Badminton World Championship – 2017

Badminton World Championship – 2017

scared of nothin determination Game on it’s a 2017 badminton
championship brought to you by your local gas stations two-for-one deal on
sour gummy worms. 16 teams comprised of elite shuttle cockers duking it out in
single elimination tournament these are top tier athletes one team was seen
coming in as the favorite they caught my attention maybe that’s just because they
had the same first name though this is their journey so what is your team
chemistry like with Parker it’s like we’re two halves the same person
just one big parker earth I really think that’s what sets us apart from all the
others how do you feel about your guys a skill
level and the badminton sport bending is really about skill or sports really it’s
more about that torque that we’re trying to bring to to this game
I just don’t think anyone can beat that so how could they beat us on the court
what do you think about your teammate my teammate please
one phone couple man and ask for a better partner that being
said a few fuck’s up them all fuckhead what’s your history and badminton we
were trained in a parking lot negative 20 degree weather by three ball mounts
and he’ll Jam and slam so we were reared given special techniques to really help
us go through I think that uh i think that our training is just i’m trained
i i’ve been trained before i was convinced they they seemed like they
knew what they were talking about i mean getting trained by monks and these guys
think they aren’t a joke watching that more month i could tell that they were
peak physical shape i was excited to see how they acted together on the court i
feel like in a past life partner and i were the two best badminton players ever
Quincy Jones and leap you do we don’t really have a game
but that’s humor we Parker really gets our synergy up if
our name port Parker they’d be Victor does having the same name cause any
confusion no that’s why we were named the team chemistry is pretty high right
now right or always straight any bad blood between you two the only bad blood
we have is my HIV enough talk time for some more talk
my brain was turning into mush from only talking to the Parkers so I decided I
would see what the other teams have to say what do you think about the Parkers as a
team they’re gonna be a force together I mean obviously I saw a determination and
impressiveness ever the frost boys really have to step it up
probably a couple of Molson’s we’ve really gotten our electrolytes in trash
just trash for something dear are you scared of them for trash if we’re going
by their intimidation factors here no the first round is about to begin
my guess is it will be a cakewalk through this round and further rounds
into the championship match let’s see if I’m right
block you’re gonna need it fuck the fucking scrub let’s win dude now yeah
have you ever heard of Starkey the president meet real opponent I think
we should call foul we might have to wait up to about our special techniques
intermission shotguns yeah how does that my fault it was the worst game of badminton I’d
ever seen what what what happened their partner
Paul Parker told me he evades his taxes told me that play both certainly player
people can you just kind of briefly overview what happened on the court
today clear back over than that then Parker that’s what happen so you’re
putting the entire blame on Parker the other partner you took the footage you
tell me I think there’s more to it than just putting blame on one person let me
ask the questions spit ball once you spit ball
I’ll show you spit ball so here’s what happened I go for the slip I go for the
jump I go from the alley out you know your classic Batman techniques cigarette my name is not Jordan my face
I think I know what the problem was is uh there weren’t nothing to eat here
well what would you have changed the rules of Batman Parker Parker me oh my
Parker Parker fly um hi Parker Parker cookie bowl I fuck you and one with the
rec partners it’s not so it’s been that way ever since we were trained and I was really pulling on late time
but to be fair I think all partner needs grab the ass I love you guys were
arguing the entire game is that just the competitive nature or is that true
passion towards each other I think that partners extends it a little too far
it’s very intense Parker so there is a competitiveness to it but you see a lot
contacts flirting that we are the best team ever to hit anything so clearly
we’re going to absolutely this work tested we were Mentalist this
time you will not for me in the end these boys had heart I may
have picked the worst team possible to cover for this tournament but they
taught me one thing and that’s teamwork is what matters I can’t wait to see
these boys back next year pal maybe they’ll leave it score point we’re talking about true this is Annette wearing undies I can
just feel everything flopping around dude

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