Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash (7) Setting your wrist downward

Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash (7) Setting your wrist downward

What Destroys Your Smash (7) Setting your wrist downward This one is very important I believe when the player is set to smash the wrist should be set that way little bit cocked backwards that is what I believe but many players have that way of set this way when shuttle comes the time and space this racket has to go and hit it takes longer and make floppy actions so it should be there if I do that like that its cocked shuttle came high then this can be done here go bang there one more there lets say I am late shuttle is here same if I do that shuttle is there then here I can do that I am already prepared I just need little bit of room to do that but compare if I do that it takes longer time and there is more chance of making the timing action not accurate because of this this floppy way so compare same clear do that there smash compare do that so there is more movement ok so in order to make your smash more powerful and better please try that way and you are 50% prepared and shuttle came you are ready and just go but that one there are 20-30% of chance of making not clear contact or late or hitting frames thank you now I would like to propose to you do that do 20 drop shots like that 20 drop shots and then like that 20 drop shots see how many shuttles goes to the area you wanted to hit and compare same clear do that hit 20 clears somewhere make a target 20 clears like that 1 2 3 and then 20 clears do that and then do 20 clears to see how accurately both way goes and you can compare ok the argument I have is if you do it in case you have time in case you don’t have time under pressure you are ready to do what ever you like but this one you can do that when you have much time but if opponent shot goes faster you can’t do good shot because it takes more time more action to do it so but if you do that its much more compact and sharp so here back you are late here if you do that you can do that if you do that but if you do that you can’t Please Compare

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  1. Very good vid! And the mic makes you a lot easier to hear

  2. Very informative. Coach please make a video for jump smash. Thank you!

  3. Hi Coach
    Glad to see you posting videos again!
    I am a 19 year old with a weak smash. Anyone can return my smash with a high lift. This forces me to keep smashing and I get tired very fast. People can even return my "netkills" or some easy midcourt smashes. Do I need to go to the gym or improve my technique. I think sometimes I accidentally slice the shuttle.



  4. lee love the way u teach 1000likes to u : )

  5. thank you very much for providing so much info, trying to help us out with the game we love. We need more men like you Lee 🙂

  6. i just want to know how to twist the wrist while smashing down, no matter how much force i am using still shuttle goes straight instead of going down. tried hard but never hit it to ground. is it because of twisting of wrist??

  7. Can i have a private badminton exercise with you coach ? I'm on jakarta , indonesia

  8. So how can i have a private exercise ?

  9. Awesome video. My smash keeps hitting the net is there a way I can fix this?

  10. Hi again Coach Lee! Thank you so much for this video! Today I fixed the bad habit on my smash and the explosive sound was so satisfying. Thank you a million!

    Winston, Singapore.

  11. I have heard that when smashing it should be high, arm stretched up, but your arm is not that high.

  12. Sir my smash is so week

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