Batman Arkham Knight Song | The Dark Knight | #12DaysOfNerdOut

Batman Arkham Knight Song | The Dark Knight | #12DaysOfNerdOut

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  1. It isnt really arkham knight as it is arkham searis

  2. Tf? It's the song star boy by the Weeknd and I thought this gon' be real bruh.

  3. The weekend motherfucker star boy song

  4. My favorite part is 2:19

  5. Make a song about Aquaman

  6. İ Love Batman But FUCK YOU SONG

  7. I love this Song
    Le me in the shower…
    You never know im bruce wayne..

  8. some of this gameplay isn't even from Arkham knight but good song lmao

  9. The man the myth the ?

  10. ?????? wtf .?????????


  12. Legend says I kill but I don’t I’m just winning I love that part

  13. These are the best games ever created I think they really made them look unimpressive

    I mean the music and the voice is nothing I would expect off games like these

  14. ‘I’m in the batmobile man, your still in a Nissan.’

    At first I thought it said ‘I’m in the batmobile, used to listen to Liam Neeson.’

    For some reason I didn’t even question it, I just thought, ‘yeah.. that’s sounds about right’ ?

  15. Why batman have castrated voice like catholic singer kid

  16. Happy 10th birthday to batman Arkham asylums. Where it all began

  17. This song never gets old!!

  18. The Dark Knight is a Pro at fighting

  19. 2019 October anyone
    wow so many likes

  20. 2:34 give killer croc another chance to run

  21. The entire Arkham Trilogy is free on epic store,grap your copy now

  22. 2:46 I'm pissed now

  23. This song is so good

  24. This song also helps me to fight back if anything is going on

  25. Who think Batman is the beat hero in the world

  26. I got the game and its fire

  27. Omg Batman ? in Arkham asylum

  28. Learned everything I know from Batman ?

  29. 2019? no just me ok

  30. I love this song whoever doesn’t has no ♥️

  31. 2019 and IM STILL INTO THIS

  32. Betmeni seviyorum??

  33. a hero from is a best

  34. The best Batman song I've ever heard in my life ?????????????????????

  35. It ain't Arkham night it also origins that juicy fruit

  36. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  37. You’re good at making the songs I was Batman what’s your name

  38. You didn't beat the game yet

  39. That's how you make a song. Watch and learn, Weeknd.

  40. In the beginning Batman's reaction to this song was like "Yeah boy that's me he's talking about"
    It was all laughs and giggles until 0:54

  41. Batman: you Will never know that im Bruce Wayne

  42. Batman is one of the best super heroes!

  43. “I Am Vengeance I Am The Knight…. I Am Batman” ?????

  44. is this on spotify i need a link i can t find it (just if it is)

  45. Thats it, I'm playing the Arkham Games all over again this weekend.

  46. I can't find the song on spotify

  47. This is Batman Arkham series song

  48. Song Like The Wekkend Wkwk

  49. I am the Knight I am Batman.

  50. Should it not be " I'm the motherfucking batman" instead of "it's the rising of the dark knight"

  51. who like this song if you like this please give likes

  52. My brother love batman and his birthday is on this Monday ?

  53. damn it i'm in love with this songe

  54. why does it sound like Star boy from Weeknd featured Daft Punk??

  55. Why im i watching in 2019

  56. This should of won

  57. Singer- You never know that I am Bruce Wayne
    Batman- How do u know my name

  58. The only bad thing about this is that the song ends

  59. Sadly they found out he was Bruce Wayne in Batman The dark night

  60. this song it's so cool i can listen on this song Batman Arkham Knight is so awesome i will play this game forever i this song Batman Arkham Knight his my hero?❤️

  61. Peace in Gotham is like Joker saying not to kill anyone.

  62. IAM biggest fan of batman

  63. Nerd out keep it up

  64. You know whats funny is that the day I watch this is the day I post a video on this game

  65. Ninjas song is much better tbh

  66. hey where to download it

  67. If the sing was in Gotham batman will kill he or beat him up so hard

  68. Batmans my favorite hero you need to changr the voice he is way more serious

  69. Weeknd/Daft punk/starboy………

  70. Weeknd/Daft punk/starboy………

  71. Yutitiyyitytuutuutitiyyiyyuyouohouuouuih??

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