Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash Defence (3) Too big back swing

Badminton-What Destroys Your Smash Defence (3) Too big back swing

What Destroys Your Smash Defence (3) Too big back swing Making big back swing destroys your smash defense smash here watch my racket back and hit backhand that back and then try to hit it ok I would try to do this way have a look smash kind of middle speed ok watch this please both sides so big back swing please try before long you can do this watch this you are ready shuttle is there don’t go back ready go ready go ready bang you are ready shuttle comes to backhand not there no time once your racket is there shuttle will push you opponent will move in so no like that change this ready shuttle comes there ready there ready bang you might question Lee how can you hit it there to there you can you have far better chance to do that than that way there there there there there there there there there I will break down this is you smash comes here some of you do baseball winding hitting like this never this doesn’t make good defense some of you do that there and there practice this here there there there there look hit look hit that’s the shuttlecock look shuttle is coming there look bang 1 bang bang bang not bang there so slowly like that here 1 2 1 here, here 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 where here where here there not like this change it look your racket is there look go bang look bang there not look bang here 1 2 look there look there look there 1 2 1 2 drive 1 2 you can do that yes this requires training and practice but this way your defense will improve but gamble panic giving up one side you will play like that all your life don’t you think too much time to give up the right way and satisfied 70-80% of badminton

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  1. Dear Lee,
    I trained myself extensively to defend on the backhand side. Most of my opponents were only attacking my backhand and it worked wonderfully. When I moved to a slightly bigger league, they quickly read my technique and attacked my forehand. That left me wondering why I was not able to defend even the slow smashes. After watching your videos, I started taking the neutral position. But panicking and also rushing into the defense. Exactly as you demonstrated. But I am able to defend both sides to some extent though not greatly. I thought I wasn't having enough back swing and started doing that. But your video restored my confidence that my earlier technique was correct but should practice with neutral position. Will continue to practice correctly and report results. Writing this comment so that others can see this and benefit. You are the master demonstrator and the best coach! A big thank you from me.

  2. Dear Lee
    Thanks for taking the suggestion and doing your sessions with the mic the audio quality is clear without echoes . And your useful tips can be heard well

  3. Dear Lee
    My smash has improved a lot after watching your videos. However, I feel I can put more power into the shot if I hold the grip at the top. My coach says it's generally better to hold at the bottom when smashing and only hold at the top when playing delicate net shots. What is your opinion on this?

  4. 3:03 "look… PUUUURRRR" i really like Mr Lee. very informative and easy to remember.

    btw, sir, it is nice that you have new mic, however, i prefer the old style (before having the close up mic) because i enjoy listening to the sound you hit the shuttlecock (the bang sound). having this new mic totally make me miss the BANG sound when you hit the shuttlecock. i wish i can hit that hard.

  5. Great video, as usual !

  6. Dear Lee,
    Will you make a video about deceiving your opponent? For example, when you hit a lift that looks like a net shot?

  7. Hi Lee. Glad to see that you have a new microphone. There does seem to be a slight problem with the sound though. It only comes through one side. You can duplicate the audio track and make it into stereo for both sides on the video editing software that you use.

  8. Respected Sir,I never had a professional coach.But You improved my game.Regarding this video i noticed that all smashes are targeted close to your body.I had a concept that shuttle should never come too close to our i try to make contact earlier.and does the grip need to be tight on racquet?

  9. Coach Lee,
    Is there any age limit for a person to join a badminton academy? I'm currently 17 and all the shots and tricks I've learned are through experience and without proper training. I wouldn't say I'm a complete beginner but many people younger than me can play better with proper training.


  11. The thing is to use the power and the speed of the smash to "rebond" it

  12. Does smiling/laughing affects the way how you play? Whenever I play, I usually have a grin on my face(it's all unintentional). My partner blame it all the lost on me because of it, when the reason of how we lose a game is because I always set the enemy up by hitting the birdie high up close to the center (I have weak hits).

  13. Hi coach lee, Im currently in Junior Varsity Team, usually I make Varsity Girls and Varsity Boy struggle while playing me. After playing my last match, I lost all my confidence, so I cant concentrate neither do I remember techniques. Now JV girls make me struggle, please help. 

  14. its very useful sir

  15. Dear Lee,
    I have been enjoying watching your guides for a quite a while now and I have recently started playing Badminton. Could you possibly recommend me a good racquet? I am a fifteen year old male if that helps. Thanks anyways!

  16. Dear Sir, is this technique for singles or doubles? Because, for doubles, smashes come very fast so we do not have enough time to change the hand. So won't giving up one side actually help in doubles?

  17. Most respected Coach Lee, can you please help me on how to cover the whole court for singles. I watched your old video but I can't understand because of the echoing, but now that you have a microphone, will you please help me through a video? Thanks I am Dan Joseph from the Philippines

  18. Coach lee,
    Can u make video of how to do backhand smash correctly?

  19. Dear coach lee,do the gangnam style dance! Please u promise us back in 2012 haha

  20. Thanks loads! This helped my technique a bunch! I now can defend smash successfully. Haydn

  21. This channel is really helpful!

  22. I hope Coach Lee would share/talk more about badminton racquets/ grip size/ stringing/ Head-heavy and overall about badminton racquets! Thanks coach Lee, your videos are amazing, I gained so much knowledge from watching your videos, keep up the good work Coach! Good luck!

  23. Could you make a video of how to know your style of play?

  24. Hey Lee, I have a question about how you use the non-racket arm when hitting forehand drops or clears: I've noticed a lot of professional players tend do "bend" the wrist of the non-racket arm. Is there any reason for this or benefits you get when doing this?

  25. the smash defence that i am using before was the bad one. thank you so mush coach lee i will try to use the defence that you were teaching thank you once again ☺☺

  26. This has helped me LEE. thanks Ruwan ( Sri Lanka )

  27. thank you for posting these. This is very good explanation and demonstration. Please keep doing this awesome work

  28. thanks mr lee…i am very enjoyed it

  29. improving my self but moment am not able to concentrate am getting dead after hitting shuttle not adjusting for the position 🙁

  30. Thank you very much coach sir. sometimes reply from big people ll very happy and ll be refreshing too.

  31. Make me play better..thank you.

  32. much better with the microphone! Thanks

  33. thank you so much 🙂

  34. My Everyday compulsory Youtube channel. It's improve my playing skill, just my stamina disturb me due to my age reach 40 already. Too late to start playing badminton seriuosly. Thumbs up coach lee

  35. yeah , it makes sense because big swing is a waste of time and energy! thanks coach.

  36. This is a great advice too. It is much easier to defend if you hold the raquet in front of you like in this video! Plus you can return tighter to the net.

  37. thank you leee eeeeweeee

  38. sir i want to know how to make wrist stronger the point is to play with wrist …
    thank you

  39. thank you very much coach Lee .

  40. another good vedio lee

  41. I respect your dedication in stressing to teach the correct techniques. Thank you so much Lee..

  42. Dear Lee
    I hope you will do this in fututre…
    but can you make a clip of your old days matches when you were a player…for me i can understand every single move you do in the match if you upload your rallies between other player..thank you Sir.i hope you see this comment

  43. Greetings from India, gud idea on the swing part…..i ll start practicing it from tomm itself….thx coach Lee.

  44. Dear coach Lee,
    The method you taught was good, but after I tried this method , the shuttle didn't even cross half the court. It went to the opponents hand easily and he hit a smash very easily.

  45. sir you are great and powerful player

  46. im improved a lot in my defensive. thanks sir

    "READY, BANG!"

    Always in my mind

  47. All good but just one question: WHERE should we be aiming to return the shuttle to? Short over the net, mid court, cross mid court or clear (lop)? Thank you…

  48. Dear coach, what grip do you use for smash defense?

  49. Thank you coach lee ?

  50. Oh my gosh that's how I play! Didn't know it was that bad until I see it on video?‍♀️

  51. Can you please make a video on how to analyse your opponent

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