Bayley wants to keep proving Charlotte Flair wrong: SmackDown Exclusive, Aug. 27, 2019

Bayley wants to keep proving Charlotte Flair wrong: SmackDown Exclusive, Aug. 27, 2019

Bayley, congratulations. Huge win tonight over
Raw’s Lacey Evans and.>>Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Sorry to stop you, but that’s just it, Raw’s Lacey Evans. You know, nothing against Lacey,
that was a hell of a match from her, but I’m tired of wrestling
the girls from Raw. It’s nothing against them, their division
is stacked, they’re great athletes, they’re all amazing superstars on Raw. I’m the SmackDown Woman’s Champion. I wanna compete against women from
SmackDown, from SmackDown Live, from the SmackDown division, the Carmellas, the Zelina Vegas,
the Kairi Sanes, that would be so cool. What about the real Liv Morgan? Where’s she at? I would love to have a match with Liv. I wanna prove Charlotte wrong when she
says I’m not elevating the championship or this division. It’s because I don’t get a chance to,
so give me that chance. I need that chance. And I’m gonna show Charlotte how far I’m
willing to go at Clash of Champions. Thank you and I like your fringe, dude. See ya.

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  1. I agreed bayley. I thik anyone else deserve title short not charlotte flair.

  2. Bayley made several points, we have no choice but stan her

  3. Never thought i was gonna be early

  4. If ever Lacey Evans help Charlotte, I pray Liv Morgan help Bayley.

  5. SD women division is hard to care, since Charlotte will definitely get her 10th title win earliest at COC, latest at Fox’s debut Smackdown, so why do I need to care about Bayley/Charlotte feud when it’s always going back to Charlotte, plus they don’t care building up other SD women including Ember, Asuka and Kairi.

  6. Bayley is the best

  7. Bayley saying some straight facts here, and being the mouthpiece of the WWE Universe! No more wild card!

  8. Even Bayley knows for a fact the “Wild Card Rule” is silly. And Lacey Evans is not worth anyone’s life.

  9. Charlotte is the best!

  10. Brandin Stephens marry Bayley!!!!!!

  11. My favorite bayle woman on smackdown live and u can believe that

  12. Brandin Stephens kiss Bayley!!!!!

  13. Here’s something bayley should do, stop wasting Charlotte’s time and let her use her time to take on Kelly Kelly

  14. Brandin Stephens & Bayley are gonna marry!!!!

  15. The Goddess of Cringe. Bayley is absolutely ROTTEN. How can you be in the business this long and never improve?

  16. I know its too soon to say but Bayley is definitely a future Hall of Fame

  17. Maybe we'll get Sasha or Bayley vs Bayley at Survivor Series. Maybe. Only I wanna see Kairi Sane fight for a title at WrestleMania 36.

  18. I bet Wild card Rule isn't going end anytime soon.I do agree with beautiful Bayley here…I love her…???????

  19. Bayley is awesome

  20. You are kids champion ? Charlotte is the only woman's champion here there and everywhere

  21. I can’t wait for the belt to go back to Charlotte. Bayley has been the longest transitional champion ever.

  22. Sarah Logan vs Bayley

  23. The macho girl bailey. Bailey can thank the macho man for using his move in the women division. His move is the reason she still holding the title. Bailey has finally found a way to win. Got to do what you got to do.

  24. Sasha will DQ the match and attack Bayley, Becky will team up with Bayley to attack Flair and Banks.

  25. Bayley vs Charlotte Flair at Clash Of Champions 2019 for the Smackdown Live Women's Championship. I hope we get Bayley vs Sasha at Survivor Series 2019.

  26. Best of luck Bayley ?

  27. Hope Bayley will retain Smackdown Women title against Charlotte at COC

  28. The real liv Morgan is going to come out the cuts last minute and finesse Charlottes title opportunity

  29. Hopefully Clash of Champions has an clean results of this match, if not then Bayley doesn't know how to beat a clean one on one match with Charlotte Flair in Bayley's career

  30. I feel like Lacey Evans along with Charlotte will ruin the match at clash of champions so Charlotte could get her 10th reigning champion..

  31. Poor Bayley. I bet she got picked on alot growing up for being so ugly.

  32. Yeah. Then why did she go to Raw to fight Nikki Cross?

  33. Bayley is favorite women's wrestling

  34. Get rid of that damn side ponytail. Get rid of that damn “wild card” rule.

  35. This wildcard rule needs to end because they need to showcase every brands talent on that brand

  36. Bayley: Definitely not a tranny. Charlotte: I can't be sure….

  37. Bayley looks like Corey Matthews from "Boy Meets World".

  38. No it's your lack of athletics


  40. Seriously SD live superstars should only compete on SD live and the Raw superstars should only compete on raw only!
    Nowadays WWE roster is just a mess

  41. I have a feeling that next week Charlotte will have Shane McMahon put Bayley in a gauntlet match against the entire Smackdown Live Women's roster.

  42. Can’t wait for another 2 week worthlessness Charlotte flair reign

  43. Bayley needs to lose

  44. I Love To Watch Bayley Vs Liv Morgan.

  45. So Charlotte flair is getting another title shot…….god dam it there so much more talent and Vince keeps on choosing her

  46. Bayley and Cathy look beautiful

  47. Just put the belt around my queens waist and keep it there forever ???

  48. Let’s be honest, Bayley’s boring

  49. I want Sasha to be the wild card because i want to see her more

  50. What?! No Mickie James?, no Billie Kay?, no Asuka?, no Peyton Royce?, no Mandy Rose?, no Sonya DeVille?! COME ON BAYLEY!

  51. In other words get rid of the wild card rule lol Bayley Is Awesome!!???

  52. She couldn't see me there.

  53. I want Asuka vs Bayley

  54. Tq bayley for saying something that we really want to say to wwe.. hope she will retain the title..

  55. I love you Pink Ranger & Selena Gomez me Aaron Green Ranger White Ranger Justin Bieber

  56. Alicia Silverstone Bat Girl Bayley Selena Gomez Alison NikkiBella Vanessa Hudgens Jazmine Amy Jo Johnson Kimberly Pink Ranger

  57. Please end the wildcard rule…

  58. The smackdown woman's champion…taking in smackdown woman wrestlers? What poppycock is this?

  59. Bayley did a amazing job here, she legit carried the whole match with Lacey. But a fantastic job none the less, I want Bayley to keep the title or atleast exchange it with Charlotte a few more times.

  60. ayley has nothing to say about Sasha comments about not caring about the women's tag titles? If she didn't care why did she continue teaming with Bayley? Are we to assume Sasha lost the match for Boss N Hug Connection at WM on purpose because she simply didn't care. Bayley should be taking exception to what Sasha said and where that leaves their friendship if they still have one.

  61. Why are her side plates red

  62. Wildcard rule probably will end when Roman wins the raw title.. It bs we just seeing the same people over and over again on both shows..

  63. Sexy outfits wwe smackdown women's champion Bayley and Cathy Kelly

  64. Bayley vs Charlotte flair Clash of champion pay per view September

  65. Ah I love Bayley, , she’ll retain her title at Clash Of Champions

  66. Finally! Thank you Bayley finally someone said it the wildcard rule is stupid it should never happened, build up your superstars from them respected brand its like survivor series on a continuous loop it’s tired

  67. Please End The F cking wild card ?

  68. baileys a loser show us the queen

  69. when liv morgan will come back?

  70. She is a terrible champion. I was happy with her cashing in her MITB and winning, but after that she’s just been so boring.

  71. Bayley is good at wrestle but not that good Like the Queen?Charlotte ?❤?She is the best woooooooo

  72. Charlotte is going to win and face a returning liv morgan

  73. You suck Bayley period Charlotte is very right and Charlotte is taking that title

  74. Love that Bayley wants to fight and highlight SD talent! I get that Charlotte "has to" win the title at least 8 more times before she retires but let's let a true lover of pro wrestling have a chance to raise the division and brand!

  75. Im the only man walk in this planet who things that Bayley it's not beautiful, really I dont like this woman an her teeth.

  76. Bayley sending messages to creative? Nice job 🙂

  77. Bayley vs Liv Morgan for smackdown woman’s champion please!

  78. You failed to mention Lana who pinned you in mixed match challenge!

  79. You don't have nothing to prove to Charlotte Bayley, u have already did.

  80. A long tittle run will get Bayley over. She has to beat Charlotte.

  81. I agree with Bayley… SmackDown needs to have their own perform on the SD show… and vice versa for Raw. It's so weird that the SD women's division has almost been non-existent, making Bayley defend against women in another division and brand. I would much rather see the two shows separate, with the women being properly showcased from both brands on their own shows. The wildcard rule can be used every now and again, especially if it makes sense for certain feuds and story lines. But, it shouldn't be overused like this. Half the women's roster hasn't been present on these shows. Only a few have been showcased, and it's not like they got more time or better feuds because of it. The wildcard rule has not been doing either brand any favors. Hopefully, the WWE takes it down a notch, and only use it when appropriate, as well as get their women's division moving more.

  82. Liv morgan deserves that title shot more than that stupid one. I dont understand why Wwe is giving huge props to C.F that's irrelevant.

  83. Bayley: “What about the real Liv Morgan where she at?”

    Me trying to sound like slim shady: “May I have your attention may the real Liv Morgan please stand up I repeat will the real Liv Morgan please stand up”

  84. Yoy can tell Bayley is begging to wrestle all sd live womens and Liv Morgan

  85. Pooley gonna goin’ down??????

  86. Bayley is genuinely flirting with Cathy Kelly

  87. Oh, I see what Vince did now… He added the wild card rule so that we'd want to see separate rosters more. It was his genius plan all along!

  88. I adore Bayley. Not sure why she gets some hate from the fans, she's great in the ring, mic skills are REAL, not perfect, but REAL. I'm glad she's SDL Champ and I REALLY hope Charlotte loses.

  89. Bayley vs Asuka will be good. Bayley vs Kairi Bayley vs Liv Morgan. They all would be good matches.

  90. bring back liv

    p.s wildcard rule sucks

  91. I seriously hope one of the SD women comes out and interferes with the macth and costs Charlotte the title.

  92. Aren't the lines to these interviews scripted also? Is WWE admitting their wildcard rule is stupid now? LOL

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