Badminton World Magazine – 2013 Episode 9

Badminton World Magazine – 2013 Episode 9

It’s badminton world the show that brings
you all things badminton from the four corners of the globe. In the next 30 minutes we roll back
the years discuss the present and predict the future on the who’s who of the game in the
world of men’s and women’s singles also we speak to a former badminton
queen who combined by grace with a winning attitude and of course we bring you the latest
world rankings and results from the nineteenth addition of the World
Championships welcome to another episode of Badminton World Probably the most interesting and at
the same time the most difficult question to answer in the Badminton World is who is the
greatest shuttler of all time the question may be far from
original but is endearingly compelling
with the superlatives lavished on Lin Dan today we measured by the same standard throughout
the fifties, sixties, and seventies would it be fair if we put Wong Peng Soon, Dave Freeman in the fifties, or Ferry Sonneville and
Tan Joe Hok in the sixties in the same elite pool as the stars of the
nineties or the present millennium.
Where does the present batch stand in the scheme of things
Badminton World explores this question cross-era judgment or conclusion in
choosing the best ever in any field is difficult to make.
Is it fair to compare Rudy Hartono balletic grace intricate net play, and 8 All England
titles long before the World Championships was inaugurated with Lin Dan supremacy and two Olympic titles on top of five World Championships.
Before China’s entry into the world elite the Europeans reigned supreme.
“Back in in those days it was very much
the Danes were very very strong Great Britain, England players were very good too Swedish players German players.
But you have to remember it was very very different because of course the
Chinese players weren’t playing on on world tour, nor with the South
Koreans, so of course they are two the big powerhouses nowadays
and if they weren’t playing at the time and of course that gave opportunities to some
of the European players” in track and field the 100-meter dash is the blue ribbon event. Likewise in
badminton singles remains the biggest drawcard across all eras The first Asian to bag the unofficial
world title in the form of the All England Championships was Malayan Wong Peng Soon he built his reputation based on
masterful footwork and powerful strokes that earned him four
All England titles and three Thomas Cups and the moniker of the Great Wall.
Others fortunate enough to be part of the sixties might suggest Erland Kops, the formidable Dane who won
7 All England men’s singles and four doubles titles before World
Championships were inaugurated in 1977 But all competed before China entered the
international arena before Han Jian, Yang Yang, and Zhao
Jianhua ruled the rules paving the way for Lin Dan to be where he is today.
Lee Chong Wei has no doubts as to who is the greatest among them all “I think right now from yesteryears to
the present it will have to be Lin Dan because he’s the one
with the most titles at the World Championships,
twice at the Olympics three world titles. I think he’s the most
famous player by far” If not for Lin Dan’s presence, Chong Wei
would have amassed the titles that matter – the Olympic gold and
the world title That would have earned Chong Wei the right to
be considered on par with those legends of your. But Lin Dan
appears to be head and shoulders above the rest. He has a long list of
admirers who share Chong Wei’s sentiments. “As a player I really admire Lin Dan because he is really a strong personality he’s a great sportsman and I’ve known him since junior times and the way he developed and the way he is right now and all the progress,
it’s really really great and he’s representing our
sports in such a great way which I really appreciate”
“I actually don’t admire any player but if I have to name one it’s Lin Dan”
Observers believe Lin Dan combines the best of China’s two top shuttlers in the eighties and
nineties. Lin Dan’s repertoire has the Yang Yang’s agility, precision, cross-court play and powerful
smash. He allies that with the Zhao Jianhua’s deceptive play, court craft and brilliance. All three
happened to be dynamic attacking left-handers. Like Yang Yang
Lin Dan can launch attacks from unexpectedly great heights cutting the shuttle short or exploding it
into corners. He can create cat-and-mouse ploys coaxing the shuttle to the net and then
flicking it disguisedly to each corner and most characteristically he can
turn defense into attack and back with fluidity. But turn back
the clock further in the era of Rudy Hartono there was one player who inflicted heavy
defeats on title winners albeit in friendly matches. The greatest
of them all, some say it was Tang Xian- Hu. Tang has been described as
easily the smoothest and neatest player.
Agile with immaculate strokeplay, Tang seldom used his backhand. Legend had
it that when his opponents smashed he returned the smash even before his
opponent could recover from it. Among his conquests were Kops and Svend Pri. The outside world was deprived though of a player who made badminton look simple.
In short he was like the fastest version of Wong Peng Soon If Tang was the best attacking player,
Hao Jia Chang was the best defensive player with the sound attacking play. Unfortunately they did not play in
tournaments organized under IBF the forerunner of BWF.
“I have enjoyed playing badminton from a very young age When I became an athlete I achieved a lot great results until
I reached a certain age then I stopped After I became a coach I produced a lot of great players and
some went on to become champions as well” Among those Tang mentored was
ironically Lin Dan. Before him it was Li Ling Wei, Han Aiping
and the Indonesian generation that boasted of Alan Budikusuma, Ardy Wiranata, and
Hendrawan Just before Lin Dan wreaked havoc though
there was Taufik Hidayat “I’d say he is amazing. He is one of the best
players of all time I would say because what he brings is not just quality of the game but also the styles which he brings it on the smooth fluidity and the deception
and the net game. I think overall he’s somebody who’s true to watch for all of the world you don’t have to be
from Indonesia to appreciate what Taufik does. I think across the world people love him.”
“Well first of all through the years from around 2002, 2007/8 he was one of the best players in the world Of course 2004 he was Olympic champion, 2005 he was World Champion well I think is one of the most skillful players
that’s ever played men’s singles.” Time however is right for the world to
welcome a new generation an intriguing issue: what the pretenders
to the throne hail from Asia or the old continent.
“I think it’s very obvious that I would have to save Viktor Axelsen in the men’s singles He is an excellent player. I’m training
with him every day and I’m just very very impressed that
the level he’s playing at right now he’s for sure a lot better than I was
when I was 18 and I’m sure that he will have a bright future ahead of him he’s also one of the most dedicated boys I’ve ever seen and and that goes for any kind of sports, education, anything
I’ve never seen a guy at this age for such
dedication I think he is definitely the one to look out for in
the future.” What about youngsters from other nations
“That’s a very good question I’m not quite sure who is gonna
be the next ones from China but Chen Long is not that old and I saw Gao Huang play as well in China Open not so long ago he did really well so I
think he has a chance of becoming a very good player as well but I think Chen Long is gonna be here
for many years so he’s probably gonna have a lot of good fights
with both me, Jan and Viktor” Chen Long is seen as the best
player to succeed Lin Dan. “China, it will be Chen Long
because he is younger than me and he’s now very strong. Maybe Kenichi Tago I think mostly it’s from China, China is the
strongest with those, Du Pengyu, and Wang Zhengming, those few.”
So we leave the final word of this segment to the future of badminton, Chen Long.
“The most impressive achievements are the Thomas and Uber Cup this year.
Every victory is important and I remember them all. The final goal of course is the 2016 Olympics but we will work towards it step by step.” Badminton No Sport Comes Close
Stay tuned as we discuss who was the greatest ever women’s singles shuttler only on Badminton World.
“I am Tang Xianhu (Tang Hsien Hu) Stay tuned to watch Badminton World.” welcome back to Badminton World.
Badminton is the fastest racket game with some describing playing badminton
is like playing chess at two hundred miles per hour This requires a combination of explosive
power, speed, agility and strategy But technological innovations have
greatly influenced today’s practitioners Badminton has become technology-oriented. As a result the world welcomes stronger
grip and power cushions for shoes light-weight but powerful rackets,
aerodynamic shuttles and video technology Driven by the National Sports Institute,
Malaysia has been the end-user of sports science technology for more than a decade with two silver medals from two editions
of the Olympic Games as returns on investments. In helping Lee Chong Wei bring home the
silver medal in 2012 the sport team from the NSI developed
and in-house software application for tactical analysis as the team
were based in Bath University in England. When Chong Wei tore a tendon
in his ankle during the Thomas Cup tie in May 2012 there were fears he would not be able to
recover in time for the Olympics three months later. The fact that he not
only recovered but defended his silver medal after coming close to defeating Lin
Dan with testimony to the work done by the specialist as well as NSI medical and physical
conditioning team With a program that is technologically
driven and ably supported by reliable medical team, Malaysia continues to strive for excellence. The topic as to who is the greatest
woman shuttler is equally intense as the debates on the men’s section The world has seen a long list of stars
who can lay claim to the title namely Lene Køppen, Judy Devlin,
Li Ling Wei and Susi Susanti But for grace under pressure,
brilliance in mental warfare, remarkable endurance,
heavenly speedy footwork, and sense of timing, it has to be Susi Susanti.
Susi compensated for her lack of power and shot variety with an amazing record against most of the top players of her day.
Li Ling Wei along with Han Aiping stood on top of the women’s singles
for several years when you look at the revolving door of
top singles players from China you get a great appreciation of what it
takes to stay at the top for an extended period of time. Judy Hashman had something like
seventeen All England titles divided among all the disciplines. Most of the
modern-day players from China have not had the longevity or absolute dominance to be among the
best. At 18, Ratchanok Intanon is already a World Champion and is perhaps the most genuine threat
to China’s dominance. The three-time World Junior Champion has made the
transition into the senior section with consummate
ease. With the title won in Guangzhou, a strong signal that she is here to stay
for quite a while. Among the names for the future is Tai Tzu Ying.
A Super Series finalists on her 16th birthday, Taiwan has first Super Series in Japan at
the end of September 2012 aged just 18. It has been a continual
rise up the rankings that started with her appearance in the Singapore Super
Series final in June 2010 and the semifinal appearance in France.
The All England Super Series was the catalyst for his success in Japan Sung Ji Hyun and Bae Youn-joo of Korea’s
hottest prospects to rediscover the glorious days of
Bang Soo-hyun golden performance which culminated with Olympic gold in 1996 Badminton No Sport Comes Close.
Coming up on Badminton World an exclusive interview with the queen of
women’s singles Susi Susanti “Hi I am Susi Susanti.
You’re watching Badminton World” Welcome back to Badminton World China’s Lin Dan and Thailand’s Rachanok
Intanon waltzed their way into the record books picking up the men’s and women’s singles
title respectively at the Wang Lao Ji BWF World
Championships 2013 in Guangzhou China, as Indonesia showed signs of revival
with two titles of their own. Defending champion, hometown hero and
wild card entry Lin Dan picked up his fifth World
title when Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei retired match point due to cramps. In the women’s singles Ratchanok Intaonon
became the youngest World Champion of either gender, as her sensational win over
world number one Li Xuerui ended China’s decadal domination in the
events. Indonesia took the men’s doubles through
Mohamad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan who beat Denmark’s Mathias B0e and
Carsten Mogensen 21-13, 23-21 and also the mixed doubles by
Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir who beat top seed Xu Chen and Ma Jin
in a nail-biting finish to pick up their third world title. Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang
claimed the women’s doubles title over Jang Ye Na and Eom Hye Won
of South Korea to retain the title they won in
London two years earlier. Now let’s take a peek at the world
ranking so far Despite the fifth World title in the bag
Lin Dan is only at 98th place as Lee Chong Wei remains firmly in the driving
seat on top of the men’s singles Vietnam’s Nguyen Tien Minh is at number
five, the highest in his career while Indonesia’s Tommy Sugiarto is
still the big boys’ league at number six Li Xuerui remains the top-ranked women’s
shuttler despite the final defeat to Thailand’s Ratchanok Intanon who climbed over Germany’s Juliane
Schenk to take the number two spot. And making her debut in the top ten
women for the first time is P.V. Sindhu from India Ko Sung Hyun and Lee Yong Dae are firmly
on top of the men’s double section followed by Indonesia’s Mohamed Ahsan
and Hendra Setiawan who climbed three spots after winning
the World title. World Championships runners-up Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen are
at number three. In the women’s doubles there are no
changes in the top five with Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang remained the top pair The same story goes in the mixed doubles
with no changes in the top five with China’s Xu Chen and Ma Jin remaining on top despite losing the World final The pickup events in October are the
Super Series Premier, Yonex Denmark Open from the 15th till the 20th as well as the BWF World Junior
Championships in Bangkok from 23rd October until the 3rd of November. For more
information you can visit BWF official website. This month we have a treat for badminton
fans as we speak exclusively to a player who had won it all. Indonesians across the nation and the
globe were united in immense pride and joy Susi Susanti garnered Indonesia’s first gold medal at
the Boston Olympics in 1992 later on Alan Budikusuma, her husband-to-be completed a memorable double by taking
the men’s singles gold More than two decades later Susi
no longer house limelight the greatest ever female badminton
player to come out of Indonesia is content doing development work
behind the scenes but she may hold the key in
uncovering future Susi’s We ask her of her memories in Barcelona. “I was so proud and happy because that was the first time
Indonesia won a gold medal and that year was the first
time Badminton was included in the Olympics. I was so proud to be able to present Indonesia with its first gold medal and
the occasion was made even more special because my
boyfriend at that time also won the gold medal.” The Olympic gold was the pinnacle
for Susi as her gift to the nation “For me Olympics was my biggest achievement
because compared to other tournaments it is the biggest and maybe the most
important tournament and there was where I was able to present a gold medal to my country. I felt so proud. Maybe before this in other tournaments, badminton was not as popular as tennis.
People only knew badminton as a hobby, but at the Olympics it was a whole new thing and there you want to be number one.” Susi’s massive contribution to Indonesia
is reflected upon her glittering career She dominated the women’s singles event
in the early to mid-1990s winning the All England in 1990,
1991, 1993 and 1994 the world badminton Grand Prix
consecutively from 1990 to 1994 and the World Championship in 1993
She led the Indonesian team to triumph at Uber Cup in 1994 and 1996. Other than
a gold medal at Barcelona she also won a bronze medal at the 1996 Olympic in Atlanta. Susi
was inducted into the IBF Hall of Fame in May 2004 and received the Herbert Scheele Trophy
from the IBF council in 2002 for outstanding exceptional services to
badminton. “There is only one regret. I’ve won all the tournaments
I’ve played in except one, the Asian Games. I didn’t get a chance
to play in that tournament. Like all athletes of world caliber
Susi had one particular player she looked up to Li Ling Wei of China, the two-time world
champion who is now a member of the elite IOC Executive Committee.
“I like her a lot because she is a great player.
Her style of play is beautiful I like it.” With a baby on the way Susi retired
in 1998 leaving a vacuum yet to be filled in the Indonesian set-up. So what
is she up to these days? “Right now my main job is to take care of my
children I do own businesses but the most
important thing for me right now are my children, after that comes my sports equipment business, the
brand name is a combination of my name and my
husband’s. Astec – Alan-Susi technology I also own a spa business I have seven branches around Jakarta So that’s it. I take care of my family and my businesses.” In between running a Sports Equipment
Corporation Astec Alan and Susi Technology, 7 centres
offering foot reflexology, sports physiotherapy and spa facilities as well as taking care of her family,
Susi also runs an academy. “I have a club, but just a small one. There are
not many players only around 30 to 40 people. They are not serious players. For them they play only as a hobby.
I also don’t coach My sister and an assistant handle
the training.” Susi is blessed with three children
from a marriage to Alan eldest of daughter Laurencia Averina,
and two boys, Albertus Edward and Sebastian Frederick. Badminton is in their genes but the game
is played by Susi’s offspring mainly to cultivate a love for sports.
“I introduced badminton to them but they are not serious players.
It’s more of a hobby and a fun thing plus it keeps them
healthy.” With a hectic schedule what does
she do to unwind? “Shopping, eating, travelling” Family aside, Susi is among a group of
former players hired to inject a breath of fresh air into the PBSI Indonesia’s badminton
federation “I can see the new management now is giving
a new lease of life and hope that one day Indonesian badminton will regain its glory years and can be even more successful. The combination of ex-players and coaches who have created champions have resulted in satisfactory results for Indonesian badminton” On that note another episode of Badminton World
comes to an end don’t forget if you have a favorite
Super Series moment of your own send it over to
[email protected] and as we say goodbye don’t forget we
will be back with more news, profiles, and interviews. In the meantime it’s farewell for now
from Badminton World it’s the world we know.

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