cause Fu Haifeng teaches it differently

  72. The way he explains makes me feel guilty.

  73. sir i like your tecnic….

  74. Hi Coach Lee, I am so glad to have come across this video because I am a culprit at this mistake and the reason I was doing it is because I see all these advanced Club players who consider themselves 'elite' at the clubs I go to doing it. These are players that think they know it all and actually have the audacity to coach us less experienced players without being requested to. So once again I thank you….

  75. i hopu u had a happy life

  76. Very nice coaching. I have seen lot of coaching videos yours only the best in my opinion. Keep it up and congrats.

  77. thank you coach for your valuable feed back . i need to know some strengthening exercises can you please advise on the same

  78. Mind blowing lecture.powerful and real .

  79. Coach Lee you`re an excellent badminton coach in that your explanations are very clear.
    You re right the majority of club players do that. This is because their foot works at the back court
    is not right so they have to do that thinking they can compensate the wrong leverage. Besides, it is
    so easy and natural to swing the ratchet side way to the back of the head. ho.ho.ho. they re only
    badminton club players. Some even play like they play tennis!

  80. wow, it's so clear , now I know why my smatch is not that powerful, I will try this way next time, it's trivial that is more powerful your way . again thank alots .

  81. This is such a subtle point, Coach Lee. I have been trying to first become aware of what I'm doing wrong and that itself is challenging. Getting someone to show me a video of what I'm doing has helped. Will keep on practicing to improve. Thanks for your detailed videos. They're very helpful. One question: Is there a particular order in whihch one must study the videos?

  82. Coach Lee should start an academy for badminton coaches…too many people who want to teach but are not doing it in the right way!

  83. Thank you sir. If I wanted your videos earlier, I would avoided my injury.

  84. Just what I needed

  85. great teacher…thanks a lot..

  86. It is Big change my play..
    Thank you sir

  87. Agreed with that way of hitting, also easyer to prevent slicing since its unidirectionnal.

  88. Scratch back.OMG can't stop laughing.You are simply great sir.

  89. Please use proper English….very difficult to understand

  90. drop way is wrong, another is rght

  91. Thanks for another great video.. i was doing this mistake ..Thanks for bringing power to my shots.. 🙂

  92. i am actually quite confused. I have watched many coaches video and all are teaching differently. I have watched top players smashes in slow motion as per the link . The way they smash are very different to what was thought in this video. Top players did all the "wrong technique" as what coach Lee has commented. These top players turn thier body fully sideway yet able to hit the shuttle perfectly, did a big round circle above the head before hitting (according to Lee its a PUSH) the shuttle, etc. Does this mean all these top players with top smash speed are using the wrong technique? I am very confused which technique to learn from.

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