badminton-What Destroys your smash (2) Too much turning

badminton-What Destroys your smash (2) Too much turning

What Destroys your smash (2) Too much turning Next one watch my arm I see a lot of players they do that shuttle is coming from there to here their arm is there face, head, their racket, arm is behind their head and this is opened when they hit it they hit it like this not only this one they turn their face that way too when shuttle is coming from there so what happens they look that way and then they hit like this watch this there like this so its completely turning like this like that like that like that like this like that like this there are number of things this elbow should not be opened like that it should be tighter hands should not be behind hands should be side of their face face should not turn over there if shuttle is coming from there face should remain there it should be like that not like this because of this if they have ability of 10 they are only able to use 3 or 4 6 or 7 of their ability is prevented, limited because of they are set wrong way, this way and then they try to hit like this watch this so shuttle is coming from there but this player is set this way watch there and hit there and hit as you see this and turns now change it see there, higher its there there so you are there there so you just use your arm hit bang elbow back should be there so my racket goes that way watch this if this is there then like this compare there

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  1. Thanks Lee, I have noticed this too. I used to do it from a 90 degree angle but now only 45. It works much better. I also find having your other arm up and to your side helps too.

  2. Hi Lee its through yr videos I keep improving and adjusting my techniques

  3. Hello Lee, i have a question. Do i get more power (for example Backhand Clear or Smash) with higher or lower string tension?

  4. Hi Coach Lee, thanks all the videos you uploaded. Its too useful! Btw Coach Lee, can you do a jumping smash guide? I'm not sure with my posture… Thx alot =)

  5. Hi Lee, last year I started playing tournaments and competition. But in the years I just played for fun and laughs I taught myself some bad moves and movements. Is there a way to 'erase' those movements and learn the right ones? Do I just need to pay attention?

  6. coach, will this add more accuracy in terms of direction in my smashes? 🙂

  7. Thanks Coach Lee. I am very pleased to watch your videos =) but I wanted to ask you about the turning because in clubs, I always learned to make my motion big to get more power(because I have weak wrist)… was this not professional way then? I am very curious.. 🙁 + do the badminton athletes use the motion in this video as well??

  8. the problem is almost every player here in Cad. is doing this… (the wrong way)

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