Be Like José feat. José Mourinho | Top Eleven 2020 – LIVE NOW!

Be Like José feat. José Mourinho | Top Eleven 2020 – LIVE NOW!

*SIGHS* You made a mistake. A big mistake. Now we try again. Show me your team. Nooo! Come on! Take him off! Good, very good! Now you are The Special One!

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  1. Top Eleven 2020 is LIVE! Thanks to all Managers across the globe for all of the amazing support! Get ready for another big year on the touchline!

  2. Good Morning or Good Afternoon or Good Night as you see this message.
    Top eleven team come a lot shows my interest in contributing to the improvement of the game that is the top eleven I have come to suggest that they would borrow players or buy options between clubs. And also in the subtitles of each video that came out also included the Portuguese language in the 7 subtitles that are available.

  3. Now you are the special one.

  4. Cade legendas em Português? Brasil, Portugal???????

  5. An mechanic that allows to negotiate the pay rate and duration of player contracts onyour team would be nice!

  6. Be like Jose Mourniho….. You mean get always kicked out …?? LOL

  7. I want to play this game, where to download??

  8. 4k views, you ruined game so much in last couple years that mobody even play anymore, game is full of “ghost clubs”, leagues are empty of humans, theres no transfer market since you disabled negotiations, do you really think somebody will still play this game next year? To be honest i only enter game once in few days to see my results, sometimes once in a week, and before i used to spend time on planning, trainings, transfers and other exciting stuff… shame for this game

  9. The game is more and more a really bad Joke!

  10. كل اللغات متوفرة في الترجمة ما عدا "العربية" ?

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