Batman (4/5) Movie CLIP – Dance With the Devil (1989) HD

Batman (4/5) Movie CLIP – Dance With the Devil (1989) HD

I know who you are. Let me tell you about
this guy I know, jack. Mean kid. Bad seed. Hurt people. I like him already. Now you know
the problem was… He got sloppy. You know? Crazy. He started to lose it. He had a head full
of bad wiring, I guess. Couldn’t keep it
straight up here. He was the kind of guy Who couldn’t
hear the train Until it was 2 feet
from him. Hmm. You know what happened
to this guy, jack? Well… He made mistakes. Then he had
his lights out! Now you want
to get nuts? Come on.
Let’s get nuts. Tell me something,
my friend. You ever danced
with the devil In the pale moonlight? What? I always ask that
of all my prey. I just like
the sound of it. Aah! Aah! Never rub
another man’s rhubarb. Oh, my dear, chin up. Why is it every time
I come for you Somebody always
gets in the way? I’ll need
a moment alone, boys. I’m only laughing
on the outside. My smile
is just skin deep. If you could see inside I’m really crying, You might join me
for a weep.

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  1. I love the joker! That what life is about!

  2. A war seasoned photo journalist screams every other second in this movie.


    One of the big goofs in this script.

    Still, a fun movie.

  3. Jack Nicholson looks very similar to the arkham games joker even the hair is exactly the same with the receding hairline!

  4. 0:49 He slips a little Beetlejuice in there. I think that was intentional. He does play Beetlejuice and that is a Tim Burton film as well.

  5. I’ve danced with dat foo and lemme tell you it ain’t worth it!!! But then again I never learned my lesson either go figure

  6. 0:50 That's his Beetlejuice side coming out lol

  7. ever dance with society in the pale moonlight

  8. Yeah, Joaquin’s going to be great as Joker

  9. What if he got shot in the face?

  10. When the guy said “YOU WANT GONNA GET NUTS LETS GET NUTS” he sounded like beetlejuice

  11. You wanna get nuts

    Stop him before he start SINGING

  12. Saturday night live revived this infamous line

  13. 0:48 That’s not Bruce Wayne, that’s literally just Michael Keaton.

  14. Here before an influx of people come from the "SNL" cold open.

  15. Michael Keaton's SNL cameo brought me here 🙂

  16. Even as a kid in 89 I was Wondering what would've happened if joker shot him any place other than the 6'x4' pan

  17. There will never be a more horrifying joker like this one. Well done . Best actor of all times. Still gives me the chills. But love watching it over and over. Very addicting.

  18. The bit where Bruce hits the ornaments with the stick, you see the joker jump and move back a little. My guess he was mildly surprised / scared.

  19. Growing up in NYC they had these Nut Vendor Carts like you have for hot dogs. Through my whole middle school years Every time we saw one which was often my friend would say the “You want to get nuts line.”

  20. Beetlejuice came out.

  21. 0:40

    You know what happened to this guy Jack?

  22. LOVE the part when Michael slips into beetlejuice (lol)

  23. So this is how beetlejuice died

  24. Come on! Lets get nuts!

  25. Beetlejuice Vs the Shining

  26. Jack Nicholson > Heath Ledger

  27. I love seeing Batman just loosing control! Unlike all of the other Batman’s always being so calm!

  28. " His life stopped "

  29. Mark Hamell vs Jack Nicolson In a slap war. I would pay to see that

  30. I always ask that of all my prey I just like the sound of it lol

  31. Keaton is too small for bruce wayne, not opposing enough. TAS, Afflek and bale are better

  32. What did he throw in the fireplace?

  33. Starting at 0:50 is his Beetlejuice voice.

  34. Alright Sparky here's the deal.

    R.I.P in peace Robin Williams.

    R.I.P in peace is for comedic effect.

  35. Greatest Batman ever!!… Michael Keaton was the best!…

  36. The way he says “what?!” … the expression on his face is perfect… confused… angry… vengeance… like everything else stopped and there was nobody in the room but him and Joker.

  37. I came over here from The Batwoman CW trailer.

  38. Fun Fact: Both Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton were in relationships with the same woman. A porn star named Rachel Ryan.

  39. Weirdest scene in the film 🙂

  40. Jack best joker period!

  41. "Never rub another man's rhubarb"


  42. come on lets get nuts

  43. :50…channeling his inner Beatlejuice hahha

  44. Joker: (turns to Vicki while his smile fades a little, whispering at first) Oh, my dear, chin up. (pulls her out of Bob’s grip by the arm) Why is it every time I come for you, somebody always gets in the way?
    That part really inspires me as a writer when it comes to cooking up story ideas.. 🙂

  45. Nicholson was born for this role. As was Ledger, just so you people don't get your panties in a twist.

  46. I love Nicholson’s classic humor and charm but at the same time love Ledger’s realism and gritty darkness
    It’s a love-win and love-sin situation for me.

  47. Keaton went all Beetlejuice for a second, love it!

  48. Jangn lupa ya mampir ya @fendi_ebenk

  49. 53:00 beetle juice ????

  50. 0:55 At this moment he knew, he messed up

  51. 00:50 Keaton channeled Beetlejuice for a second there with his voice, haha, love this scene!

  52. I just realized that pulp fiction totally got Sam L. Jackson's famous line from the joker. Not directly, but it must have been inspired. The joker quotes something poetic and irrelevant right before blasting a guy and then admits he just thought it sounded cool. Exactly the way Sam's character quotes the Bible and then later admits he just thought it would sound cool.

  53. Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hammel, and Cesar Romero are the best Jokers
    Also Michael Keaton was even crazier than Joker in this scene

  54. Listen very carefully when the Joker says “prey”. You can hear the feedback on the microphone.

  55. Oh no! Bruce Wayne broke The Fourth Wall by naming the actor by his actual name.

  56. The funniest bit of this scene is when Vicki opens the box Joker left and it's some dead flowers but she expected it to be something more dangerous so she faints.

  57. still the best batman….. im sorry but not bale….keaton can be psycho too

  58. I'm reliving my childhood through these Batman clips. I really need to get the 30th anniversary on Blu Ray!


  60. Where’d the girl get the popcorn from?

  61. 1:37 what’s the background music

  62. Much better than Jared Leto’s Joker.


  64. “I Like Him Already”

  65. Sees the that the video was claimed by batman and robin

    Oh ok

  66. Best Joker. Anyone who disagrees is a silly goose

  67. Vaas: Do you ever hear of the definition of insanity?

    Joker: You're looking at one, Druggie.

  68. That look on jokers face right at the start when bruce starts talking, thats the look of "Uh this isn't in the script, but f*ck it lets improvise!"

  69. This Joker is more funnier!

  70. 0:49 is it me or is beattlejuice coming out to play for a little bit?

  71. Why is it in the shining the mane characters name was jack and in this movie his name is still jack like his real name?

  72. Is it just me or does anyone else pick up on when Micheal Keaton yells “Come On!” He sounds exactly like his Beetlejuice character

  73. If I was The Joker and someone talked to me the same way Bruce is talking to The Joker, I'd pull out my derringer and use it too.

  74. 0:51 That brief, fleeting moment when Bruce Wayne is crazier than The Joker.

  75. You wanna get nuts = beatlejuice beatlejuice beatlejuice

  76. Keaton and Bale are the essential Batmen in regards to film (excluding Conroy and West because they both had movies; but their series are tv based).

    Keaton is the better Batman and Bale is the better Bruce Wayne. Keaton played Bruce a little too cold and reserved. On the other hand, Bales portrayal of Batman was often over the top; he didn’t feel as emotionally removed as Batman.

  77. 1:08 The way Joker shot him was GOLD ? He was so nonchalant!!

  78. Don't you dare look at him in the eye.

  79. LMAO Vicky is eating popcorn in the background

  80. Mom: come here!
    Mom: the pizza rolls are done!
    Me: 1:14

  81. "YOU WANNA GET NUTS?! C'mon! Let's get nuts."

  82. What if the joker shot him in the face?

  83. Michael fuckin Keaton

  84. Why is Vulture yelling at the Joker I'm scared

  85. Heard there's a new joker in town

  86. Keaton should've dual played Batman and Joker in this movie.

  87. I never realized this is where that beat tag " I just like the sound of it" came from


  89. Bruce: FIGHT MEH!!!!!! Joker: Aw you think you could've fooled me>:)

  90. You might join me for a weep. Nah
    You might join me for a weed. Yea boi

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