Beautiful wasp zombifies cockroach

Beautiful wasp zombifies cockroach

In the African savannah lives a very interesting creature. This is Ampulex compressa, the Jeweled Cockroach wasp. She is on the hunt for something. And this is it. A cockroach. She approaches it carefully as the roach is far bigger than she is. Once she is close enough she strikes! Stinging it twice. The first sting disables the roach’s front legs. The second she delivers directly into the insect’s brain. But this does not kill the roach. Nor is it even paralysed. The wasps venom simply disables the roach’s escape reflex. Were you to turn on the light, it would not scatter. While the venom begins to take effect, the roach grooms itself compulsively. The wasp waits nearby. Having waited long enough, the wasp returns to her prey. Vibrating her wing muscles like this allows her to sever the roach’s antennae. Scientists think that, by tasting the roach’s blood, she can gauge how effective her sting has been. To little venom and the roach will recover before she is done with it. Too much and it may die too soon. Satisfied, the wasp leads the stupified insect to her burrow. She probes the roach’s body, looking for just the right place. Once she has found it, she lays on it a single egg. The roach is not sustenance for her, but rather for her young. Now she must protect her investment. She carefully seals the burrow with twigs and rocks. A process that may take thirty minutes or more. Inside the burrow the roach remains. Alive and well but unable to escape. The egg will soon hatch. As a grub, the young insect will bore its way into the cockroach’s body and consume its internal organs in the order most likely to keep it alive for as long as possible. One month later. A new wasp emerges. Ready to begin the process again.

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  1. Nature is pretty metal.

  2. Thats what i Call a clever Girl!

  3. homosexual faggots need a green cock like to sting there butt holes .full stop

  4. Every time the narrator says burrow, it sounds like butthole

  5. This got me hungry for marshmallows.

  6. 3:12 and now she’s going lay her eggs inside it, and the babies will burst out of the chest of the roach’s body like a face hugger in Alien.

  7. If I got to choose which insect I would like to be I would choose this one

  8. ❤️❤️❤️❤️????????

  9. Cockroach: Continues to groom antenna

    Wasp: starts pulling the roaches antenna out it’s mouth “ima stop you right there”

  10. Anyone else found it adorable how gentle the wasp is putting stuff down around the roach?

  11. Welp these bugs mind be useful in the philippines

  12. Cockroaches are like socialists. Take everyone else's gain from hard work and contribute nothing.

  13. That’s some terrifying shit.

  14. okay i'm not high or anything but after watching this I'm pretty sure that insects are robots that made by those who came before.

  15. I'm rooting for that wasp

  16. do y’all ever wonder how do they get perfect shots and have the insects not run away

  17. Definitely one of the most depressing videos I've seen on YouTube. Never thought I'd feel bad for a cockroach!?!

  18. Cant stand roaches

  19. Talking about a manipulative relationship

  20. Hahahaha reminds me of asian women

  21. Those wasps would be helpful in Newark NJ.

  22. Damn nature, you scary.

  23. and i keep saying that my life is boring

  24. What keeps me up at night is wondering how the fuck the get these shots

  25. nice footage of the Iridescent Green Douchebag Wasp

  26. 気持ち悪いなぁ ゴキブリなんか食うんかよ

  27. It's like a minuscule bug version of a xenomorph

  28. As much as cockroaches suck that’s a pretty awful death, jeez nature!

  29. other than mosquitoes, roaches are the worst thing on this planet

  30. Roach on roach crime

  31. Omg i saw this cockroach wasp in mexico close to the coast in Puerto Vallarta a beautiful looking wasp with amazing metallic green

  32. Fake!! They were paid actors. It's so obvious smh

  33. Damn nature you scary

  34. ugly wasps I say we make them go extinct

  35. So weird to think something so small, and almost alien like.. has a conscience and can do stuff like this.

  36. This is just my Little Linda with roaches.

  37. Ampulex Kompressor.. Ja ja..

  38. Seeing this intelligent wasp makes me think again of the Great Creator God who created everything perfect with its purpose in life


  40. It was almost sweet until it cut off the antenna. Just a sting or two before compulsive grooming.

  41. Did she lay an egg on the cockroach ………..bruuuuuuuuuuuuuhh

  42. Now this is a Avengers threat level!

  43. This bug is a date raper

  44. How do they get this footage!?

  45. The method of breeding this small insect breaks Darwin's theory

  46. I can't kill a cockroach to save my life… Beautiful wasp simply stings

  47. What a weird voice

  48. I love how all the comments are memes

  49. Rick and morty pickle rick shit here

  50. This is creepy but also kinda adorable.

  51. That wasp is gonna be a pile of blood and guts when i see it

  52. Didn't someOne notice that these wasp species have only females??

  53. Thanks for adding a new word in my vocabulary!
    Stupidify ??

  54. I found a cockroach on my bed last night…

    i slept on the couch

  55. THIS WAS HORRIFIC……EFFEN YOUTUBE SUGGESTIONS!!! i just wanted to know what stung me last week (hornet) and i ended up with this nightmare fodder

  56. Why do I feel bad

  57. We need these fucking wasps in every major city

  58. Holy shiiiit that has to be the WORST way to die for a bug

  59. Nature .. u cruel bitch

  60. The fuck did I just watch?

  61. i woner how tthe camera got inside the whole

  62. I lost it when she said stupified

  63. Is basically like politicians are the roaches and lobbyists are the parasites ?

  64. I see the roach is an American one (Periplaneta Americana)

  65. How tf y’all record all this

  66. How the heck they get the camera in There!?

  67. Lesson: Beware of Beautiful B!tches.

  68. "fortnite roach royale"

  69. Wrong person narrating… Is he telling a bed-time story ???

  70. Wow, she's one tough single mother!

  71. Did he just say "stupified"? 2:48

  72. Isnt this just the insect version of Xenomorph?

  73. I hate roaches so this is nice to watch.

  74. Nature is so brutal

  75. Wow, reminds me of what the Zionists are doing to the Americans…

  76. I hate wasps they scare the shit of me never been stung by one but i heard its way worse than a bee sting not only that they are so hard to kill so strong, why make an insect like a bee but with an endless number of stings and have armoured with a tough shell.

  77. That thing is green cause it escaped Area 51

  78. This is way worse then just to paralyze or to kill and eat up you prey

  79. freaks kill each other

  80. Wasp = The Estate
    Cockroaches = US

  81. It inspired the 8th passenger scenario lol

  82. That's still a very gruesome way to die ?probably one of the worst right?!?!

  83. I swore he referred to the wasp's home as a "butthole".

  84. Well you're no David Attenborough but this was a very good video. I enjoyed it.

  85. Roach: You really gonna do me like this??
    Wasp: shhhhhh?

  86. Bugs are all dumb as fuck??

  87. This sounds like the start of a very weird porno

  88. Absolutely amazing footage!! Nature is pretty crazy especially when it comes to parasitoid wasps. Such amazing interactions!

  89. Nature has the greatest neurosurgeons without a degree.

  90. Just like a tarantula hawk

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