Battle Pass in World of Tanks: What Is It, How to Get the 3D Style and Other Rewards

Battle Pass in World of Tanks: What Is It, How to Get the 3D Style and Other Rewards

Greetings, commanders. My name is Colonel Barnes. I’m launching a special combat
challenge for tankers: Battle Pass. Season I starts on March 12th
and will last for almost 3 months. Go into battle
in vehicles Tier VI or higher in all types of Random Battles,
except for the Grand Battle, earn points, and receive rewards. Points are awarded
for your impact in battle. For a victorious battle,
you will receive 7 points for being in the top 3 on your
team by experience earned, and 5 for being in the top 10. If you lose the battle
or it ends in a draw, you receive 5 points for being in the
top 3, and 3 for being in the top 10. Players who take places
11 to 15 on both teams neither receive nor lose any points. In each Season of Battle Pass,
there will be special vehicles that will allow you to get through
Stages and receive rewards faster. In Season I, they will be the
Object 277 and the Super Conqueror. The Object 277
grants you 1 additional point. And the Super Conqueror will give you
3 points more than other vehicles if you get into the
top 3 by experience earned. But you can’t go through the whole
Season in one or two vehicles. Each vehicle has a Point Limit. The higher the vehicle’s Tier,
the higher the limit. When you earn the maximum
number of points in a vehicle, you will also receive a bonus. Season I of Battle Pass
has two parts: Main and Elite. The Main Progression has 45 Stages.
You need 50 points to complete a Stage. You will receive Base Rewards
for completing each Stage: days of World of Tanks Premium
Account, Credits, Personal Reserves, Blueprint Fragments, Training Booklets,
or a Bounty Gun Laying Drive. You can also
get Improved Rewards. Among them are
Personal Reserves for Credits, Training Guides, Personal Training
Manuals, and a Bounty Rammer. To gain access to them, you will have
to purchase the Improved Pass. If you don’t purchase it before
completing several Stages first, you will receive the
Improved Rewards for them, too. The most notable reward type
in Season I is Bounty Equipment. It can be mounted to any
vehicle regardless of its type. You can upgrade the
characteristics of Bounty Equipment to the level of Improved
Equipment using credits. Also, there are unique Exterior
elements among the rewards: a 2D Style, an emblem, an inscription,
a camouflage, and Crew Skins. When you complete all 45 Stages,
you will receive an award, as well as the main reward:
The Fluffy 3D Style for the Object 277. Or the Sentry style
for the Super Conqueror. You will also be able to recruit
one of two commanders. Vasiliy Badaev,
commander of the Object 277. And George Barton,
commander of the Super Conqueror. Both Commanders come
with Repair and Jack of All Trades, as well as Sixth Sense
as their zero perk. Either is a great
addition to any tank crew. You can only recruit
one of the commanders. You will receive the 3D Style
for their vehicle along with them. You can receive the second style
if you have the Improved Pass. But you can still only
recruit one commander. By selecting
a commander and 3D style, you join either the Object 277
or the Super Conqueror team. The team with more tankers wins. That team’s players will
then receive special Missions after Season I of Battle Pass ends. The losing team
will also receive Missions, but the rewards will be smaller. If you want to receive
all the rewards faster, you will be able to purchase Progression
Stages if you have the Improved Pass. During the first
two months of the Season, you will be able to purchase
a fixed bundle of 20 Stages. And during the last month, you
can purchase any number of stages. After completing
the Main Progression, you enter the Elite
Progression of Battle Pass. You will receive 25 bonds per Stage,
and 250 bonds every ten Stages. Also, your progress
will not be unnoticed. When you complete
the first Elite Progression Stage, you will receive
a special interactive badge. It must be selected manually. The badge will show your
current Elite Progression Stage during the whole Season. But when the Season ends,
the badge will be removed. That’s it.
I’m counting on you. Good luck on the battlefield!

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  1. Are you going for the big prize?

  2. classic server not these pls

  3. Seriously this Comment Section acts like they haven't paid attention at all. THIS MEANS FREE LOOT FOR EVERYONE. They just decided to integrate another step for people who decide to pay, to get additional, not game breaking loot. There is literally no disadvantage for people who decide not to buy the improved battlepass. Even the bounty Rammer is just a normale rammer which can be upgraded to a Bond Rammer. So you're not missing out on anything special besides the second Camo you can get. The only Valid thing here is the price for the Battle Pass. 6500 seems overpriced, but F2P players do not get a disadvantage what so ever, but rather more loot that they can earn. This kind of stupidity in the comment section infuriates me.

  4. Whaaaaaattttt?????!!!!!! 6500???????!!!!!!! Omg wg u r loosing ur players step by step

  5. 6500 golds LOOOOOOOOOOL

  6. You price this battle pass way too high, shame on you ! Sales will prove this

  7. Ofc you have to pay 5000 gold before you can skip stages. Great choice wg no wonder that more and more people stop playing this p2w game

  8. fisrt. WHY?? and second. how about not giving tier 8 matchmaking to Obj. 279 (e)??
    because you know thats like 75% chance of losing when he is againts you.

  9. Hey! I saw that the Progretto is avaible in the premium shop, my question is , will it be avaible in April when frontline happens again or only this week?

  10. I weep for all the people that had to put effort into creating this obvious exploitation of the playerbase…

  11. It would be good if it would not be EXTREMELY overpriced. Plus on top of that, other games that have battle pass feature do not have any Premium/VIP account so this makes it even more overpriced. At least give Premium players like 60% discount because otherwise you will get a lot of agry players and negative reviews of this feature.

  12. It looks good, but 25€ for Improved pass is to much 🤔

  13. So again WG it’s pay to win😤 pay gold to go faster come on WG this is bad habit

  14. 6500 gold, are u kidding me?? ahahaaha

  15. I have used 25K bonds on improved equipment and now they create bounty equipment that can be upgraded to improved levels with credits!

    I want a refund on my bonds! It’s taken 2 years to collect those, I would have purchased bond tanks instead if I had known.

  16. A bit expensive in my opinion!

  17. Not even EA is this greedy!

  18. You all just took 20 30k gold on loot boxes and speend hundreds of euros and now you are complaining for 25 euros which you dont have to pay if you have the gold from boxes jesus the complaining never stops GJ WG nice event

  19. Hmmm overpriced?

  20. As JonTron would say : "ECH"

  21. Wargaming really want money eh

  22. If wargaming would’ve just made a battle pass with only skins and such, I might’ve considered buying it. This overpriced, complicated, pay-2-win battle pass is just the next disappointment called wargaming.

  23. i want to buy a battle pass , but this is too expensive and too complicated for no reason. Lower the price and if have to decrease the rewards.

  24. Did they use their brain when they were making this?

  25. dear WG do you realize how ridiculous is giving overpowered/powerfull tanks more reasons to be played is a bad move? diversity of tanks in the field is good, we dont need more 277s and SConq than we already have, wouldn't be more logical unpopular tanks to get this extra points?

  26. I’m just here to check the dislikes and read some hate comments

  27. The Battlepass is overpriced af.

  28. LOL,"only" 6500 gold for improved pass??? LOOOL

  29. Such "pay be better". This is bad for free to play players. No one needs gun lay drive, give all something better

  30. another cash grab garbage

  31. This is messed up fix the game and remove this p2w bullshit

  32. Tier 10 gameplay when the battle pass starts:

    SUPER CONQUERERS VS SUPER CONQUERERS. And maybe a few Object 277's?

  33. Making things confusing… as always! Get an competent UX Designer.

  34. And you say tech tree is complicated and need some cuts to make it simpler. Go to shrink you clearly have multiple personality disorder

  35. Where is ranked battles ????

  36. 1. Price out of Space (if it was about 2000 gold I would say that the price is reasonable)
    2. Putting P2W elements (Putting enhanced rammer behind the pay wall)
    3. No gold which compensates the game pass (Look at Fortnite or PUBG, Wargaming)

  37. Like cmon.. WG… Iam playing WoT for over 7 years now, but this is a JOKE… in fortnite you pay 10€ and you can earn money for next one while playing… so you pay 10€ and you're good to go 4ever if you play, same with Rocket League for example, but this ? 25€ every 3 months ? And that Bounty Rammer… it's literary becoming a pay to win game, cuz it's making you shoot faster, but only if we pay you ? That's RIDICULOUS… I am sorry WG… I was supporting you until now.. but this is a JOKE and I think you should reconsider what you're about to release… I don't think that I am the only one thinking it's overpriced…some of us are playing this game like 30-50 hours a week, but we don't have the money to spend, at least not this ridiculous amount… but if you think it's better to sell 100000 of those for 25€ than 500000 of those for 10€… you're call, but I hope you wasn't expecting any positive feet back on it.. 🙂 hope you read it, and have wonderful day 🙂

  38. Good feature in idea but in the current state, this battle pass is meh, bof.

  39. Typical pay to win mode. Well done wg, you did it again.

  40. Nice way of milking your community even more WG WOW

  41. Who came after QuickyBaby ?

  42. Putting the improved gun rammer behind a pay wall is pay to win

  43. i don't like the fact that if you buy the pass you will get a better dpm on a tank than other tanks. so basically

  44. better if you add more 3d styles in it or special tanks even if it is the lower-tier. Price for BP is also way too expensive for those people who can't even afford and this much sound like p2w in different steps where ever I look on it. Fix it before releasing it coz that will be a disaster in your end WG

  45. If paying real money to have faster reload time is not P2W then I don't know what is

  46. Battle pass
    Serious wg watch fortnite?

  47. You should give the full pass to people who hve a premium acc. Assholes. Now there are people that pay for gold, premium acc and now this! Just think!!! Tomorrow i will uninstall the game and 2 of my friends are doing the same.

  48. Ok imma uninstall the game

  49. It's not whort it… I don't have those 2 premium tanks… Why is there no special skin for standard tank and crew for them… And also is so stupid that the pay to win players are getting the gun ramer 😕😑

  50. Don't get your panties in a twist again, they will tweak it for the next version. The only obnoxious part is the special gun rammer.

  51. "Good luck, Commander! I am counting on you, AND your wallet…"

  52. Lets keep milking the cows, this game is more Pay to Win with every patch and every reward system. Lets not follow the good examples but lets follow the bad ones but turn them up a few notches! Well done again WG! <- Being sarcastic

  53. too much gold make it 4500

  54. Rubicon all over again 😀 vote with your wallet!

  55. Yes the price is too much given the gold conversion rate and the fact this is a time-limited feature in an online game. So if you have connection problems or have more important things to do, this pay-too-much battlepass is garbage.

  56. P2W – Pay money for Bounty Rammer = Pay money to fire faster

  57. Bullshit another misstake WG, really good job

  58. War Gaming please, you Listen to the Community about the updates why can you listen to us now

  59. I'm a fairly new player and only have a few tanks at tier 6 and above and my highest level tank is 8 so I will have next to no chance to complete this?

  60. Nice… 6.500 gold for a better gun rammer… absolutely not pay2win… if this comes out like this it will be the last nail in the coffin!

  61. Play to win NICE..

  62. I just bought one year of premium not long ago. Now I feel like cheated. So I must pay more to have better equipment? I don't want this game to be p2w even if I pay regularly for it. I want it to be pay for convenience. I don't have much time to play so I'm paying for quicker progress and I'm completely fine with that, but this is outrageous! Premium tanks shouldn't be better than tech-tree tanks and you shouldn't be able to pay to shoot faster! WG why can't you monetize your awesome skins and cosmetic thingies instead? Lots of ppl would pay to have their favourite tank prettier.

  63. Oviously game is dead they just trying to suck money at this point

  64. 6500 gold and you have to grind it and you give no chance with players with no Tier X? That is brutally cruel.

  65. Literally all the players would have loved it if you made this whole thing not completely free but with credits instead of gold. Why can't you give us enjoyable gifts from time to time WG. I get that you're a company and you need to make money but at the same time you're only going down like this

  66. Bloody outrageous. All i want is to play for free and here they advance with their PAY TO WIN notion. One way or the other it seems that playing for free will always be at a disadvantage. And paying gold to fire FASTER? What is this WOT??!

  67. Nice price for childrens with Daddy's portmonete

  68. I was all for buying the battle pass but that's way too expensive so now I won't be 🙁

  69. pay2win as always. that's why i leave wot

  70. I'm still waiting for the battle pass part, where it shows of why I want it

  71. I think this is not bad idea. But this Battle pass need to change, becose improved battle pass looks like pay to win. I think better way is to get players rewards what can help you with grind, and remove or make free bounty equipment. Improved BP is overpriced, maybe you can make some premium tanks as rewards for free BP and improved BP. I am free to play player and I wish you good luck with it.


  73. wtf???? 6500 gold?? ru kidding me wg?

  74. I would have payed the 6500 gold price no problem, however being that I got screwed over by the mm during the Renegade marathon I uninstalled the game and WG didn't care about reading the uninstallation survey, I decided to stay F2P forever and not spend a single penny on the game. I only came back because I needed to take my mind of something that happened a few months ago.

    Either way, sucks for you WG, you won't be getting my money every three months for this thing, you lost yourself a potential customer.

  75. Seriously wargaming i think you wana kill this game with your moneysikness.

  76. lower the price wtf 6500 gold is waay too much for something thats not even worth it

  77. world of pay to win tanks and equipment gg im out bye bye wallet warriors bye bye greedy gaming company bye bye

  78. Shoot faster if you pay. Pure pay to win. Shame on you WG

  79. I keep holding on to hope thinking that this game is going to make a turnaround, but when I see these things it just frustrates me and pushes me away from it.

  80. So will the improved pass get cheaper the more you progress the standard pass or something? I don't want to spend over 6k gold just to get the bounty rammer

  81. Pathetic PAY TO WIN. WoT is already making millions selling premium tanks, so this grab for our wallets just shows how corrupt they have become. This is plain pay to win, where paying users get to receive a rewards that will boost their reload time. They used to brag that in WoT all players are equal but I guess that's just a big fat lie now. It's time to look around for a new and FAIR game.

  82. If I must pay for it, why would I have to play for it ?

    So, NO! Not worth it!

  83. It is very close to 100 months since I've started playing World of Tanks and I have to say: I am not going for big prize. Actually I am not going for any prize. For some time this game is going worse and worse, thanks to your worse and worse ideas. I have just uninstalled it. This time for good I believe.

  84. Didnt we alredy pay for a premium acc you greedy bastards ? 6500g for what ..worst event ever ??? …Shame …shame…shame

  85. We go to the jail with 25€ you are very expensive

  86. Another 3rd world Belarus scam for a completely broken BigWorld mod.

  87. wg i pee on u dis is reward for play wot is in colaps ,put some tancks free in rewads and maybe i play some games i pee on your actual reords ar shiet in the wind

  88. Only for diehard players i only play when i feel like it and only one or two hours a time.

  89. Rejoined this game several times from 2011 but this is the final uninstall. Thats it …P2W is so obvious now thats just too stupid to even play this game as a strandard player or a non bot player. What joy this game gaved me in the firts years geez…what a shell this game has become …

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