Badminton-Where should I smash in doubles (1)

Badminton-Where should I smash in doubles (1)

When you attack it’s better to smash straight straight corner rather than smash cross because easy smash cross, you are opening your court ok let me see ready, like that so shuttle is over there, face there now Tim smash to my cross smash, ok try to intercept move forward ok, ready yup, I will show you what happens if you smash cross in this, shuttle is there and I am ready like that my partner is ready ok ready here, there it’s difficult to intercept but now change side ya, smash to me here. so that’s empty over there I will try to hit there ya, there, he can intercept ok, one more ready, here so that’s why some times cross smash is dangerous, ok ready ya, this is not right, I can do like this other side, if you are in that player, should smash here if you smash cross here then that’s straight you are empty, let me see smash cross please, ready try to intercept move forward go like that bang again stay center come ready you intercept again ready, try to intercept again, lower ready ready again well done nice ready go

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  1. thq very much sir!!!

  2. Thank you too. Lee

  3. Good to see the tactics demonstration here. Where should I smash? if my opponents ability are not the same. Should I attack the weaker one with either straight or cross?

  4. Excellent series as most rec players do play doubles

  5. If one of them is weaker then you should attack him even if he is on cross side court. I feel sorry for him but that is how should be. If the better one is really good then he will do somthing about it. So my answwer is yes. Lee

  6. This is the great video beginners should know, although to the recreational player also must learn and practice. I like to share this video to my badminton community. Thank Mr Lee.

  7. Thank you for posting your kind comment on this clip. Lee

  8. Makes sense and looks mechanically easier in badminton, i usually like returning smashes with drops but depending on my partners skill level they either read what the opponent will do or not, but with this it should be much more simple for my partner to read the opponents returns, I thank you Lee´╗┐

  9. Thank you for posting your comment and I am very pleased to know you see the point of this clip. Lee

  10. i admire u alot! u make so many videos so often to help us and unlike many other coaches u actualy reply to our comments and questions. Thank you:D

  11. Thank you for your kind words about my work. I am pleased to do it as badminton is on the centre of my heart. Lee

  12. Try this .
    1. if it is doubles, ask your partner to drop faster rather then do it slow which gives opponent be able to do tight drop. 2. If it is single you must move fater so you can take the bird early so you can lift it deeper. 3. use more of your fingers and wrist when you lift as it goes sharper and longer then lift it with whole arm. 4. If you know that your opponent is doing that often then you should make your base closer to the net and be ready more for it. Do challenge it possitively.

  13. You are very welcome. Lee

  14. Great video… But I would like to know about learner videos… I am learner…. If you can help that will be great… and much much appreciated…..

  15. Ok I will put that in my mind and try to record for someone like you and thank you for posting. Lee

  16. How do i practice to make the drop shot more sharp and fast

  17. The most important thing to try is to take shuttlecock in front of your body. This way you can see where it going and you can have the steepness. Lee


  19. I am so pleased to know. Well done!!! Thank you for letting me know about the good news. Lee

  20. Where i should smash in double…. allways go for a straight smash on the weakest opponent, if they both are very strong to send a smash back to you then place the ball in the middle of the court, then they never stood a chance to choose who there gonna take it. If they figure out your tactic then shift over and instead of smash make a straight clir but make it looks like you gonna make a smash i use it often then i play and it works pretty good

  21. Yes I do agree with yopu that is very accuriately discribed. Lee

  22. IS THat BLACk shirt Guy is an INDIAN ?

  23. Yes he is. a very good player have improved a lot since this recording. Lee

  24. in what coutry is this ?

  25. I may be able to travel to your contry in the future. Lee

  26. coach Lee do you have jumping smash video clip??

  27. I am sorry that I do not have it yet but I will make one soon. Lee

  28. 1 thing what if u have a weak player in double? ur opponent will try to throw the shuttle over him instead of me….this is a big issue. u hardly get a chance to hit the shuttle. and in the end u lost the game because of him. what strategy i need to use in that case???

  29. If you really want win and same your partner also want win then the weaker player must find way to go to the net and you cover rear and middle court. In this way you will be taking 70-80% of shots depending on how you play. Lee

  30. hi coach, which is the part that needs to be conditioned most for badminton?

  31. It is different depending on what level you are. If you are a young player then quality of skill make win or lose. If you are international player then speed, fitness and mental attitude is the key factor to win or lose. It is difficult choose one. Lee

  32. Coach Lee, your videos are amazing.. I am daily learning new new stuffs from the videos

  33. Thank you and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  34. Excuse me coach Lee… Do our smash depends 100% on our wrist?

  35. Not 100% I would say about 70% and all other parts, arm, feet, shoulder, timing, left arm, impact point would be 30%. Lee

  36. Ok I understand. But coach.. I've always wondered what left arm has to do with our smash?

  37. Left arm is also important to add more power and having better balance before, during and after making a smash. Please see my smash clips there is clip for how to use left arm. Lee

  38. hello coach lee… any video how to jumping smash especially in single?

  39. Sure as many players would like to see clips for it. I am preparing but it will take some time before I record this clip. Lee

  40. I am sorry that my reply is too late. You should try not to give too much chance to your oppornt to smash or give your oppornent smash and ready for it. You should choose which way you are happy to do. Lee

  41. This is great. I will try out the smash defense today. Can you teach us how to play against players who have good defense and able to lift shuttle very high to back court 90% of time?

  42. I hope it is working for you. Lee

  43. Thank you. I took your advice and incorporate it into my games last week. I used to smash randomly until opponent makes mistakes. I am now more aware where i should smash and where to return the shuttles in doubles. I need less effort and energy to finish games compare previously. You are a great coach Mr. Lee.

  44. I am very pleased to know that you made such improvement. Yes you are right you have to flow with game rather then try to force it too much. There is time to force but there is time you just need to play and I think you have found it out now. Lee

  45. Hi Coach Lee, i have a question, what if after a straight smash the cross court return from opponent to the other end of the base line was fast and high? Should the smasher runs to the other end and get the return or the middle partner has to move fast to intercept it?….being practicing the above scenario but sometimes the return was powerful and high way above the middle partner heights…what is the problem and what should we do to overcome this kind of return shot? Many thanks in advance. Calvin

  46. black shirt boy name??

  47. Very help Full sir

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