Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash (8) Not changing grip at all

Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash (8) Not changing grip at all

What Destroys Your Smash (8) Not changing grip at all The most common thing to destroy your smash and most serious one to destroy your smash is not changing the grip ready grip and change nothing and smash like this yes in my previous smash clips I pointed this out but because this is so important I would like to emphasize it again so ready grip change nothing shuttle comes go shuttle goes that way instead of going straight this player did not intend to smash that way this player did not intend to slice the smash but because of his grip he slices and his smash goes that side and this grip without changing any grip and smash make this player turn their face and hit like that he should change from here to that from here to that from here to that much that allows him to smash straight clean without changing this like that stays it goes there or doesn’t want to hit it there he has to do that if he changes this much he can do that if he doesn’t change it he has to do that and that to suit his grip its not beneficial its not economical instead of change grip 0.1 second and don’t need to change anything didn’t change this he has to change his body face and take the impact point side of his body

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  1. Dear Lee,
    I have a question. What sends the shuttle cock faster of the following two: 1) Bat speed  OR  2) Tight grip during impact.
    In the first method, the racket is held loosely (by fingers) but swung very fast. In the second method, the grip is tightened just before the impact and a flick kind of wrist action. Which is better in your opinion?

  2. nice clip..been facing this problem for long time.

  3. Dear coach Lee,
    I did not know how to explain myself last time. I have no facility to record my game too. So, I went back and experimented. For me, loose grip and the fast swing of the racket is working well. I also tried to hold the racket tight and hit the shuttle hard but the shuttle was going nowhere really. I use light weight rackets. I don't know if this has got to do anything with this. Thanks for your patience in answering my questions.

  4. Nice and really helpful videos Lee. Thanks for your time and effort in making this. I hope if I am in your location, I would be the first person to join your coaching.

  5. Dear Coach Lee thanks for this 😀

  6. coach ! i am new to badminton (only one month) please tell me which racquet should i use( company and model no.)

  7. Hi Coach,
    I've started doing the "smash grip" for the last 3 weeks when smashing, instead of "normal grip" when smashing like I used to do, and I started feeling "tennis elbow". No changes in racquet or string tension.
    Did I do something wrong? What should I do to prevent "tennis elbow"?

  8. Dear Coach Lee thanks for this 😀

  9. Masterful… Is changing grip angle also applicable for clear or just for smash. I watched other videos on clear but I am not sure I saw this same instruction. I will also experiment on the court and see whether it also works well for clear. I tried it on smash and yes, it worked like magic. Thank you.

  10. Anyone help as to which bevel my fingers should be? And which bevel should my palm rest on?

  11. Thank you Lee, I am doing this for a project, common mistakes people make in smashes in badminton. Your clips are amazing! Thank you! Robin.

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