Badminton-Where not to Smash (Level Doubles Correction)

Badminton-Where not to Smash (Level Doubles Correction)

Level Doubles – Correction Where not to Smash Do Not Smash to the Opponent’s Racket Your smash 50 percent goes to the straight corner direction 50 percent accidentally some how comes to the cross corner for example that’s you James is you this is your opponent when shuttle goes there, you should smash this corner ok bang ya here but when shuttle is there your opponent will be close to the centre but your smash comes to the central area resulting for him to take the shuttle straight ya because he is rather will be here like this this smash should go not here over here ya there, because you hit too much central ya here so easy, same the other side this is Tim shuttle goes there you should smash here, not the centre because when shuttle is there this person will be moved this side if you smash to the centre line you are smashing to his racket here like this so when you are smashing from that side do not smash to the line this is not the centre in that case the real centre is this, because he will move there his partner opponent will move this side when shuttle is there so real centre is here, not here ok smash to the centre line ya your opponent can do that but if smash goes there he can’t do, ya still more that side here, ya thats the right corner once again, that’s Tim, that’s opponent when he smashes from there, the wrong spot is here, ya this is wrong the right spot is that side ya little more, ya thats the right spot so when the shuttle comes here, he has to do that or that but because you smash little bit too wide that happens

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  1. di ko masyado nagets hahaha.

  2. just as I feared! a fellow Filipino now knows about Master Lee! soon, my opponents in my area will!

    quents, san ka sa Pinas? baguio ako. hehe

    bytheway, thanks again master Lee for a great video!

  3. @shadowdemon03 Thank you too. Lee

  4. Great advice – although it does assume that your opponents know what they are doing in the first place! Against poorer players sometimes the middle is the middle.

  5. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  6. There´s a lot of skillful badminton coaches on the internet. You´re way of teaching and the skills that you teach is by far the most impressive i have ever seen.
    You're very rightfully called a master.
    Greetings from Sweden!

  7. Thank you for your kind comment on my coaching. I am pleased to know you like the clips. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  8. If we are in attacking position, our opponents will be defend position, so one opponent cover half court, the other cover half court, then how do we smash to the spot where is away from opponent?

  9. Yes you are right both are covering same amount of court but you can choose the spot to limit where your opponent's good return and same time not giving them to damage your side. What I mean here is not to smash the spot where your opponent expect you to smash or he can attack your smash to deep corner in your court. If it is not clear please ask again. Lee

  10. These videos are so amazing, I've learn't so many things and corrected my mistakes and previous misconceptions 😀

  11. In doubles it can be effective to smash down the middle when the opponents are side by side. It can cause confusion as to who is returning it, especially if the shuttle is smashed near the service line causing the opponents to come forward slightly. Or am I wrong? xD

  12. You are perfactly right. Lee

  13. i liked the frame – it's like me making the smashes from my point of view!

  14. Hey Coach. I have just started playing badminton. And all tips and my play are from your videos. In Indian mythology, there is a character named 'Eklavya" who studied archery by using a clay image of his guru Dronacharya and developed super skills.I have the same feeling watching your videos…

  15. Thank you very much for that. It is very pleased to know that you feel my clips in such way. Thank you. Lee

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