Badminton-What shot to use when you are attacking

Badminton-What shot to use when you are attacking

What shot you can do when you are attacking there are 3 shots you can do you can do deceptive drop you can do deceptive clear you can do smash 3 things you can do now if your opponent lifts high deep then this is not good to do full smash, because they are prepared and because its deep your smash will not be dangerous at that time you ready for smash and then do drop shot to center to make both of them come now if you are doing it, your opponent may be aware your doing that, at that time you do smash posture and then hit clear to the center punch clear ok watch this when you do drop shot or clear you must do it exactly like smash not you go and drop then they can move forward, because they know you can’t smash your posture does not look like smash, so look go smash and then drop or smash and clear attack clear so that they can attack, they have to do the clear again yes one more just drop or smash clear but important thing is you must prepare for smash so your opponent is ready for smash and then do the drop shot this is wrong if you do this way, drop shot clear no like that it has to be drop shot clear what ever you do, you have to get behind it not on the way hit it

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  2. That is a very big question and there are many depending on. You have to feel it by having a lot of play and practice. I am sorry that I can not answer in simple way. Lee

  3. thank you ,big question with caps lock key 😀 ok ,I will try to feel it.

  4. It really works. My badminton was improved after I watched in a short period of time after I watched almost all of your clips. Thanks coach Lee.

  5. Coach Lee u can use mic infront yr mouth will better sound , cuz yr sound cant listen clearer

  6. Yes I do agree and I am going to try mic on my next recording. Thank you. Lee

  7. I have trouble getting behind shuttle, and hit while moving at backcourt. DUring singles receiving high serve they hit high deep and my footwork slow, my strength weak. I stand middle of court, I can't get back fast. I stand back, I hit net shot near the floor. Besides working on footwork, anything else to do? Also, do you do 1 2 3 smash when returning deep, or 1 2 3 4 5 when returning deep, or 1 2 3 jump diagonally back? Thanks!

  8. I am sorry that I do not know clearly what they are. You can move fast to the rear court. There must be reason why you can not at this moment. Please try to identify why. Ones you know why then you are already half way. You must see the reason otherwise you do not know what to work on. Lee

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