Bart Begs Homer To Play In The Video Game Tournament | Season 30 Ep. 17 | THE SIMPSONS

Bart Begs Homer To Play In The Video Game Tournament | Season 30 Ep. 17 | THE SIMPSONS

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  1. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or PC

  2. Who likes watching the new episodes of the Simpsons on fox

  3. Oh Bart play pc with that Fortnite in The Simpsons

  4. I tried that trick in the shower myself to watch the Simpsons.

  5. I hate the video game episode and i'm too Old to play video games.

  6. Quick question,

    You can get paid for playing video games?

  7. 0:00 Then, Homer hits Bart with an table for revenge for last time

  8. Block Tim bertsch he is a loud house hater loud house crossover with the Simpson's may of 2019

  9. LOL A 1,000 dollars to play a video game. XD

  10. Upload more clips, please

  11. If only they did that for people daily. Would help people so much

  12. Block Carlos Eduardo, Daniel Donahue and Erin Klein Donahue they are an Active Troll Cell who have been Targeting Fox's YouTube Channels for over a year for Fox to Steal Nickelodeon from Viacom so they can have a crossover involving Simpsons and Loud House if you see these 3 Trolls Report them

  13. 0:03 nice life hack

  14. I whish Millhouse was taking the role of gamer, kind of like when he became and actor, but loved it and had to deal with people "like Bart" not understanding

  15. What's the title of the episode??

  16. Maybe do crossovers again this time with Bob burger and others tv show characters they all battle Kim king nu and the terrorist and their leader is the boss of team rainbow rocket Giovanni (voice of ted lewis)
    Maybe put mowgli legend of the jungle references and solo a star wars story references darth maul scene into Giovanni scene and no cutaways

  17. The prize of play video games is $1000 and Homer doesn't belive.

  18. a lot of them are wAAAY more than $1000 too

  19. Yes Homer, it's just as ridiculous as it sounds.

  20. Did Bart's voice actor change?

  21. If E-Sports have made it onto The Simpsons and I'm getting E-Sports adverts then it won't be long until we're in the future predicted by Meta Runner

  22. Hahahahaha wow so funny Simpson is in its prime homour wise haahahah

  23. Lmao people thought that fnatic thing was real

  24. bart becomes an epic gamer

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