Badminton-What to Think in Practice

Badminton-What to Think in Practice

What to think in Practice Hello, I am Lee thanks for coming in this video I would like to show you what to think in practice if you practice something and how your mind should be working in order to maximize the time and effort of your practice this is very important in making wide view and then developing, feeling of whole court in my experience not many players are doing this technique in their practice I hope you will enjoy this video ok, let’s say Robin is practising backhand net shot so trainer will say to player backhand net shot straight please and then Robin, the player expects shuttle to come here and he is ready for it, ready go like this like that like this in my view the real good practice is this when you are practising backhand net shot your mind should be on right hand corner not the left hand corner have a look what will happen ok ready net shot please just ready here and then next shot yes, like Robin I said to him net shot here but because he is experienced and he knows how to practice his mind is aware of that corner so any time ready any time I do that he is always ready this is really good practice but, even if I do 10 shots to here no shots to that corner so no body knows how his mind is working but just compare a player mind and everything is just this corner and practice 10 shots like that like Robin, his mind is there and practice this corner so his view, mind view, eyes view will be much wider practice like that and after 1 year between 2 players level will be much different ok Robin, this time don’t think about that one just think about this one so ready so this is not very good practice he his mind 100 percent is ready for just this corner like this and like that and he cannot follow up so ready again so trainer is saying to you, the player ready practice this one and you are ready for this one but your mind should work the other side so, you will have twice benefit from exactly spending same time ready please ready expect net shot and ready for other side too ok there ready ready ready yes this is real good practice if you can do this kind of way of practice then further more, if you are singles player then what you should do if trainer says to you practice this corner then your mind should be 1 2 3 and not this one much harder, but if you do think that way practice 2, 3 minutes you will be very tired but, that is better have a look please so, Robin I will feed shuttle here but your mind should be ready that corner, that corner, that corner not this one ok ready go ok ready ready ready ready ok ready ready ready during when I am feeding shuttle this corner let’s say all 10 shuttles here 1 or 2 shots from 20 shots I check that corner or that corner, that corner in any time, this player must be able to take that one that shows me his mind is always working full court rather than just practising one corner this practice is very advanced but this is must and essential if you are aiming for top ok wrong one, same very very basic way of thinking in practice forget the other 3 corners just think about this corner yeah, he could not touch it its same ready and this one very very low level of practising this is ok for beginners or intermediate level but if you are some where middle or climbing to be the better player then this is not good practice right one again ready you are practising straight net shot here but same time you are thinking can you see his movement, he is ready for all other corners ready yes and then check in order to practice like that if you don’t concentrate you cannot do it so conclusion you know where your trainer or your partner is hitting to you to practice its better to forget that and think about the other corners much harder if you practice like that you will have a radar in your mind so you stand on court you have radar because where ever you see it you have trained your mind, you are ready for all other empty corners ok exactly same practice the other side I say to you, Robin practice this straight and then better player will think 1 2 3 all other corners and practice this empty corner this corner you know so ready so like this ok at any time when I check like this its ok because he is aware but lower level practice, trainer said to you, the player to practice this one straight net play and the player only ready for this one and forget all other corners which is like this forget other corners please ready this one and then like this he cannot follow up ok my final word in this video is time, volume is secondary or thirdly important the most important thing is the quality and the level of your mind how much mind is tuned to practice and then find the way to make your practice very much like game even much harder than game thank you for watching

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  1. Think you so much sir for wisdom.

  2. These are some serious tips . Thank you Coach

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