Baseball Tips : Baseball Tips: How to Play 1st Base

Baseball Tips : Baseball Tips: How to Play 1st Base

Hi I’m Steve Hughes we’re going to go over
some first base techniques. Obviously I’m a right-handed first baseman but a lot of
you first baseman are left-handed but either one can play either way. One of the fundamentals
as far a being a right-handed first baseman is touching the bag with the proper foot and
if you’re right-handed you would touch the bag with your right foot at an angle so where
as the runner would not run over your foot. So it has to be on the side of the bag and
you get your stretch and catch from here. Now when you’re holding a runner on first
base as a right-handed or left-handed first baseman one thing you cannot do is straddle
the bag here in foul territory. You have to be in fair territory and in front of the bag
here. Same thing with a left-hander. There are some first baseman like to hold the runners
from here and then come back. But most of them will stay in front of the bag here and
get the ball from the pitcher and put the tag here. Now if your left-handed, you obviously
want to have your opposite foot on the bag and catch here and stretch there. So there’s
some of the basic techniques with your footwork to play first base.

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  1. i'm a left first baseman.. im almost 12 and i'm like 5'3/4"


  2. Im 6'6 250 and i play first base

  3. congrats….no one cares

  4. 13, 6'0, 175. Good firstbaseman?

  5. im a left handed firstbase men im not being mean or anything but unless you play from an early age its alot better to be left handed im 12 but i play very well the thing this idiot forgot was that you keep your foot on the bag i mean did he borrow that glove or some thing im starting to doubt he plays first these are all tips you learn from watching not playing

  6. @starODSTFAN I started playing when I was 13 and I'm right handed, and I start at first on my school team, so I'm an exception lol.

  7. Um idk but smthng aint right on this video i play AA and never setup like that lol

  8. i mean i play with some douchebags who purposely step on my foot. i put my foot on the inside of the bag and they insist in trying to run me over.

  9. @drjoe2323 Thats why you play AA

  10. @neekhaiz – about @neekhaiz: Got Heeeem!!!!

  11. @neekhaiz im only 17 jag off

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