Badminton-Where should I smash in doubles (2)

Badminton-Where should I smash in doubles (2)

Here, when you smash from there to me you can smash here – here and here say in pressure that is the best, then I have to do that or that, its difficult when shuttle is coming here which side I hit him to go to him – crosser ya, now smash this corner please ya, there there so ready there but if you smash here I can do that or ready I can do that so I have wider angle if you smash here, ready, I have that wide again ready intercept it’s difficult to intercept, ok if you worry about that shuttle is coming here, then I can hit that way see I have wide opening, but if you smash here it is more likely to go to your side so here smash, ready there yes ready I will put it there much easier for you so smash straight, but not to the quite ends of corner because of this reasons ok smash to the center only ok ready yes one more yes well done

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  1. its awesome how easy you can do that :DD

  2. It is a very nice hint here, but sometimes it is inevitable to hit cross, then should my partner take the "how to cover full court idea" here, it is "get ready straight return" and "watch cross return" Thanks!

  3. Should the front partner be moving to the side where the back partner is smashing to so that the front partner can hit easier?

  4. Thank you too. Lee

  5. I am very pleased to know my clip did help you and your partner something.
    Thank you for letting me know. Keep it going as stay at the top is much harder then challenging to be the top. Lee

  6. can you make a video of singles defence… incising more on crosscourt because a good crosscourt block can turn your defense into attacking…

  7. Yes I do agree with you. This Sunday Samsh defense in doubles will be made.
    First of all, please view it as I think there should be something useful for you. I will put that on my list. Lee

  8. by the way your videos are great!

  9. the video is great,.please give me some practice drills for doubles rotation for us to practice and master on it. Im jeo from phils.

  10. Thank you and I will try to do that. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  11. Thank you much. I always used to smash to the line, and always had such a hard time racing over to where they placed there return. I though they would have an easier time when I played it to the inside. 🙂

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